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Report an Incident

Report concerns, complaints or conduct violation using the Maxient incident reporting forms below. Please review each category and select the one that best fits the situation you are reporting. 

If you have questions or concerns about how to use this reporting structure, please contact the Dean of Students.

General Concern/Complaint

General concern/complaint covers a wide array of situations related to college processes and programs and excludes violations of the Rules of Regulations of Conduct or Academic Integrity.

Report a General Concern/Complaint

Academic Integrity

Academic violations include cheating, plagiarism or falsifying official records related to college classes. General classroom misbehavior is considered a Conduct/Behavior Violation. If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered academic misconduct, please contact the Dean of Teaching and Learning.

Report an Academic Violation

Conduct/Behavior Violation

Conduct/behavior violations that are not related to an allegation of cheating or plagiarism (disruptive student, disorderly conduct, etc...). If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation, please contact the Dean of Students.

Report a Behavior Violation

Concerning, Worrisome or Threatening Behaviors (BIRB)

Concerning, worrisome or threatening behaviors are often exhibited by students who are in or near crisis and need additional attention in order to ensure they are safe, the community is safe, and that they continue to be successful while at Delta College. If you have questions about whether a behavior should be considered for a BIRB report, please contact Public Safety at 989-686-9145. If this is an immediate emergency or imminent threat please contact Public Safety at x9111.

Report Threatening Behavior

Equity/Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Equity/Sexual Misconduct complaints can address behaviors that create a hostile learning or working environment. The behaviors include, but are not limited to: discrimination, harassment, stalking and/or intimate partner violence. If you have a learning or work environment situation related to your role as a student or employee of Delta College, we will work to remedy the situation. If you have questions about completing this form, please contact the Equity Office.

Submit an Equity Complaint