YuJa is a video recording software integrated with D2L that allows you to record classes or lectures with both a camera and screen. 


Watch Delta's eLearning YuJa Training video.
(May 2022, approximately 30 minutes)

Using YuJa on Safari

Safari blocks 3rd party cookies which prevents YuJa from reading usernames from D2L.  If you need analytics data, students must either unblock 3rd party cookies or use a different browser to view the video.

Get started using YuJa

    1. Log in to D2L Brightspace
    2. Click on YuJa in the Navigation bar to access the Dashboard.
    3. Click on Create Recording.
    4. Click on Download.
    5. Allow the program to download and then open it.  You may have to enable pop-ups or check your downloads folder.  If it still doesn’t seem to download, check for an email from YuJa with further directions.  

Note: It may not download properly if you haven’t been on campus recently.

Note: To log in outside of D2L Brightspace visit delta.yuja.com and log in with Delta SSO credentials. All the remaining steps (starting with #3 above) should be the same.

    1. Open YuJa Software Capture (either from your computer’s apps or from D2L).
    2. Give your video a title.
    3. Organize your video in a folder.
    4. Set up Video, Audio, and Screen preferences and save them in your Profile as default.
    5. Click Start to begin the recording.
    6. Click Stop to End recording and then click Save.
    7. Your video may take a few minutes to render before you can access and edit through the Dashboard in D2L.
    1. Open the YuJa Dashboard in D2L.
    2. Hover over the video you want to edit until the options window pops up.  Select Edit.  The video editor will launch in a new tab.
    3. Use the tools to make desired edits.  Watch this short overview of the Video Editor tools.
    4. Check the captions for accuracy.
    1. In your content module, click Add Existing Activities and scroll to YuJa at the bottom.
    2. Scroll down in the pop-up window to search for and select your Media.
    3. Alternatively, embed videos into a news item.  Create a News Item and then select Insert Stuff.
    4. Select YuJa from the bottom.
    5. Search for and Select your Media.

Part 1: Create a video "quiz" in YuJa

    1. Navigate to your YuJa Dashboard and find the correct video.
    2. Hover over the video and select More.
    3. Choose Quizzes.
    4. Create a Playback Quiz.
    5. Enter a quiz name and choose your settings.

Part 2: Add the "quiz" to your D2L course

    1. In your course, select Content and navigate to the spot where you want the video.
    2. Drop Down Add Existing Activities.
    3. Select YuJa - QL (at the bottom).
    4. From the mini YuJa dashboard, select Quizzes at the top.
    5. Select the quiz.
    6. Click Insert Content.

Part 3: Connect the "quiz" to grades

    1. A gradebook item will be created out of 100 points (you can assign this to a category later) once a student has watched the video. 
    2. To link the video quiz to an existing gradebook item (maybe out of 10 points), scroll to the bottom of the video page under Activity Details.  On the right, add (or create a new) grade item under Assessment.

Note: The gradebook syncs once per hour so there is a bit of a time delay.

Manually push to grades

    1. From the YuJa Dashboard, go to Usage and Analytics by clicking on the 9 squares in the upper right corner.
    2. Select Gradebook from the bottom of the side navigation bar
    3. Choose the course and quiz from the drop downs.
    4. Click Sync Gradebook and choose On Demand LMS Quiz Gradebook Sync to send everyone's grades to D2L Brightspace. 
    5. If you only want to sync certain students, check the box next to their name and then choose On Demand LMS Student Gradebook Sync

View analytics on a video

    1. Hover over the video thumbnail and click More.
    2. Choose Analytics from the left side.
    3. Click More.  This will open up a new screen.
    4. Confirm the Course and Video title are correct.
    5. Choose Playback from the top.

Note: There is not a way to sort the data alphabetically.

Note: Analytics on a YouTube video may not be available unless the video was imported properly.

    1. From the YuJa dashboard, click Upload.
    2. Select the Link tab and choose YouTube from the drop down.
    3. Paste the YouTube link and give the video a title.
    4. Choose Import from YouTube and check the box to agree.
    5. Click Start Upload.
    1. Log in to Zoom.
    2. Choose Recordings on the left side.
    3. Select the correct Zoom session.
    4. Download the Shared Screen with Speaker View recording.
    5. From the YuJa dashboard, click Upload.
    6. Browse for the media on your computer.
    7. Uploading will start automatically and an email will be sent when processing is complete.


YuJa has a fantastic support center. Search to get your question answered or send them an email at support@yuja.com. Responses are typically same day.