Student Violation of College Rules and Regulations

Board Policy 10.011

Delta College has a Student Code of Conduct as well as an equitable Student Conduct Review Process. The Dean of Student Success will be responsible for overseeing and enforcing the Code of Conduct and the Student Conduct Review Process. Revisions will be made in accordance with the Senate process for changes to policy and procedures as needed or as required by state and federal regulations.

The College’s Student Conduct Review Process is separate from any civil or criminal action and will proceed even if a related matter is pending or anticipated in other forums.

Delta College has a separate process for investigating and adjudicating alleged gender based harassment and sexual misconduct.  For detailed information, please see the Sexual Misconduct Procedures at Title IX.

See Student Code of Conduct and Review Process.

Formerly Senate Policy 8.045
Board Action 5457 – August 9, 2022