Delta College Code of Ethical Conduct

Board Policy 2.007

We acknowledge our responsibilities and obligations to the students, colleagues and communities with whom we serve. We will maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our duties. We will behave with integrity and dignity. We are committed to the mission, goals and values of Delta College.

Obligations to our students

We treat all students with respect, honesty and fairness. We recognize our role in the learning process for our students. We foster academic honesty and excellence amongst our students. We meet all qualifications and professional standards of competence necessary for the performance of our duties. We strive to generate respect and understanding of academic freedom by students.

Obligations to our colleagues

We respect the rights and acknowledge the professional aspirations and contributions of our colleagues. We uphold our shared responsibility for the governance of our institution. We observe the policies of Delta College, while maintaining our right to critique and revise them in the spirit of academic freedom. In the exchange of ideas, we respect and defend the rights of others to express diverse opinions; however, as a community of learners, while we seek to instill passion, we must temper our own views with objective and reasoned judgment.

Obligations to our community

We are committed to ensuring that the resources, provided to us by local and national governments, student tuition and private donors are well managed and used to provide a range of excellent programs, opportunities, and experiences that enrich the Delta community.

See Board Policy 10.004 Delta College Student Code Ethics.

Formerly Senate Policy 1.006
Board Action 5457 - August 9, 2022