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Delta College uses D2L Brightspace as their learning management system (LMS) to provide course content and instruction to student through lecture recorded video (Yuja), live video sources (Zoom, Bongo Virtual Classroom), course content and discussions.  D2L provides a robust grading system, assessment tools, and several customizable features.

D2L Brightspace offers a variety of tools and plugins to both engage students and provide feedback.  The software is integrated with many other services including book publishers, quiz proctoring (Respondus Lock Down Browser and Monitor), assignment submission plagiarism checker (Turnitin) and peer reviewing (PeerMark).


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We want to help you. We are here for all of your questions – no matter how simple or complicated they may be!

If you are experiencing technical issues with the eLearning software (D2L) or need training to learn how to use the eLearning software can contact our office through our help desk ticketing system or calling 989-686-9401.

Course merge request

The course merge is combining multiple sections of the same course. An example is if you are teaching ABC-101-FA800, ABC-101-FA810 and ABC-101-FA820 you can request to have them combined into one D2L Brightspace course shell by filling out the form below.

The form needs to be completed at least 2 business days before your class start date. Once students are able to access the course we do not merge the courses.

Note: The Article 8.3.F in the DCFA states Multiple online sections of the same asynchronous course may be managed in a single course shell, if pre-approved by the Associate Dean or designee, for consistent communication of content and announcements. However, interactive learning activities,such as discussion boards, should be maintained within a section’s original student group.

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