Center for Organizational Success (COS)

The COS provides resources and support for professional development for ALL employees, both faculty and staff. We offer departmental support, workshops and retreats, instructional support, coaching and mentoring.

Current opportunities

The following COS eLearning courses are available through December:

Strategic initiative: People Focus

Staff Development Plan hours earned: 1 hour, upon passing course quiz with 80% or above

Course Summary: : Every day we deal with change, stress, and conflict. The way employees survive this is resilience. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly after facing adversity. Having the ability to be resilient gives individuals the strength to move on and recover from the challenges they may be facing in their everyday work life.  Developing resilience requires a solid foundation to build on. Like the solid foundation of a house, resilience starts with a solid base of self-esteem, mental agility, connections with coworkers and others around you, and effective coping strategies. This module is designed to provide tools to be able to handle daily stressors, connect better with colleagues and find increased happiness and fulfillment in work and life.  

Course Objectives:

  • Bounce back from adversity 
  • Build your self-esteem as a foundation of resilience
  • Make and maintain connections to build resilience
  • Accept and embrace change
  • Use flexible thinking to overcome obstacles
  • Implement stress management and relaxation strategies to maintain resilience

Strategic initiative: People Focus

Staff Development Plan hours earned: 1 hour, upon passing course quiz with 80% or above 

Course Summary: Listening is the cornerstone of communication. Being an effective listener helps show respect, prevents miscommunications, helps productivity, and keeps discussions more active. Two major things can prevent effective listening in people who do not have proper training: style differences and bad habits. To become an effective listener, you must break yourself from those habits and eliminate them. You also need to understand the different ways people listen, and identify the positives of those ways and find the spots with potential troubles. Everyone can become a better effective listener. Using the Effective Listening Skills process, individuals can build interpersonal relationships, improve communication skills, maximize productivity, and eliminate the barriers preventing them from being good listeners. 

Course Objectives:

    • Describe the importance of listening.
    • Identify barriers to listening well.
    • Implement the steps of active listening.
    • Uncover hidden messages.
    • Increase information flow to enhance productivity and teamwork.

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Innovative Educators

Innovative Educators provides training focused on critical issues facing students and educators today. They provide the information, training and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional and institutional level.

Delta College's partnership with Innovative Educators allows each employee to select, register for and attend any available webinars at his/her convenience and without limitations. This partnership will support you as you continue to support our student's success, especially during this challenging time.  

Note: Your Go2Knowledge account through Innovative Educators is not connected to your Delta email or credentials. 

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