Simple Syllabus

This software automatically populates a syllabus in D2L containing the required college policies, course information, textbook information, assignments, learning outcomes, and more.

Download directions with screenshots

Add a syllabus to your course

In order for students to view the syllabus from your course, you'll need to use the Simple Syllabus navigation bar.  Any changes you make to the syllabus will automatically populate using the integration.

    1. Hover over the navigation bar and click the 3 dots. 
    2. Click Manage All Course Navbars.
    3. Select a NavBar with Simple Syllabus in the title from the Active Navbar dropdown list.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Note: ELC Navbars are the only navbars that will be updated with new features.  If you are using a navbar other than one that says ELC, you will be responsible for knowing and updating your custom navbar.

Build a syllabus

    1.  Click the Syllabus link in the nav bar to open Simple Syllabus and begin editing by choosing the pencil.
    2. Add information to the required blocks.  Note that some fields such as course information and Outcomes and Objectives are filled in automatically and can't be edited.  Any blocks that are editable have the edit pencil next to them.
    3. Changed editable blocks to "Private" (if desired) by clicking the green "Public" toggle.
    4. Add any additional information at the bottom by clicking the add new component plus icon.
    5. When you are all done click Save.