PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool which is available through Turnitin. To use this, instructors must first set up a Turnitin assignment.  Students must submit their papers to a Turnitin assignment before peer reviewing can begin.

What can I do with PeerMark?

Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review and evaluate one or more papers submitted by their coursemates. Advanced options enable instructors to:

    • choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed
    • decide if students should be excluded from reviews
    • pair students to assign students specific papers to review

Key features of PeerMark

    • papers can be assigned automatically, manually selected by the instructor, or self-selected by the student
      students can be paired by the instructor, with multiple reviewers
    • non-submitting students can be allowed to review papers
    • students can write reviews by responding to free response or scale questions set by the instructor
    • instructors can add libraries of questions for easy inclusion into PeerMark assignments
    • questions can be edited, deleted or reordered

Tutorials for setting up a PeerMark assignment can be found on the TurnItIn website.

Watch the complete recording of the Delta College specific PeerMark training.