Guiding Principles

Board Policy 2.005

Based on our Mission and Values Statements, Delta College is committed to:

    • Providing a range of programs, opportunities, and experiences that enrich the lives of the residents of our community.
    • Continuously improving and regularly measuring the quality of all of our programs and services.
    • Aaccepting the challenge of our open door policy by providing programs and services appropriate to our students' needs and backgrounds.
    • Providing services to help students overcome obstacles that impede the achievement of their educational goals.
    • Working with K-12 districts, other colleges and universities, and business and industry to share and respond to each others' needs.
    • Creating an environment that fosters appreciation of and respect for the uniqueness of each individual.
    • Expanding our students' cultural and global awareness.
    • The free exchange of all ideas for their own sake as well as for their potentially practical applications.
    • Providing a work environment which supports the professional development of all College employees.
    • Shared governance, understanding that we are all members of the same College community with the privilege of ownership and the obligation of participation.
    • Employee involvement in the community.
    • Promoting learning, actions and practices that incorporate social, environmental and economic sustainability in our communities.

Formerly Senate Policy 1.007
Board Action 5457 - August 9, 2022