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Establish a Scholarship

Scholarships are becoming more and more important in higher education. Without them, many students would not be able to attend college. 

They support students with financial need.  But, they can also be a significant reward to students who are excelling in their studies. We are proud that we can offer such incentives to our deserving students. 

We can make a big difference in students' lives and it's your support that makes it happen. 

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How it works

How students are chosen

Delta College has an online process for students to use when applying for scholarships. Typically, applications are accepted from late December to February each year. Volunteers then review the essays and a recipient for each scholarship is selected. Most students know by the first week of May whether they will be receiving dollars for the following academic year.

Scholarship amounts

Most students receive scholarships valued at $1,000 annually, which is split between the fall and winter semesters. Dollars for these awards are generated by the endowment investment earnings.  There are a few scholarships that award amounts at higher levels. 

The minimum investment

Generous community members have established a number of endowed scholarship funds, which requires a minimum investment of $25,000.  Four percent of the growth in each fund is awarded annually as a scholarship to area students. It's a great way to have an impact. If you'd like to learn more about the funds already in place, please check out the full listing below.

Annual scholarship investment

It is possible to establish a named scholarship with an annual commitment of $1,000 for three consecutive years. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Stephanie Dinsmoore at 989-686-9224. 

Profiles of Scholarship Donors



Andrew F. & Mary H. Anderson Scholarship Endowment

Andrew F. & Mary H. AndersonMary H. Anderson, who founded the Delta College Flute Choir in 1974, established this endowment in memory of her husband, Andrew F. Anderson. The Anderson Family has long connections to Delta College – Mr. Anderson’s father, Oscar, was a member of the “Committee of 300” (considered to be the College’s founders) and a Charter Member of the Delta College Board of Trustees, and his sister, Annette Diebel, served on the Board of Trustees from 1975 until 1993. The family also has strong connections to the automotive industry – Oscar Anderson started Northern Automotive – later renamed Northern Supply Company – an automotive parts company in Bay County and, upon his semi-retirement in 1962, his son became president and served until he passed away in 2000. Contributions from the Andersons also made possible the “Currents” sculpture on Delta College’s main campus, and created the Delta Sculpture Walk, in honor of the College's 50th anniversary in 2011.

Athletic Scholarship Endowment

From 1996-2014, the Delta College Foundation organized an annual Delta College Golf Classic. This event raised money for men's and women’s athletic scholarships and equipment needs.  Although the event has been discontinued, the accumulated proceeds are held in an endowment that support Delta College's athletes.


Mary Ann (McGregor) Badour Scholarship Endowment

Mary Ann (McGregor) BadourMary Ann (McGregor) Badour, a well-known realtor in the Saginaw area, opened Marshall Realty in 1972 and merged her business with Keller Williams Realty in Saginaw. She was born in Saginaw, and is the mother of one daughter, Leslie Ann Lowell. She believes in education and realizes the difference it can make in a person’s life. And, she is interested in helping area students achieve their dreams and reach their educational goals.

James W. & Joy A. Baker Scholarship Endowment

James W. & Joy A. BakerJames W. Baker was a longtime attorney who joined his father’s law practice in 1951 with his brother, Oscar, and voluntarily left the firm in 1987 to promote better communication between African-Americans and whites. Joy A. Baker taught school in Bay City for more than 20 years before becoming the Bay City Public Schools' first female African-American administrator. She also taught as an adjunct faculty at Delta College. Mr. Baker passed away in 2003. Mrs. Baker passed away in 2012. The couple's longtime friends, Jack and Alice Wirt, established this scholarship endowment as a tribute to the Bakers.

Barney and Gerry Ballor Family Scholarship Endowment

Barney and Gerry BallorBernard “Barney” and Geraldine “Gerry” Ballor were married on October 9, 1948 and were together for 61 years. Barney worked for Saginaw Steering Gear for 27 years, beginning as a junior draftsman and retiring as a senior plant engineer. Through his work, Barney supervised many co-operative education students from a variety of colleges, but he said that “bar none, the best students came from Delta College.” Gerry was known for her strong work ethic and worked as a secretary for the City of Bay City in the zoning and planning department. Barney and Gerry have two children, Doug and Karen, and are very proud of their educational and career successes. This scholarship supports a variety of academic majors including nursing, engineering and skilled trades. The Ballors had personal interactions with workers trained in all these areas over the years and find each to be a valuable career option for students to consider.

