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Complaint Procedure

Delta College welcomes feedback from students about our policies, programs, procedures and services to promote a successful learning environment. We are committed to resolve all complaints in a fair and timely manner. Additionally, we are accountable to our students, constituents and accrediting agency to provide a process by which students may lodge complaints in a nonthreatening manner, free from retaliation.

General concern/complaint covers a wide array of situations related to college processes and programs and excludes violations of the Rules of Regulations of Conduct, Academic Integrity, Grade Disputes, Title IX, sexual misconduct or any other type of discrimination claims. 

Most complaints can likely be resolved informally. The College encourages students to discuss their complaints with the supervisor or responsible staff or faculty member of the area from which the complaint originates for attempted informal resolution of the complaint. 

If an informal resolution of the student’s complaint cannot be accomplished, or if the complaint is about the supervisor or responsible staff member for the area, the student should then submit their complaint formally in writing via the General Concern/Complaint form.

Upon receipt of the General Concern/Complaint form, the College official will review the complaint and contact the student verify receipt of the grievance, clarify any information provided by the student and request any additional information that may be needed from the student for the College official to fully evaluate the grievance.

The College official will then undertake efforts to evaluate and investigate the student’s complaint to reach a determination within thirty days of receipt of the student’s formal written complaint, although circumstances may warrant a lengthier period of time and the student will be notified of the same.

If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome, they may file an appeal with the Executive Officer or designee of the area or department from which the complaint originated. The appeal must be filed in writing within three business days of receipt of the outcome notification and include the grounds for the appeal. The Executive Officer or designee will consider timely appeals, conduct any additional investigation (if necessary), and make a final decision within ten business days of receipt of the appeal.