Course Homepage

Course Home is the first page that you and your students see when visiting your D2L course site. You can use it to share important information with students, including news updates and upcoming due dates.

Your course site’s Course Home page is comprised of boxes of content called widgets. Some departments may designate that specific widgets be added to your Course Home page, or even a specific layout, but most course sites will simply display the university-wide default widgets, which include News, Updates, and Calendar widgets.

    1. Hover mouse over the course tile and click the More Options. 
    2. Click Change Image or press Enter.
    3. Search or browse the list of available images.
    4. Hover over the image you want to use and click Use this image.
    1. Select the dropdown in the News widget header to reveal menu options.
    2. Select New News Item. The “New Item” page will open.
    3. Enter a title in the “Headline” field.
    4. Enter your post in the “Content” field.
    5. Set a date and time for the news item to display in the “Availability” section:
    6. Set the start date and time in the “Start Date” section or select Now to immediately release the news item.
    7. Uncheck the Always show start date checkbox if you do not want to display a start date to students.
    8. Select Remove news item based on end date and enter an end date if you want to hide the news item from the student view after a certain date.
    9. If you want to attach a file to your news item, click Add a File under the
    10. Attachments heading and click Upload to select a file on your computer.
    11. Click Publish at the bottom of the page. Your news item will appear to students on the Course Home page based on the dates you selected.

Edit News Item

    1. Select the dropdown arrow next to the News item title you wish to edit. A dropdown menu will be revealed.
    2. Select Edit. The “Edit Item” page will open.
    3. Make any desired changes to the news item in the HTML box.
    4. Select Update at the bottom of the page. The revised News item will then appear on the Course Homepage in the News widget.

Delete News Item

    1. Select the carat next to the News item you wish to delete to reveal a dropdown menu.
    2. Select Delete. A confirmation pop-up will open.
    3. Select Yes.
    1. On your course homepage, click the 3 dots in the gray box in the bottom right corner. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see it.
    2. Click Manage Homepages
    3. Under the Active Homepages drop down select the Homepage that corresponds to your book publisher.
    4. Then click Apply.
    5. Your homepage should now be updated.