Bay City Central High School Class of 1941 Scholarship Endowment

Bay City Central High SchoolIn 1941, 550 students graduated from Bay City Central High School. December 7, 1941 – when Japanese planes attacked the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor and launched World War II – changed their course of life. After the war, many went on to college and became educators, businessmen, authors, doctors, dentists and musicians. They are very proud of their accomplishments, and established an endowment to help today’s students who are struggling to achieve their goals and dreams.

Elzie S.  & Muriel D. Beaver Scholarship Endowment

Elzie S. and Muriel D. BeaverElzie S. and Muriel D. Beaver were very interested in young people and education. Mr. Beaver, who passed away in 1980, loved fishing, and later became quite adept as a gem cutter and woodworker. Mrs. Beaver, who passed away in 1996, was a fine pianist and a national honor recipient at Saginaw’s Arthur Hill High School. Following graduation, she worked for Basin Oil Company, where she met and later married Mr. Beaver. She also had the welfare of Delta students and their educational future in her plans, making provisions in her will to establish a scholarship endowment honoring her late husband's memory.

Eric “Q” Beckman Memorial Scholarship

Eric “Q” Beckman Eric “Q” Beckman was an associate professor at Delta College where he was respected and much beloved by his colleagues and students, both in and outside of his economics classes. He inspired all who knew him to be the very best version of themselves and to follow their own path. Q came to Delta as an adjunct instructor and respected the way faculty and staff were invested in making Delta the kind of place where everyone was proud to work. He valued fellow adjuncts, and, after he became a professor, championed opportunities for them to participate in professional development. Eric adopted the nickname “Q” when he was working at Mt. Pleasant’s La Senorita restaurant during college and was responsible for changing the lettering on the sign that advertised the daily specials. He felt sorry for the letter Q because it never got used much, so he would leave it up in the corner of the board, and the letter – and the name it inspired – stuck. Q passed away unexpectedly on July 15, 2021. His mother and stepfather created this endowment to honor Eric’s passion for seeing others succeed – especially those who may not have previously viewed college as a possibility.

Leonard & Esther Bergstein Scholarship Endowment

Leonard & Esther BergsteinLeonard and Esther Bergstein moved from Detroit to Midland in 1930 and established the Community Drug Stores. Both were extremely active in the community. Mr. Bergstein was elected as a trustee of Delta College as it was formed, and devoted the remainder of his life to furthering the planning, development and opening of the college. He passed away in 1964. Mrs. Bergstein passed away in 1974. The Bergsteins' son, Stuart, and daughter-in-law, Ruth Ann, established the endowment to honor the lives of their parents.

Darrell R. Berry Scholarship Endowment

Darrell R. BerryIn 1969, Darrell Berry started teaching in the Technical Division at Delta College. During his 25 year career at Delta, Mr. Berry served as an instructor and rose through the ranks to become Dean of Occupational Education. Throughout his career, he never lost sight of the important contributions that blue collar workers and journeymen make to business and industry. He was an excellent teacher and mentor, and epitomized the "spirit of cooperation" and sought the best for Delta College. Mr. Berry passed away in 1994.

Alfred J. Bladecki Scholarship

Mr. Bladecki was a long-time employee of Consumers Power Company. He started working for Consumers at the Bay City Division in 1950. After Mr. Bladecki’s death in 1978, his wife, Delight Bladecki, a member of Delta College’s nursing faculty, created this scholarship in his memory. Delight’s Delta College colleagues contributed to the scholarship fund, along with friends and relatives. This scholarship helps students in nursing clinicals achieve their dreams of working in the medical field.

Martin & Emma Block Scholarship Endowment

Martin & Emma BlockMartin and Emma (Spindler) Block were long-time Saginaw County business owners. The Blocks owned Block's Furniture, located on Gratiot and Center Roads in Saginaw Township. As supporters of the Lutheran church and Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Mr. and Mrs. Block believed in the power of education. Three of their nieces acquired advanced degrees and became educators, which made a deep impression on the Blocks. Mr. Block passed away in 1975. Mrs. Block passed away in 1986.

Louise K. Brentin Scholarship Endowment

Louise K. BrentinLouise K. Brentin taught nursing full-time at Delta College from 1989 until her retirement in 2008. Mrs. Brentin passed away in 2015 and, while at Delta, she taught nursing fundamentals and medical-surgical nursing practice both in the classroom and hospital settings. She also served as Nursing Division Chair from 1995 to 2003.


Donald J. & Betty Carlyon Scholarship Endowment

Donald J. & Betty CarlyonDonald J. Carlyon served as Delta College President from 1964 to 1993. On his 25th anniversary as President, more than 1,000 people gathered to raise dollars to establish this endowment, as part of a “Truly Chocolate” scholarship fundraiser. The Carlyons did more than lead Delta College through a quarter century of success. They dedicated their lives to the institution. The Carlyons came to Michigan from Nebraska, and raised five children while starting Delta College on the road to national prominence as one of America’s leading community colleges.

