Board Approved Policies

The Board of Trustees of Delta College has enacted the following Board Approved College Policies and created this Policy Manual to effectuate the principles in the Preamble of the Board of Trustees’ Bylaws and Operating Parameters and to fulfill the Mission and Vision of the College. These Board Approved College Policies shall serve to direct Delta College, its Board members, and its Administration on issues vital to the College and its communities.

While Board Approved College Policies may be republished in various formats, this Policy Manual shall be the governing and controlling document. These policies may be amended only by formal Board of Trustees’ action. The Board delegates to the President the authority to implement and interpret these policies and, in order to do so, authorizes the College President to promulgate further College procedures that are consistent with the policies of the Board of Trustees.

01 – Introduction

Board Policy 1.001 – Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines Defined 

02 – Shared Governance

Board Policy 2.001 – Shared Governance

03 – Board of Trustees

Board Policy 3.001 – Amendment to Policy Manual

Board Policy 3.002 – Committee Structure

Board Policy 3.003 – Electronic Communications

04 – Business Affairs

Board Policy 4.001 – Auditor Rotation

Board Policy 4.002 – Records Retention

05 – The College President

Board Policy 5.001 – Authority

06 – Academic Affairs

Board Policy 6.001 – Admissions

07 – Personnel

Board Policy 7.001 – Personnel Policies and Procedures

Board Policy 7.002 – Conflicts of Interest

Board Policy 7.003 – Indemnification

08 – The Delta Community

Board Policy 8.001 – Equal Opportunity Institution

Board Policy 8.002 – Consensual Amorous Sexual Relationships Policy

Board Policy 8.003 – Whistleblower Reporting

Board Policy 8.004 – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Board Policy 8.005 – Alcohol

Board Policy 8.006 – Drugs

Board Policy 8.007 – Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco-free Campus

Board Policy 8.008 – Freedom of Speech, Expression and Assembly

Board Policy 8.009 – Sexual Misconduct Policy

Board Policy 8.010 – Title IX - Sexual Harassment Policy

Board Policy 8.011 – Expressive Activity

Board Policy 8.012 – Equity Grievances

Board Policy 8.013 – Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy

Board Policy 8.014 – Title IX Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students at Delta College

09 – College Development

Board Policy 9.001 – Gifts and Grants

Board Policy 9.002 – Policy for Naming College Facilities and Programs