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Costs & Financial Aid

You can save a ton of money by coming to Delta.

It costs less than half what you’d pay at a public university ($117 per contact hour), but you get the same quality education. Plus, Delta students were awarded $34 million in financial aid last year and  $600,000 in Delta scholarships. That’s a lot of money available to students. 

Cost comparison 2019-20

Figures based on 30 credit hours.

institution in-district tuition in-state tuition fees - estimate tuition +
on-campus room &
total cost
Delta $3,450   $680 $4,130   $4,130
SVSU   $10,376 $351 $10,727 $10,411 $21,138
U of M - Flint   $12,179 $227 $12,406 $9,092 $21,498
CMU   $12,510  $450 $12,960 $10,328 $23,288
MSU   $14,524   $14,524 $10,522 $25,046
Davenport   $23,010 $720 $23,730 $10,068 $33,798
Northwood   $26,690 $1,390 $28,080 $10,790 $38,870
Alma College   $41,138 $260 $41,398 $11,384 $52,782

Source: university websites

If you need a tuition payment plan to make it easier, that’s available too.

And, don't forget about financial aid, loans and scholarships. They can help you save even more.

Half the cost

Less than half the cost of a public university, with the same quality education.

Interest free

An interest-free tuition plan that spreads out your payments.

50 percent

Half of Delta students receive some form of assistance.

Tenesha Blair

“The financial support I’ve received from the community is a blessing. I want to pay it back by doing my best in school and making a difference in my future.”

Tenesha Blair
2015 YWCA GLBR Women of Achievement Awards – Emerging Leader Honoree
Planning to transfer to SVSU
Future athletic trainer