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Delta College Planetarium

The Delta College Planetarium inspires exploration through entertaining Dome360 shows and events. But did you know you could take classes there, as well?

The Planetarium is located in the heart of downtown Bay City, at the beginning of historic Center Avenue. It is within walking distance to Wenonah Park, numerous restaurants, coffee houses, shops and the Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library.

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  • Dream To Fly
    Dream To Fly

    The history of flight is a story of innovation and discovery. The use of planes in both wartime and peacetime is woven into the history of the 20th century. Today, we use amazing jets to fly around the globe. Our ultimate goal, the stars, is now part of humanity's ancient visions of flight.

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  • Perfect Little Planet
    Perfect Little Planet

    Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Which destination would you choose? A solar system journey for space travelers of all ages.

    Perfect Little Planet SHOWTIMES

  • To Worlds Beyond
    Eclipse: The Sun Revealed

    This fulldome production features exciting visuals that explore the historical and cultural views of eclipses, what can be seen from within the shadow of a total solar eclipse, how to safely view an eclipse and a first-hand account of one person’s experience during a total solar eclipse.

    Eclipse: The Sun Revealed SHOWTIMES

  • Black Holes Revisited
    Black Holes Revisited

    You will learn about one of the most mysterious objects in the universe, a black hole. Where do they come from? How do we find them? Is Earth in danger of being pulled into one?

    Black Holes Revisited SHOWTIMES

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Special Events

There is always something happening at the Delta College Planetarium. Explore the universe with unique events that combine shows, presentations, demonstrations and interactive learning opportunities for all ages. 

Great Lakes Star Gaze - Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September 29

Sponsored by the Delta College Planetarium and organized by astronomy professors throughout Michigan, the Great Lakes Star Gaze in Gladwin has some of the darkest skies in lower Michigan. There will be astronomy presentations, rocket launches, swap meet, fishing contest and, of course, telescope observing at night. Don't have a telescope? No problem! There will be many telescopes available to look through, including a 29 inch diameter telescope that will provide the best views you will ever see. Visit their website for more information, prices and to register.

Great Lakes Star Gaze Website

International Observe the Moon Night - Friday, October 4

We will have a live presentation in the theater on how to observe features on the Moon. After the presentation, we will go up to our observation deck to observe the Moon. The presentation will go on regardless of weather but observing is weather dependent. Special pricing of $3, cash only, for the presentation. Observing is free.

Details for International Observe the Moon Night

 Educator Open House - Thursday, October 17

A special orientation for Bay region science teachers about our dome programs, demonstrations, and how we tie into the state curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards, and STEM. Educators will get to experience activities and have resources to take back to the classroom.

Details for The Educator Open House 

50th Anniversary of Apollo 12 - Friday, November 1

A live presentation that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the second manned lunar landing. Join us in a journey through rare footage, astronaut accounts and fulldome imagery. Special pricing of $3, cash only.

Details for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 12

Gateway to the Stars: Buying a Telescope - Friday, December 6

In addition to finding your way around the winter night sky, this episode also looks at tips for buying your first telescope. We will have observing on the deck after the show, weather permitting. Special pricing of $3, cash only.

Details for Gateway to the Stars


Delta’s planetarium contains one of the world’s most advanced digital theater systems.

Dollar Signs

In 1993, Delta College secured a grant from NASA totaling $8.75 million to fund the design and construction of the Planetarium.

Delta College Planetarium

The exterior “cone” shape of the Planetarium theater represents a rocket exhaust nozzle.

"A great venue in the middle of the city. The 360 screen puts you right in the show!"

Wendy N.

Opportunities & Resources

Astronomy at Delta
  • Outer Space
     Astronomy at Delta

    Astronomy is a fascinating topic, it deals with everything in the known universe! You might want to learn what you can see in the sky by exploring it with binoculars or telescopes. Or, maybe you'd like to dive even deeper into the wonders of the universe.

    Explore Astronomy at Delta

Take Classes at the Planetarium
  • Students in a Computer Lab
    Take a Class at the Planetarium

    You'll love taking classes at the Delta College Planetarium. It's easy, convenient and close to home. Plus, you'll have the same resources and great faculty as you would at main campus. You really can't go wrong.

    Search for Classes 

Show Schedule
  • Planetarium Seating
    Experience a show at the Planetarium

    Visit the galaxy from the most comfortable seat in the house. The $8.75 million facility, funded by NASA, houses a state-of-the-art Planetarium Digital 360 theater, with a JVC full dome video laser projection system with Digistar® 6 software housed under a tilted 50 foot domed screen with 146 unidirectional seats.

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  • Children at the Planetarium
    Bring a Group to the Planetarium

    A field trip to the Delta College Planetarium is an interactive learning adventure for groups of all ages. The shows at Delta's Planetarium bring science to life and encourage an excitement for learning.

    Plan Your Group Visit

Room Rentals
  • The Planetarium Theater
     Plan Your Event at the Planetarium

    Are you looking for an unique location for your upcoming event? The Delta College Planetarium has facilities available for birthday parties, business meetings and, even, weddings. 


Special Events
  • Planetarium Lobby
    Special Events 

    From rooftop stargazing to seasonal events, the Delta College Planetarium offers exciting special events throughout the year. 

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  • Exterior of Planetarium
    Sign Up 

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  • Planetarium Lobby Floor
    Be a Star – Support the Planetarium

    The Delta College Planetarium has brought the universe to school children, Delta College students and community members since 1997. Funded by a $8.75 million grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it is one of the most active planetariums in Michigan, offering cultural and educational programs to more than 18,000 visitors each year.

    Upgrades and changes continue to redefine the "Planetarium experience", and Delta College has embraced the latest technology. Our Digistar 6 is the world’s most advanced digital theater system. Bright and sharp images, 4K full-dome video and a new 360-degree projection system allow viewers to see, feel and hear a more dramatic and immersive show than ever before.

    You can Be A Star and support Delta’s state-of-the-art facility! Your donation will be dedicated to supporting the future needs of the Planetarium, from new technology to new programs. You can ensure that future generations will be able to see our universe in its entire splendor.

    There are a total of 621 "stars", located in their respective constellations, embedded in the facility’s lobby. Two sizes of stars are available, along with theater seating. Your financial support entitles you to have your name permanently engraved on one of the "stars" or a Planetarium seat.  Sponsorships are tax-deductible, and can immortalize you, your family members or friends.

    If you are interested in sponsoring a star or a Planetarium seat, contact the Delta College Foundation at 989-686-9224 or email