Delta College Student Code of Ethics

Board Policy 10.004

We students acknowledge that Delta College is an educational institution that values equality of opportunity, academic freedom, academic excellence, diversity, and life-long learning. We respect the mission and values of Delta College, and recognize our obligations to fellow students, to faculty, to staff, and to the community.

Obligations to our fellow students and to faculty

We treat all students and instructors with respect, honesty, and fairness, and uphold their rights to autonomy, privacy, and safety. We support the rights of others to express their views in the spirit of academic freedom, and will not ridicule, intimidate, or coerce students or instructors. We encourage academic excellence and discourage academic misconduct. We are committed to learning, to our obligations as students, and to the highest standards of academic integrity.

Obligations to staff and to our community

We read, understand, and comply with all Delta College policies, rules, and regulations in our roles as students. We treat staff and all members of the Delta College community with respect, honesty, and fairness. We are devoted to safeguarding the resources of Delta College, and to using those resources for the benefit of the College and its surrounding communities.

Formerly Senate Policy 8.001
Board Action 5457 - August 9, 2022