Human Resources

Delta College Human Resources is a team devoted to ensuring the attraction and retention of a highly qualified staff by delivering expertise in all human resource programs and fostering a collaborative and respectful work environment.

We are a strategic partner. Through continuous quality improvement and assessing our programs and procedures we will deliver expertise, guidance, ethical and fiduciary accountability in a confidential manner. Human Resources fosters support to departments and employees with a philosophy of the work/life balance and commitment to Delta College goals and objectives.


COVID-19 protocols

Human Resources is your partner as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan (PDF)

Below are a few ways employees can assist Human Resources with the management of our Covid-19 protocols:

COVID-19 frequently asked questions

The safety of all faculty and staff is our first concern; however, as long as the College remains open, staff are expected to report to work. Remote work will only be approved through the Human Resources Department when it applies to Covid-19 processes causing employees to be quarantined.

If an employee is too sick to work on campus, they are too sick to work remotely and should use the time for self-care. Pay for this time would be consistent with our sick leave or unpaid leave policies.

Contact Human Resources to discuss the Covid-19 process while waiting for your test results.

Visit to search test sites by location

If you cannot come to work due to self-quarantine based on CDC guidance or the guidance of a doctor, contact Human Resources. Human Resources will work with your Supervisor and evaluate if your position is able to perform work remotely. If so, current telecommute procedures will be followed. If remote work is not possible based on your role, Human Resources will review paid leave options with the employee.

Employees are only entitled to refuse to work if they believe they are in imminent danger. The threat must be immediate or imminent, which means that an employee must believe that death or serious physical harm could occur within a short time. Most work conditions in the United States, however, do not meet the elements required for an employee to refuse to work We will make accommodations for employees whose underlying health conditions compromise his/her immune system. Please contact Human Resources to discuss your individual situation.

 Yes, employees may be sent home if they are sick. Pay for this time would be consistent with our
 sick leave or unpaid leave policies.

 Employees may be asked the reason for their absence only by their supervisor according to
 existing policies.

Yes, contact Human Resources to verify your eligibility for FMLA. HR will provide the necessary FMLA paperwork that needs to be completed, in order to qualify for FMLA.

Yes, through your Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage you can consult a physician through For details regarding online / phone visits please visit our HR Portal page.

Yes, LifeWorks*, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is a service designed to help you with all of life's questions, issues or concerns. Through LifeWorks, you have access to a range of services including confidential consultations, in-person counseling, referrals to helpful resources, and a wealth of online content and tools. LifeWorks is available 24 hours a day and is provided at no cost to you. Please visit our HR Portal page to view password information to the LifeWorks website. *As a reminder, Delta faculty, staff and their families have access to and are encouraged to use Lifeworks. Lifeworks is a third-party, confidential provider and will not share any of your information with Delta College.

Please direct any Covid-19 related questions about students to the Office of Disability Resources at: Email: Phone: (989) 686-9794  

Employee Stats

2022 - 2023 Employee counts

Total employee count: 735

Employee group Total
Faculty 166
Support Staff 59
A/P 146
Maintenance/Food Services 27
Corporate Services 27
Total Full-Time 425
Employee group Total
Faculty 240
Support Staff 54
A/P 4
Maintenance/Food Services 12
Total Part-Time  310


 Figures based on November 1, 2022 Colleague data extract