Dee Mona Chatman Scholarship Endowment

Dee Mona ChatmanDee Mona Chatman graduated from Bay City Central High School in 1991. While attending Delta College, she quickly gained the attention of students and professors. Instructors recognized her uniqueness and sought her as a student mentor for their classes. She was even asked to teach classes under the supervision of instructors. Some professors considered her a colleague. Ms. Chatman passed away in 1997 as a result of injuries in an automobile accident. It is hoped that her memory will be passed on to many deserving students and inspire excellence in scholarship, work ethic, community involvement and family.

Coca-Cola Scholarship Endowment

Coca-Cola logoThe Coca-Cola® Company has partnered with Delta College to help deserving students obtain well deserved scholarship dollars in order to attend college. Coca-Cola®’s goals in supporting students align well with its company’s mission:

To Refresh the body, mind, and spirit.
To Inspire Moments of Optimism...through our brands and our actions.
To Create Value and Make a Difference...everywhere we engage.

Lynn Conway Scholarship Endowment

Lynn ConwayLynn Conway came to Delta College in 1961 as its first basketball coach, and served as athletic director from 1965 until his retirement in 1999. Under his leadership, the College became the first college in the country to host a women's national tournament (before women's programs were sanctioned by the National College Athletic Association), and won a national championship in men's basketball in 1989. Family, friends and colleagues established this endowment as a fitting tribute to Conway and his accomplishments. Mr. Conway passed away in 2011. 

Mary Jane Cooper Scholarship Endowment

Mary Jane CooperMary Jane was born October 23, 1936 in Clare, Michigan and resided most of her life in Bay City, Michigan. Mary Jane loved learning and was a voracious reader who always read the end of the book first. At an early age while attending Bay City Central High School, Mary Jane discovered her passion to be an educator. After obtaining her teaching credentials, she taught throughout her career, most recently as Director at the Teaching Learning Center at Delta College. Mary Jane and her husband Carl raised their three children (Karl, Christopher, and Kevin) in Bay City. They always emphasized the importance of a solid education, hard work, and frugality. Mary Jane was the heart of her family and she made a lot of sacrifices to raise her children. She adored her grandchildren and loved more than anything else to be with family.  Her family is so thankful for her unconditional love and support, which will continue to shape them for many generations.

Gilbert A. Currie Student Fund

Gilbert A. CurrieGilbert A. Currie was born in 1882 and passed away in 1960. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan and served as the first legal counsel for The Dow Chemical Company. Mr. Currie was also a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from 1909-1915, serving as Speaker in 1913 and 1914, and served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1917-1921. Dollars from the Gilbert A. Currie Student Fund will be used to help Delta College students who have immediate need for either travel scholarship or special classroom needs assistance.



Ilau & Philip Dean Scholarship Endowment

Ilau & Philip DeanPhilip Dean was a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees from 1968 to 1979. He worked for The Dow Chemical Company, and served as a Commissioner for Bay City’s 8th Ward, Mayor Pro Tem of Bay City and on the Bay County Planning Commission. Mrs. Dean taught in the Bangor Township Schools and was a case worker in the Bay County Division on Aging. Mrs. Dean and all of her siblings graduated from Bay City Junior College, the forerunner of Delta College. Mr. and Mrs. Dean, who believed in community service and were committed to education, are the parents of three children who also graduated from Delta College. Mr. Dean passed away in 1979. Mrs. Dean passed away in 2012.

Keith H. Delong, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Keith H. Delong, Jr.Keith graduated from Delta College in 1989 and worked for many years in the Information Technology Department at Delta College. One of his great accomplishments while working at Delta is still in existence, as he was responsible for bringing the Internet to Delta and is the reason Delta obtained the domain name This was a huge accomplishment for the College, as a bigger Delta College in California also wanted the same domain name. Keith was highly respected by his coworkers at Delta, who described him as being quiet, unassuming, knowledgeable, and one of the best, if not the best. Keith was known as an excellent communicator who treated everyone with respect. In addition to his great knowledge of information technology, Keith was an avid photographer and was an amateur Ham Radio operator. Keith passed away unexpectedly in 2020, and this endowment was created through an estate gift Keith directed to Delta College.

