D2L Tutorials

Delta College’s has used D2L (Brightspace) as a Learning Management System since 2009. This system provides the platform and tools for all online and many face-to-face courses. Included in this software are tools used to support course materials, submission of assignments, assessments, discussion boards and grades. 

Get started with D2L

The tutorials listed below will help you get familiar with D2L and get your first course up and running!

Assignments Tool

    • Create a new assignment
    • Restricting student access
    • Grading assignments
    • File types

Attendance Tool

    • Setting up a register
    • Recording attendance for all students
    • Recording attendance for individual students

Chat Tool

    • Chat tool overview


    • Create new modules
    • Upload a new file
    • Add a link
    • Create a page
    • Set module restrictions

Course Homepage

    • Changing the header image
    • Create a news item
    • Book publisher widgets/homepages

Discussions Tool

    • Create a new discussion
    • Participating in discussions
    • Grading discussions
    • Group discussions

Grades Tool

    • Grades tool overview
    • Grading systems
    • Setting up the grades area
    • Creating categories
    • Creating grade items
    • Entering grades
    • Releasing final grades in D2L
    • Set up a grade scheme
    • Best practices for entering grades

Import, Export and Copy Courses

    • Copying an entire course
    • Copying parts of a course

Intelligent Agents

    • Creating an Intelligent Agent
    • Scheduling an agent
    • Practice run
    • Intelligent Agent settings
    • Replacement strings

My Courses

    • Pinning courses
    • Searching for courses

New Semester Guide

    • Steps to set up your course each semester

Quizzes Tool

    • Creating quizzes
    • Grading quizzes
    • Respondus lockDown browser and monitor


    • Create a new rubric
    • Associate a rubric with an assignment
    • Associate a rubric with a discussion board
    • Grade an assignment with a rubric
    • Grade a discussion board with a rubric


    • Templates can be used to organize content in a visually pleasing manner.