Conflicts of Interest

Board Policy 7.002

Conflicts of interest will be avoided by all College employees, agents, and Trustees. A conflict of interest exists where a person’s duties for the College are or can be compromised by the pursuit of the person’s other interests or where an appearance of such impropriety exists. An employee who has such a conflict regarding job duties will bring it to the attention of his or her supervisor and will remove him or herself from the situation. A person who has a conflict involving other duties, such as College governance duties, will bring it to the attention of the appropriate persons and will remove him or herself from the situation. Any member of the Delta College community who believes there may be a conflict of interest situation must bring that situation to the attention of those involved. Should there be doubt as to whether a person or entity is involved in a conflict of interest, an opinion must be sought from one of the following: the President or his/her designee, an appropriate Executive Staff member, or Dean. If a conflict of interest is found to exist, the person or entity will remove themselves from the situation, or will be removed from the situation by the appropriate decision-maker.

Board Action 5378 – April 6, 2021
Board Action 4479 – April 12, 2005
Board Action 2031 – December 9, 1980