Shared Governance

Board Policy 2.001

Delta College has a system of shared governance that supports collaborative decision making with open communication and mutual respect among stakeholders. Delta College shared governance fosters the principal that, in many situations, drawing from the diverse background of expertise from our internal stakeholders will result in decisions which are most advantageous to Delta College, its students, and its employees. Shared governance is a deliberative process which allows the Delta College community a voice and the ability to actively and professionally provide input to reach decisions on many issues related to the College. Shared governance ensures accountability in the success of our institution.

Although shared governance is an important Delta College policy which is championed by the Board of Trustees, the concept is not without limitation. The Delta College Board of Trustees must retain final authority to make and/or approve many final decisions that will impact our institution. Similarly, the President of Delta College is charged with responsibility over certain subject areas which cannot responsibly be delegated to the shared governance decision-making process. While input and recommendation from other stakeholders will be sought in appropriate cases, these immutable responsibilities and rights are best characterized as vested within the Board of Trustees and, by direct delegation, the President.

Delta College Administration is responsible for drafting, updating, interpreting, and applying robust policy and procedure on shared governance that will be applied as to the day-to-day operations of Delta College.

Board Action 5378 – April 6, 2021