Delta College Business and Information Technology Division Scholarship Endowment

The Business Division Scholarship Endowment was started in 1989, in advance of the 20th anniversary of Business Skills Day.  A campaign was conducted in the community seeking funds from businesses that were involved in a co-op program with Delta students, or who had representatives who served on advisory committees campus-wide.  Skills Day ended In 2009, and now students who are studying business, apply online for this scholarship as part of the overall scholarship process at Delta College.


Delta College Employee-Sponsored Scholarship Endowment

The Delta College Employee-Sponsored Scholarship Endowment was established by employees to respond to a need for student scholarships. In 1986, Delta College employees began the Bid-a-Bit O'Green Auction to raise funds to create this endowment. Each year employees donated, and then bid for items and services.

Dixon Family Scholarship Endowment

Ruth Barstow DixonRuth Barstow Dixon was the daughter of Edwin Ormond (E.O.) Barstow, who became the top chemist of The Dow Chemical Company during its formation. After graduating from college, she became a professional actress in New York, and retained her interest in theatre later in life by acting and directing in the Midland Theatre Guild. She married William R. (“W.R.”) Dixon, who held positions at Dow and was a member of the company’s Board of Directors, and they had two sons. She honored her family by establishing this endowment. Mrs. Dixon passed away at the age of 101 in 2016.

Herbert Doan Scholarship Endowment

Herbert DoanHerbert D. (Ted) Doan was a businessman and philanthropist and the last Dow family member to serve as CEO of The Dow Chemical Company — the company founded by his grandfather in 1897. Doan, who was president and CEO from 1962 to 1971, is credited with transforming Dow from an obscure firm that made chemicals for other companies into one of the most widely known U.S. companies and one of the world’s half-dozen largest chemical companies. Mr. Doan believed strongly in entrepreneurship and served as chairman of the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, which was founded in honor of his grandparents. Mr. Doan passed away in 2006, but is survived by his wife, Junia, their daughter, Alexandra Anne Alden Doan; and Doan’s children from a previous marriage, Jeffrey, Christine, Michael, and Ruth Doan.

B. Joe and Margery (Knepp) Dodson Scholarship Endowment

B. Joe and Margery (Knepp) DodsonMargery Knepp Dodson (Mitchell) is the daughter of Edith A. and Wallace R. Knepp, one of Bay City's most successful merchants and founder of the W.R. Knepp Department Store. Although she has lived in Florida since 1965, she has always considered Bay City her home. Her late husband, B. Joe Dodson, worked in construction. The couple moved to Florida in 1965, and Mr. Dodson passed away in 1992. Mrs. Mitchell's family has always believed in the mission of Delta College and understood the importance of providing scholarship assistance to its students.

Frances Dolinski Health Care Scholarship Endowment

Frances DolinskiAs a young woman, Frances Dolinski dreamed of a career in health care. Because of her financial situation and family responsibilities later in life, she was unable to achieve her dream. She compensated for this by tirelessly volunteering in various health-care related ministries throughout her life, and Mrs. Dolinski passed away in 2001. Her son, Dr. Richard Dolinski, a former member and Chair of the Delta College Board of Trustees and member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors, established an endowment as a fitting tribute to the example of her life.

Henry J. Dolinski Automotive Technology Scholarship Endowment

HeHenry J. Dolinskinry Dolinski began his interest and involvement in auto mechanics at a very young age, and eventually made it his career interest. He primarily worked as an automotive mechanic for his entire career, rising from the apprentice ranks and eventually managing the entire operation. Mr. Dolinski passed away in 2002, and his son, Dr. Richard Dolinski, a former Chair of the Delta College Board of Trustees and member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors, is honoring the memory of his father by establishing this endowment.

Tom Dostal Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Tom DostalTom Dostal passed away in 2010 after a three-year battle with cancer. He took classes at Delta College and graduated from Central Michigan University, and was a devoted husband and father. Mr. Dostal was always concerned about and sensitive to the needs of the disadvantaged and those who were trying to achieve their lifetime goals. His family established this endowment in his memory.

Dr. Louis W. Doll and Patricia Drury Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Louis W. Doll and Patricia DruryDr. Louis W. Doll and Patricia Drury were exceptional educators who changed thousands of lives during their teaching careers at Bay City Junior College and Delta College. Dr. Doll, who passed away in 2001, began his teaching career at Bay City Junior College in 1953, moving over to Delta College in 1961 and retiring in 1977. Ms. Drury began at Bay City Junior College in 1959 and retired in 1990. She has also invested in this endowment in memory of her brother, Philip Edward Drury, who died at a young age of 39.

