Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence

The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence (FCTE) is here to support Delta College faculty in their quest to achieve teaching excellence, by providing high-quality professional development that leads to student success. The FCTE serves both full-time and adjunct faculty and is an integral part of the Center for Organizational Success (COS), which supports the professional development of all employees of Delta.   

The goals of the FCTE

To reach these goals, the FCTE supports a number of activities and resources, such as courses, workshops, teaching circles, roundtable discussions, book clubs, elearning sites, guest speakers, conferences and webinars.

    • Encourage and sponsor faculty innovation and professional development opportunities.
    • Serve as a resource center for literature, materials, workshops, and conferences related to classroom teaching.
    • Coordinate campus activities and programs, related to teaching excellence.
    • Provide electronic and face-to-face opportunities for faculty sharing of ideas and concerns.
    • Serve as a liaison between faculty and administration on matters concerning teaching, learning, and professional development.

Talk Teaching with Beth and Janet

Need someone to talk to about teaching at Delta College? Want to share your successes? Your concerns? Your questions?  

Look no further! Beth and Janet have over 35 years of combined Delta teaching years. Pop in during one of their open times, or make an appointment with one or both of them.

    • Mondays, 2–3pm
    • Wednesday, 3–4pm
    • Meetings will not be held on division meeting days.

Join a meeting via Zoom

Email fcte@delta.edu if you would like to set up an appointment for a separate day. 

Professional development funding opportunities

The FCTE will assist faculty with support for funding applications by:

    • Channeling a budget request to appropriate funding sources.
    • Drafting a proposal to obtain financial assistance.
    • Finding information regarding any funding program listed in this document.
    • Contacting other individuals for assistance.
    • Assist in identifying other individuals or groups working on similar issues or innovations to improve student learning.

Adjunct Faculty Grant

To support professional development of adjunct faculty relating to their teaching assignments at Delta College. The grant monies may be used to attend conferences, workshops, or college courses.

Complete the Adjunct Faculty Grant Application

Endowed Teaching Chair

Program to encourage faculty to pursue creative activities to promote excellence in the classroom.

Learn about the Endowed Teaching Chair Program

Professional Development Allowance (PDA)

Each full time faculty member is allocated annual funding to supplement expenses for travel, course work, and other professional development activities related to their teaching.  Reimbursement guidelines are available in each division office as well as the Office of the Vice President of Finance & Business division Chair.

Learn more about PDA