Regulations and Rules of Conduct

Board Policy 8.016

    1. General Responsibility
      Delta College has the responsibility to adopt and enforce rules which are consistent with Delta College goals and operations and to establish due process procedures in disciplinary cases.
    2. Authority to Establish Standards of Conduct
      Standards of conduct are established by rules of the College, as adopted by the Board of Trustees, and made known through College publications or by notices distributed or prominently posted on College bulletin boards and by law of the United States, State of Michigan, and County of Bay (public laws).
      Except in the case of interim or emergency-type rules as granted by Michigan Public Act No. 26 of 1970, such regulations will be established and amended with the advice of the College Senate, but final authority is through either the Delta College Board of Trustees or the laws of the United States, State of Michigan, or County of Bay.
    3. Individual Responsibility
      An individual having an institutional relationship to Delta College (member of College Community) is automatically placed under the rules of the College. "Institutional relationship to the College" means any connection of employment, enrollment, or service existing between any person and Delta College. As used herein, this phraseology is intended to prevent the application of these rules to purely personal or social relationships between or among students, Faculty members, Administration, or staff members outside of the College proper. Therefore, it is important for all members of the College Community to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations affecting them.
    4. Effect of Violating Rules
      A member of the College Community violating any of the rules of the College, or a public law, on campus or off campus at a Delta College sponsored activity is subject to disciplinary action by Delta College that is appropriate to the nature of the offense. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with applicable law, regulation, policies and procedures governing cases of violation.
    5. Reports of Violations
      Reporting of violations will be within the province of all members of the College Community because they have a common responsibility to maintain an orderly and efficient community for their mutual benefit. Violations may fall in one of several categories: (1) Minor offenses which are dealt with by reprimand; (2) Violations by students which are to be reported to the Vice President of Student and Educational Services; (3) Violations by Faculty or staff members which are to be reported to the President; (4) Civil or criminal violations which are to be reported to the Campus Police Department.
    6. Severance Provision
      If any of the foregoing rules or any part of any such rule will be adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then such adjudication will not affect the validity of these rules as a whole or any provision or part of any such rule not so adjudged invalid.

See Procedures ManualRegulations and Rules of Conduct.

Formerly Senate Policy 2.075
Board Action 5457 - August 9, 2022