Templates can be used to organize content in a visually pleasing manner. 

  1. From the content tab, click on Settings
  2. Under Content Authoring check the box to Enable HTML Templates
  3. Change the path to Shared Files --> Brightspace HTML Templates
  4. Click Select Path and Save


  1. From the content tab, click Upload/Create
  2. Select Create a File
  3. Enter a Title
  4. Choose a template type from the Select a Document Template dropdown 

*Note: Once you select a template, any existing content will be deleted, even if you are switching from one template to another.  If you want to switch template types, create a new file and copy/paste the content.

Blank Header image, title, content.
Intro Background image with title and textbook embeded.
Module Intro Header image with title and numbered content.
Meet Your Facilitator Instructor bio, contact, and photo
Basic Page Header image, content with subheadings, and a callout box.
Video Lecture Header image, title, content, embeded video.
Conclusion Header image, title, content, and a featured panel box.
Elements Ordered list, lead text, blockquote, jumbotron, callout box, table, and column panels.
Image Images aligned left, right, and center.
Accordions Drop down menus to show/hide a large amount of content.
Tabs Click across tabs to show/hide a large amount of content.