Software & Tools


Ally helps make your course experiences more accessible by providing:

    • On-demand alternative formats of common file types for all learners.
    • Instructor-specific reporting and feedback to help improve content accessibility and usability.
    • Institution-wide reporting to help gauge ADA-compliance and to provide metrics for identifying training and support opportunities.


Bongo offers a video assignments tool and a live synchronous platform similar to Zoom for holding online class sessions.

Evaluation Toolkit (Now Watermark)

This software is used to evaluate/survey all students using our LMS (eLearning, D2L, Brightspace) software. Face-to-face, blended and online students will log into eLearning just before the end of the semester assigned to that course and take their survey.


Knowmia is a video lecture recording software and repository that is going away soon and will be replaced by YuJa.


PackBack is an AI-enabled online discussion tool that encourages inquiry-based and curiosity-driven community building and critical exploration in courses ranging from small enrollments to large. 

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus is a tool to assist with security in taking exams remotely. It's two main functions are LockDown Browser and Monitor.


TurnItIn is an originality checker that detects plagarism and guides students to higher quality academic writing.


A perfect tool integrated with D2L for recording lectures that allows for flexibility in capturing a camera, screen, or both.


Meet with a class or collegues remotely.  Request a Pro License for meeting with larger groups for lengthier periods of time.