Delta College offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefits package which promotes health, wellbeing, and support for our employees and their families. We strive to provide detailed information on the benefits offered by the College in order to educate employees.

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The ElectRx International Mail Order Program allows you to order 90-day supplies of eligible
brand name medications.

Expert help with life, work and everything in between.

Telus* is a service designed to help you with all of life's questions, issues or concerns.  Through Telus, you have access to a range of services including confidential consultations, in-person counseling, referrals to helpful resources, and a wealth of online content and tools.  Telus is available 24 hours a day and is provided at no cost to you.

Telus for 24/7 support

Phone: 1-800-433-7916
Online: *
Or download the Telus Health One app

User ID: delta 
Password: 5077

* Telus website is not suitable with the Internet Explorer browser, please use FireFox or Chrome. View OIT's document on internet browsers to see why or for direction on how to download an appropriate browser.

The following vendor discounts are available to both faculty and staff. Delta College does not endorse or make claims for any of the items listed below but provides this information as a convenience to faculty and staff.

Vendor Benefit Description
AT&T With your Delta College discount you may be eligible to receive up to 17% off eligible plans.  Visit AT&T's website and enter your Delta College email address.  You will receive an email from AT&T, click the "Start Now" button to complete the process and start saving!
Chamberlain University Delta students, alumni, and employees have full access to Chamberlain's online degree programs at a 10% tuition savings and a waived application fee.  For more details contact Nick Tsouroullis at:  
DELL Computers

Delta College faculty, staff and parents now receive Members Only pricing on all personal PCs from Dell and Exclusive Members Only elite offers (up to 30% OFF list prices for select configurations of Dell consumer PCs).

Order now by calling dedicated member # 1-800-695-8133, or by purchasing online. To receive your exclusive discount over the phone, Delta College members must mention Member ID# US126357611, or if purchasing online members must enter this Member ID at website website.  

If you find a better deal on a new Dell home system anywhere on the website, call an EPP specialist to beat the current Dell Home PC price and receive your Best Price Guarantee!”

Education Account: Delta College
Member ID: US34417054

Franklin University Delta employees receive a 15% tuition reduction for both bachelor's and master's degrees.  A 10% discount on doctoral degrees.  A free PF321 - Learning Strategies course and free faculty professional development courses.  For more details contact Transfer Franklin Office:     
Hotel Accommodations - Bay City

Doubletree by Hilton Bay City-Riverfront 

  • Preferred Client:  Delta College – Business Services  
  • Commitment Dates:  January 2024-December 2024
  • Room Rate
      • $101 per room night – single/double occupancy, Delta College Rate; State and Occupancy tax not included in rate.  

 *Rate is allowable for City view rooms.  Special rate is based on availability and not bookable over special events to include: Tall Ship Festival, Fireworks Festival

Comfort Inn Bay City

  • $69.00 per room night – single/double occupancy  
Northwood University

Full or part-time Delta faculty, employees, staff, spouses and dependents are eligible for the following Premier Education Partner Program (PEP) educational benefits:

  • Northwood Online: $300 per credit hour for all NU online undergraduate coursework.
  • DeVos Graduate School: $15,000 DBA scholarship. $5,000 per year up to three years. 20% Scholarship (Est. $7,500) for MBA program. $555 per credit for MS programs. Waived Graduate Application Fee using code “FREEDOM. Scholarships may not be combined with other discounts.
  • Residential/Traditional Dependents: Potential scholarships, for up to four academic years, are available.

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact Martin Finney at Northwood: or call 989-686-9304, for more details.    

Siena Heights University

Delta employees pursuing either a bachelor's or master's degree, will receive a discount of $80 off per credit hour.  Contact Cindy Sutherland for details: or inquire at Siena Heights University. 

  • Up to $200 off our Premium Plan - $5 off single line / $10 off 2+ lines for up to 20 months
  • Unlimited talk, text, & data on our nationwide network
  • All with taxes and fees included**
  • Scam-blocking protection with Scam Shield
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays—Free giveaways each week (download the app)
  • Netflix On Us on family plans
  • 20 GB of High Speed Mobile Hotspot (Use your phone to connect your iPads, laptops, etc.)
  • Data & texting abroad in over 210 countries and destinations
  • 5GB of 4G data in Mexico & Canada
  • 1 hour of free In-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-equipped flights in the US 

More information can be found on T-Mobiles Work-Perk website

To receive this discount, go into your local store or call our 800-number and tell T-Mobile where you work.


With your Delta College discount you may be eligible to receive up to 15% off eligible plans, 25% off all accessories and great savings on phones.

Visit Verizon Wireless , enter your employer and employee information, and click submit.  Verizon will email you to complete the process and start saving!

Western Governors University

As a Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) member college, Delta graduates and employees are eligible to receive a 5% discount on tuition for the first four terms.  A $65 application fee waiver is also available when using application code "MCCA". For more details contact Robert at: 


Employees applying for Family Medical Leave must reach out to Shannon Mehl (for staff) or Stephanie Kontranowski (for faculty) and complete the Certification of Health Care Provider Form. All forms must be completed and returned to Human Resources prior to the effective date of the leave. 

