New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Delta College!

Delta College's New Employee Orientation (NEO) will introduce to you our mission, vision, values and culture. Each module has been developed to advance your knowledge of our culture and increase your skill in our processes and systems. It is our goal to have all new employees complete this program within the first year of employment. 

NEO sessions

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Professional Development and Protected Class modules are currently available online via eLearning.

Upcoming classes

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NEO “Be in the Know” at Delta College 
These sessions will share pertinent and up to date information relating to the college for new and current employees. The topics will vary due to the material being presented. 

NEO Benefits and Human Resources Dept. Overview  
This session includes an overview of Delta College’s benefits and the Human Resources Department. 
Facilitated by Shannon Mehl 

NEO  Campus Security Authority Reporting 
This session will cover public safety and reporting requirements for all college employees.  It will also cover specific reporting responsibilities for anyone designated as a Campus Security Authority.  
Facilitated by Chief Robert Battinkoff

NEO Customer Service  
The Customer Service module will help employees to reconceptualize customer service in an academic environment for students, parents, community members and their colleagues. Employees will explore how a positive attitude support customer service excellence.
Facilitated by Loyce Brown

NEO Delta College Policies and Procedures 
This session provides an overview of Delta College policies and procedures and includes DAPP and Whistleblower information. 
Facilitated by Wendy Childs

NEO Diversity & Inclusion and Sexual Misconduct 
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module will help employees to understand the concepts and how it applies to students and employees. Additionally, employees will learn how to identify their biases and to implement micro-affirmations. The Sexual Misconduct module will provide an overview of the Title IX Sexual Harassment and the Delta College Sexual Misconduct and Gender Discrimination policies and procedures.  
Facilitated by Loyce Brown 

This workshop will provide an overview of the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and its impact on your daily tasks.  
Complete via HR training online

NEO GREEN Pioneer Campus Tour
Take a tour of Main Campus that visits key areas on campus that support student, employee and visitor services. Tour includes an overview of sustainability-focused initiatives that create opportunities for employees to multiply the college’s efforts through their actions toward the realization of a green campus.
Facilitated by Wendy Harness

The LLIC session will provide an overview of the services and resources of Delta’s Library Learning Information Center (Library, T/LC, WRIT Center and Testing Center) offer to Delta’s students, the staff and community. 
Facilitated by Michele Pratt

NEO Performance Management 
This session will provide an overview of Delta’s Performance Management & Compensation System for Administrative Professional and Support Staff employees. The information covered will provide a foundation for understanding the system used for completing annual employee performance appraisals, placing positions within the compensation system and determining annual salary increases. 
Facilitated by Wendy Childs 

NEO Professional Development at Delta  
The Professional Development module will convey the personal and organizational benefits of professional development and training as well as review the professional development and training opportunities for all staff that are offered at Delta College, including programs offered by the Center for Organizational Success (COS). 
Facilitated by Loyce Brown 

NEO Protected Class
This workshop will cover the groups of people protected from discrimination and harassment and how to avoid and/or report discrimination as it relates to the protected classes.  
Facilitated by Wendy Childs

NEO Strategic Planning and College Budgeting 
The strategic planning session will provide an overview of the College’s strategic initiatives and strategies. The college budgeting session will give new employees an overview of the College’s funding sources and how the college utilizes its resources to meet the organization’s goals. 
Facilitated by Andrea Ursuy and Sarah DuFresne 

NEO Student Success  
This session will identify the initiatives the college has instituted to promote student success. This session will help new employees recognize their role in those initiatives.  
Facilitated by Russell Curley

NEO Technology Training 
This session will demonstrate navigating Inside Delta for employees, to find important and frequently used college information and some basic features of Outlook. 
Facilitated by Miranda Pawlak

NEO We Make an Impact at Delta College  
The session will provide information about AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Plan) through an explanation of the AQIP accreditation process, why Delta chose this process, the advantages of being an AQIP school, how to access the website and the AQIP cycles.  
Facilitated by Andrea Ursuy and Jason Young