Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy

Board Policy 8.013

In response to the Americans with Disability Act (2008), with oversight from the Office of Civil Rights, Delta College is implementing a Leave of Absence Policy.  Delta College students who are experiencing a sudden medical or traumatic life event, that creates a significant barrier to academic access and requires a temporary pause in course(s) participation, may be applicable for a Leave of Absence (LOA).

This policy will be administered by the office of the Dean of Student Success.

Qualifying Events

    • Inpatient hospital stays and non-elective surgeries
    • Concussions
    • Death in the student’s immediate family. Immediate family includes parent(s), grandparent(s), spouse/partner, child, and sibling(s).  (If you suffered a loss of a family member not listed, please contact the Dean of Student Success at to discuss the relationship)
    • Significant personal event including, but not limited to: family crises, subpoenaed court appearances, jury duty, etc.
    • Contagious illness such as mono, strep, or influenza

Non-qualifying Events

    • Emergency room/clinic visits that did not require hospitalization
    • Outpatient surgeries requiring no restrictions
    • Doctor’s office/clinic visits diagnosing colds, migraines, or other illnesses not requiring hospitalization
    • Traffic jams, car trouble, or inability to find parking
    • Absences related to inclement weather
    • Childcare issues or school closures
    • COVID related absences (this condition is covered under the Office of Disability Services)
      • Contact the Office of Disability Services for questions and assistance at
    • Disability related condition/temporary disability (these conditions are covered under the Office of Disability Services).
      • Contact the Office of Disability Services for questions and assistance at
    • Title IX, sexual misconduct, pregnancy-related issues (these issues are covered under the Equity Office).


There are no associated fees for applying for a LOA. 


Students with questions about LOAs may review the Leave of Absence Information in the Student Handbook and email their questions to 

Board Action 5432 – February 1, 2022