Learn more about FMLA

What are Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)?

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to pay for medical and dependent care services with pre-tax earnings.  When you participate, you reduce the amount of federal, state, local and FICA taxes you pay. 

You may choose to contribute to one, or both, of the FSA plans:

    • Health Care Account - contribute up to $3,200 annually to pay for qualifying medical expenses for you and your dependents
    • Dependent Care Account - contribute up to $5,000 annually to pay for qualifying child care (baby-sitting) expenses

All full-time employees are eligible.  However, you cannot participate in FSA if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Therefore, if you enroll into the High Deductible Health Plan with a HSA, you will not be eligible for a Flexible Spending Health Account.  However, you may still enroll in the Flexible Spending Dependent Care Account regardless of the type of health insurance coverage you choose. 

*A New Enrollment Agreement is Required Each Year to continue participation in the Plan.  

Navia Portal Information 

Enjoy the convenience

    • Debit Cards - Our Plan provider, Navia issues debit cards to give you the ability to pay for office visits, prescriptions and medical services directly from your Flex account at the time of treatment instead of paying "up front" and waiting for reimbursement.
    • Direct Deposit Reimbursements – If you don't use your debit card, you may request reimbursement directly into your checking or savings account.
    • Online Claims Submission – No need to make copies, fax or mail paperwork!  You can upload all of your documents electronically.
    • Smart Phone App – Using your smartphone, you can manage your account and check your balance anytime!
    • Less paperwork - Standard transactions such as $25 office visits, prescription drugs and recurring orthodontia payments don't require follow-up.  (All other expenses will require submission of documentation to Navia through the mobile phone app, website, fax or mail.)  

Important reminders

    • Debit card payments often require follow-up documentation.  Failure to submit documentation to substantiate your claim could result in your debit card being disabled and may require you to repay the amount used to your account.
    • Ineligible or unsubstantiated charges to your debit card will need to be reimbursed to your account, which could include additional payroll deductions
    • If Navia requests substantiation, please submit the following documentation as it applies to your claim:
        • An Explanation of Benefits form provided by your insurance company for medical procedures/ office visits covered by insurance or a detailed statement from your medical service provider.  This includes vision and hearing claims.
        • A written statement from your Dependent Care provider which contains the provider's name, address and tax ID number, your dependent(s) name(s), the dates of service and the amount charged. If the statement is not on the provider's letterhead, the provider's signature is required.
    • The Flexible Spending Plan year runs from January  - December.
    • Contribution amounts should be carefully determined when enrolling. Unused balances will be forfeited (per IRS regulation) after Carry Over & Grace Period Provisions are exhausted.
    • The Health Care Account has a $500 Carryover Provision to help you avoid forfeiture.
    • The Dependent Care Account has a Grace Period (permitting reimbursement of expenses incurred January 1 through March 15 following the Plan year) to help you avoid forfeiture.
    • Contribution amounts cannot be changed mid-year unless there is a "Qualifying Change in Family Status" per IRS regulations.

For further information regarding our two available health plans see below.

The plan provides coverage of an employee salary rounded to the nearest $1,000 multiplied by 2, to a maximum benefit of $50,000. The plan also provides an accidental death (double indemnity), and dismemberment and loss of sight benefit.

Full-time employees are provided with an income protection plan paid by the College. This coverage will guarantee 66 2/3 of salary (to a maximum monthly indemnity of $5,000) for a disability arising from accident or sickness. Employees will be eligible to apply for Long Term Disability benefits after a waiting period of 90 days or the end of accumulated sick leave, whichever is greater.

Recognizing that Delta College should encourage faculty, administrative/professional and support staff to develop professionally, the College makes available an annual professional development allowance for each faculty, full-time A/P and full-time support staff employee.

For further information regarding our Remote Work Procedure please see below:

Remote Work

Retirement Options

The Retirement Options at a Glance will provide an overview explaining the difference between MPSERS and ORP.

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) TIAA
MPSERS website Optional Retirement Website TIAA
Customer Services: 1-800-381-5111 Customer Service 1-800-842-2776
MPSERS Forms Summary of Plan Provisions
Getting Started with retirement - MPSERS Applying for Retirement Checklist Plan Description Modification

Retiree Discounts

As a retiree of Delta College, you can obtain a pictured identification card from the Public Safety Department that can be used for the following:

    • Educational opportunities for yourself, spouse and any eligible dependents.
    • Check out Library Materials.
    • Free admission to all sporting events.
    • Retiree Listserv – contact Institutional Advancement at 989-686-9698

Annual sick rates

0.046 hours of sick for every hour worked.
Max accrual limit: 160 days (1280 hours)

The following premises are the basis for calculating regarding faculty sick leave.

Faculty Year:  The faculty year for purposes of sick leave will be defined as:

15 credit hours/semester x 5 days per week x 2 semesters = 150 days
Spring Break = 5 days
Fall Conference = 3 days
Day after Labor Day = 1 day
Day before Thanksgiving = 1 day
Total Days per year 160 days

Fall = 75 teaching days + 3 fall conference + 1 day after labor day + 1 day before Thanksgiving = 80 days total

Winter = 75 teaching days + 5 spring break days = 80 days total

Hours reported for Retirement Purposes: In general, you earn one year of service credit for every 1,020 hours you work within the July 1 through June 30 school fiscal year. You cannot earn more than one year of service credit in a fiscal year even if you work more hours.


