Center for Organizational Success (COS)

The COS provides resources and support for professional development for ALL employees, both faculty and staff. We offer departmental support, workshops and retreats, instructional support, coaching and mentoring.

Current opportunities

The following COS eLearning courses are available through December:

Strategic initiative: People Focus

Staff Development Plan hours earned: 1 hour, upon passing course quiz with 80% or above

Course Summary: Trust is essential for any organization to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global environment. Research has found that organizations with high levels of trust are more credible, productive, flexible, innovative, and able to adapt to changing circumstances. In this program, you’ll learn how trust improves relationships at all levels, how to exemplify the characteristics and behaviors of a trustworthy person and how your team can embody those traits to reduce the stress that often results when trust is lacking on a team or in an organization

Course Objectives:

  • Assess the level of trust in your organization and your own trustworthiness 
  • Be mindful of the results of distrust between employees and within an organization 
  • Identify the characteristics that engender trusting employees and organizations 
  • Discover the common “trust busters” and specific actions you can take to prevent their presence in the workplace 
  • Explore the ways organizations and teams can build a culture of trust 
  • Identify the warning signs of a low-trust organization and how to restore trust when it’s been lost 

Strategic initiative: People Focus

Staff Development Plan hours earned: 1 hour, upon passing course quiz with 80% or above 

Course Summary: The goal of every team is to perform at its highest level, and the secret to achieving high performance is this – having team members who CARE. Care in the literal sense, as well as in the sense of the acronym for the following traits: Communication, Ability, Results and Esprit de corps. In this program you’ll learn about these four foundational traits of team excellence as well as learn practical strategies to developing each trait. 

Course Objectives:

    • Recognize the communication characteristics of high-performing teams and team members 
    • Assess individual strengths in order to ensure the best possible team performance 
    • Set goals successfully and avoid common goal-setting mistakes 
    • Foster accountability among team members to ensure all members succeed 
    • Develop esprit de corps and coordinate effective team-building activities 

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Innovative Educators

Innovative Educators provides training focused on critical issues facing students and educators today. They provide the information, training and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional and institutional level.

Delta College's partnership with Innovative Educators allows each employee to select, register for and attend any available webinars at his/her convenience and without limitations. This partnership will support you as you continue to support our student's success, especially during this challenging time.  

Note: Your Go2Knowledge account through Innovative Educators is not connected to your Delta email or credentials. 

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