Board Policy 8.005

Delta College is committed to providing an environment that is free from the unauthorized or unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation or possession of alcohol. Delta College will provide information and resources on alcohol use and abuse to help employees and students make decisions regarding the use of alcohol. Delta College encourages individuals with alcohol problems to seek treatment and assistance, and will provide assistance to this end in any manner it determines appropriate or viable. Delta College offers an employee assistance program that provides confidential help including counseling, treatment and referral services. Delta College will also maintain procedures to assist students with such issues.

Delta College further recognizes that occurrences of alcohol abuse/misuse are serious issues. Delta College also recognizes the dangers of alcohol abuse in connection with criminal activity, accidents, violence, assault, and high-risk behaviors. Delta College encourages individuals to make informed, responsible decisions about alcohol.  To this end, Delta College encourages individuals to:

    • Give at least equal status to nonalcoholic beverages at social events
    • Find it socially acceptable to choose not to drink
    • Refuse to condone excessive drinking
    • Refuse to use intoxication as an excuse for misconduct
    • Refuse to use alcohol as the primary focus of social activity

Delta College fully supports all individuals choosing a path to recovery from alcoholism. No employee or student will be discriminated against because of his or her status as a recovering alcoholic.

Board Action 5378 – April 6, 2021