Full time AP, Faculty, Facilities Management or Support Staff employees may voluntarily elect to donate up to five (5) days of excess sick leave accumulation per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to their employee group’s sick leave pool by submitting the Voluntary Donation of Sick Day form to HR each year.


An eligible employee may request in writing to be granted up to twenty (20) sick days from the Sick Day Pool, if available, and with the approval of their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.

Employees may initiate or change their tax deferred annuity plan with TIAA anytime during the year.  Review our annuity documentation for more details.
The Tuition Waiver Program provides for the waiver of Delta College tuition and registration fees for eligible students, as defined in SectiII II, for completed academic classes in which the eligible student receives a grade of C (2.0) or better. Please view the Delta College Tuition Waiver Program for additional details on eligibility.

To view your leave information, click on the Leave button in Employee Self Service, leave balances are also displayed on your pay stub. Leave accruals for the past two weeks worked are updated on Thursday of pay week.   

Annual vacation rates

Executive Staff
200 hours (25 days); accrued on a biweekly basis of 7.7 hours

Administrative/Professional Staff
176 hours (22 days); accrued on a biweekly basis of 6.77 hours

Administrative/Professional Staff Part-time
Vacation hours are prorated based on their default schedule

Support Staff
160 hours (20 days); accrued on hourly basis of .077 hours (80 hr employee = 6.16 per pay period)

Accrual limits

Hours are limited to 1.5 times the annual accrual.

Executive staff - 300 hours
Administrative/professional staff - 264 hours
Administrative/professional staff part-time - 205 hours
Support staff - 240 hours
Support staff part-time - 186 hours
Upon reaching the accrual limit an employee will stop accruing time until the balance is reduced below the limit.

Time reporting process

Vacation leave must be approved by supervisors in advance and reported via Self Service.

VSP with Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan Year is January - December

Visit Blue Cross/Blue Shield or call 1-800-877-7195 

*NOTE: Delta College is under tVPSVPS Choice Plan

Delta College's Wellness Program strives to promote healthy lifestyles of employees by providing education and activities that positively impact the dimensions of wellness.  

To provide an opportunity for employees to improve their physical, occupational, social, financial, spiritual and emotional fitness in order to benefit their overall health, quality of life, job satisfaction, morale and personal relationships with fellow workers, "well-time" was established.

“Well-time” is available one and one-half (1.5) hours per day, three (3) days per week.  All full-time regular employees are encouraged to participate in “well-time” activities to the greatest extent possible within the limits of College policies.  Supervisors are asked to cooperate in enabling employees to participate to the extent possible within policy limits and the workload of their departments.

For more information email 

Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Dimension - Physical wellness is about our personal behaviors and how we take care of ourselves.  Participation in regular physical activities, proper nutrition, abstaining from non-healthy habits such as smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse, getting adequate amounts of sleep, regular medical checkups and protecting yourself from injury or harm are all part of physical wellness.  Making lifestyle changes today to develop healthy habits can add years to your life but most importantly, the quality of those years will be enhanced.

Occupational Dimension - Occupational wellness includes developing and utilizing an individual's skill, talents and knowledge to gain purpose and fulfillment in life.  Individuals with a positive attitude toward their work are much more likely to achieve a sense of meaning and accomplishment that makes their life rewarding.

Social Dimension - The social dimension relates to feeling connected to your community, your peers, and your environment.  Social well-being is enhanced through social networks with family, friends, co-worker, and other individuals or groups.  Maintaining and building positive relationships is one of the important elements in a healthy lifestyle.

Financial Dimension - Our attitudes and relationship with money have a significant effect on our overall health. Financial well-being includes learning to manage money before it manages you, learning to use self-discipline and self-restraint in money matters, and using a budget to get out of debt and stay out of debt. It is also important to teach your children how to manage money and avoid debt while they are young.

Spiritual Dimension - Spiritual wellness is an important aspect in creating and maintaining balance in our lives.  Spiritual wellness refers to integrating our beliefs and values into our actions.  Through the College's strategic planning process, we have identified the values that are core to who we are at Delta and our direction for the future.  As individuals, we find meaning and purpose to our lives through the work we do, nature, art, music, religion, meditation and community service.  It is about how we connect with each other and the world around us.

Emotional Dimension - Emotional wellness is a journey toward increased awareness, expression and acceptance of a wide range of thoughts and feelings in yourself and others. Optimal emotional wellness helps you achieve positive self-esteem, satisfying relationships and resilience to meet life's challenges.  Emotional wellness is linked to how we feel about ourselves and our life.  Our emotional health is related to whether we are positive, optimistic and enthusiastic about life.  This component of wellness relates to our ability to maintain satisfying relationships with others, recognize and deal with our feelings, communicate effectively and manage stress.  

Wellness Resources

*If you are unable to view these documents, please contact