Great College Retreat

Imagine looking at Delta's accomplishments and challenges with colleagues from all areas of campus. Think about the discussions and creativity that can come from working with others outside of your immediate group, but yet having the same goal. Participants of Great College can expect a positive and productive experience, one that they will look back on as a highlight of their time at Delta College. 

Great College is an opportunity to network with Delta colleagues from all departments, celebrating our successes, examining common problems and finding realistic, creative approaches to their solutions, and developing new ideas to carry Delta College forward as a Great College.

The Great College philosophy embraces the idea that the "experts" needed to become “Great” are right here at Delta. This is an overnight retreat with an all-inclusive registration fee which includes lodging, meals and workshop materials; professional development allowance or departmental support can be used to pay the registration fee.  Enrollment is limited to 40 participants.  

Great College 2023

Great College 2023 was held at Butzel Conference Center in Ortonville, MI beginning at 3pm on Wednesday, May 3 and concluding at 12pm on Friday, May 5.

The next Great College will be held in May of 2025.