Academic/Student Records

Board Policy 10.001

    1. Faculty will make an academic progress evaluation of their students at mid-course and at the end of the course.
      1. Mid-course evaluation of academic progress of each student will be determined by the Faculty.
      2. It is the responsibility of Faculty members to convey mid-course evaluation information to their students attending class, via a method most convenient to the students and Faculty.
      3. A final course grade will be reported for each student enrolled in the class. The grade given will be A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, I, X (audit only), W (student initiated withdrawal), WI (instructor initiated withdrawal).  The P/NC grade option is assigned to specifically designated courses and is available for student selection through 4/5 of the course (the twelfth [12th] week of a fifteen [15] week semester).
    2. Final course grades will be reported in a manner determined by the Registrar’s Office and at a time specified by the academic calendar.
      1. INCOMPLETE GRADES: An instructor may assign an Incomplete grade if the student has not fulfilled all course requirements when final grades are assigned. An "Incomplete" is a temporary grade given only when the student's work has been of acceptable quality near the end of the semester, but the required amount has not been completed because of reasons satisfactory to the instructor, or as required to be in compliance with State or Federal Regulations at which time appropriate adjustments will be made.
      2. Requirements of a course are to be completed no later than December 1 for incomplete grades issued in the Winter and Spring/Summer semesters and April 1 for incomplete grades issued in the Fall semester. In exceptional circumstances, additional time may be granted for completion of course work by written notification from the instructor to the Registrar.
        1. Normally, the Incomplete Grade Request is initiated by the student.
        2. An appropriate request for an Incomplete grade is for unfinished course work after 4/5 of the course (twelfth [12th] week of a fifteen [15] week semester).
        3. Assigning a W grade is appropriate only in unforeseen and extreme circumstances if remaining course work is not completed after the official deadline.
        4. An I grade must not be assigned to a student doing failing course work.
        5. When assigning an I grade, the instructor will provide the following information in a manner specified by the Registrar’s Office:
          1. What the student must do to complete remaining course requirements.
          2. The letter grade to be assigned if work is not completed by the official deadline.
        6. A grade will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the instructor after work is completed.
        7. If the instructor is no longer with the College, the academic Associate Dean should be contacted in regard to “Incomplete” course work extensions and final grade submissions.
      3. PASS/NO CREDIT GRADE OPTION: The Pass/No Credit grade option is available for numerous courses and may be required in courses below the 100 level. Students interested in this grading option in place of the usual A‑E grading system must declare this choice at registration or through 4/5 of the course ( twelfth [12th] week of a fifteen [15] week semester) in a manner specified by the Records Office. Courses approved for P/NC grade option are listed in each semester's schedule. Only the FRESH START POLICY allows all courses to be considered for P/NC grade conversion.
        1. Grades on the P/NC system are not included in computing the semester or cumulative point average.
        2. Enrollment on a P/NC basis is recorded with the Records Office.
        3. A letter grade will be on file in the Records Office, but only P or NC will appear on the student's transcript.
        4. Students wishing to have a grade(s) converted from P/NC to a letter grade(s) may do so by applying to the Records Office within one (1) semester following grade issuance.
        5. Course prerequisites and other criteria for enrolling in any course will be determined by the department or division offering the course, and apply equally to both the traditional and the P/NC grading systems.
        6. A maximum of twelve credits of P grades may be applied toward graduation requirements.
        7. Grading symbols used and their significance are: P (Pass) credit is granted and represents performance at or above the C/2.0 level, NC (No-credit) no credit is granted and represents performance at or below the C-/1.7 level.
        8. Students planning to transfer should first check with a Delta counselor or academic advisor regarding the acceptance of the P/NC grade option for specific courses by the transfer college.
        9. The choice of traditional grades or the P/NC system does not affect admission to the course.
        10. Each discipline or certifying unit will determine those courses available on the P/NC system.
      4. Each instructor will retain class records used during the semester to record student progress for at least one calendar year beyond the end of a given semester. An instructor leaving the College during this period will leave the records, or exact copies, with the academic Associate Dean, or with the division office.
      5. Grade Changes Policy
        Once recorded by the Records Office, grades will be changed only if an official grade change form is completed and signed by the instructor and the appropriate academic dean.  The grade change form must be received no later than one calendar year from the date the grade was assigned.   This policy does not apply to grade changes under consideration via the Disputed Grade Policy.

Formerly Senate Policy 4.005
Board Action 5457 - August 9, 2022