Course Evaluations & Surveys

Formerly known as EvaluationKit, Watermark Course Evaluation and Surveys is used to evaluate/survey all students using our LMS (eLearning, D2L, Brightspace) software. Face-to-face, blended and online students will log into eLearning just before the end of the semester assigned to that course and take their survey.

How are course evaluations and surveys helpful for faculty?

    • Eliminates the need for paper.
    • It makes it easy to organize and analyze the data in reports.
    • It automates the process of communicating to instructors and students when feedback for specific courses will be given.
    • It allows you to see the response rate of the class and classes.
    • View the responses to feedback online.

How are course evaluations and surveys helpful for students?

    • It provides anonymity to help you feel comfortable providing constructive feedback to those giving you a grade.
    • Instructors will only see responses (never names) after final grades are reported so you can rest assured your grade will not be affected by the feedback you provide.
    • It provides a way to constructively build up the quality of the university and future courses you and your fellow students will engage in.

Customize your course evaluations and surveys

    1. Log into Brightspace.
    2. Click on Course Evaluations link ( Bottom right corner of homepage).
    3. Custom Questions Surveys at the top of the screen. (If you do not have this button next to results then your division does not have it turned on).
    4. Use the Create New Custom Question Survey at the top left of your screen to start a survey.
    5. Enter a name for the Custom Question Survey and click Save New.
    6. Use the drop down menu to select the question type.
    7. You will then be taken to a configure menu for that question. After adding your question click save. Repeat until you've added up to five questions and save after each question.
    8. Click Attach Surveys to Projects at the top of the screen.
    9. Select the correct project and click the + symbol under Add Questions.
    10. Use the + Add Custom Question Survey button at the top left.
    11. Use the check mark under Select on the right side of the screen to highlight the custom survey you wish to use and then click the Select Courses button.
    12. Use the Select Specific Course tab and then click the Add Courses button.
    13. Select the desired course and then use the Add Selected Courses button to complete the process.

Upon completing the final step, you should receive a pop up notification indicating that your survey has been added to course(s) successfully.