Jerry and Terry C. Drake Scholarship Endowment

Jerry and Terry C. Drake (Drazdik) owned and operated “Terry and Jerry’s O Sole Mio” restaurant in Bay City for many years. The business opened in 1951. Mr. Drake passed away in 1980. Mrs. Drake, who passed away in 2000, left a substantial gift in her estate to establish the endowment. The Drakes were singers who left the show business circuit to purchase the restaurant. Seventy-five (75) percent of the interest from the endowment provides scholarships for Delta students, with the remaining 25 percent to support Delta College Quality Public Broadcasting.

Draper Family Scholarship Endowment

The Draper Family founded Draper Automotive of Saginaw in 1924 and operated a location on Bay Road from 1978 to 2017, before it was sold. The company, founded by Harold D. Draper, Sr., was originally named Heagany & Draper. Since 1924, it sold and serviced hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks, and grew to be one of the top dealerships in the nation. Founder, Harold D. Draper, Sr., envisioned the dynamic growth and progress experienced by our community, and his ethical business practices and sense of community leadership worked hand-in-hand in building the success and progress the company enjoyed.

Gene R. Duckworth Scholarship Endowment

Gene R. DuckworthGene R. Duckworth joined Delta College in 1965 and taught speech and theater. He was the College’s senior academic division chairperson, having been elected by faculty for 21 years to consecutive three-year terms as chairman of Delta's Humanities Division. He had a special kind of dedication to his profession and Delta College that was evident to everyone who worked with him. Gene passed away in 1990 from injuries suffered during an automobile accident. His impact on the Delta family and community is evident everywhere.


Dr. Robert and Carol Emrich Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Robert and Carol EmrichDr. Robert Emrich was born in Elwood City, Pennsylvania, attended Gettysburg College and received his Masters and Doctorate degrees from Pittsburgh Theological Seminar. Carol was born in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, attended Gettysburg College, and received her degree in Political Science. Dr. Emrich and Carol met when he was in his third year of seminary. They married in 1970, which was one year after their initial introduction. Dr. Emrich served for 29 years as the Pastor/ Head of Staff of the First Presbyterian Church of Saginaw, retiring in 2014. He has been a vital member of the Delta College Board of Trustees, where he has served as its longest serving Board member -- beginning his service in 1992 and serving as Board Chair and Vice Chair three times each. Carol worked in Delta’s Nanny Program for six years and directed the Salvation Army Childcare Center for two years before beginning her work at the Saginaw Career Complex where she taught for 17 years, retiring in 2011. Dr. Emrich, Carol and their family have had positive experiences working for and attending Delta College and know firsthand the importance of encouragement by educators. They want to be an encouraging voice to students, too, by helping them in their educational journey to success.

Eldon Enger and Fred Ross Scholarship Endowment

Eldon Enger and Fred RossEldon Enger and Fred Ross were longtime biology professors, who were well known for their commitment to student learning, mentoring of colleagues, scholarly achievement and dedication to the mission of community colleges. Professor Enger retired in 2000 after 36 years with Delta, and Professor Ross retired in 2001 after 33 years. Both received the prestigious Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Enger received the award in 1977, with Professor Ross following in 1986. Friends and colleagues established this endowment in their honor.

James E. and Leanne (Lutz) Erickson Scholarship Endowment

James E. and Leanne (Lutz) EricksonAlthough longtime Midland residents James E. and Leanne Lutz Erickson moved to Minnesota after they retired, they didn't forget the Great Lakes Bay Region or Delta College. Mr. Erickson worked for The Dow Chemical for 30 years in sales and marketing, while Mrs. Erickson owned Material Mart, a fabric store in Midland, and also worked as site director for the Midland County Council on Aging and as an interpretive guide at the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland. The Ericksons established this endowment as a commitment to the potential of future generations.


Fettig Family Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Burt and Linda FettigDr. Burt Fettig began his career at Delta College in 1972 and retired as Dean of Students in 1996. Linda Fettig taught in elementary schools in Bloomington, Indiana, Mt. Pleasant and Saginaw Township, retiring in 1999. They wished to assist others to reach their educational and personal goals and aspirations. Interest from the endowment will provide scholarship support and/or other needs for students who actively participate in Delta athletics. Dr. Fettig passed away in 2016.

Arthur J. and Bette L. Fisher Scholarship Endowment

Arthur J. (Bill) and Bette L. Fisher lived in Midland, cared deeply about the future education of area youth and wished to make a difference in students’ lives. Mr. Fisher died in 2013.

Isabella M. Flynn Scholarship Endowment

Isabella M. FlynnIsabella M. Flynn was a longtime resident of Midland, who was born in 1926 and passed away in 2015. She worked at The Dow Chemical Company for more than 20 years, rising from a secretarial position to organize and lead the PLAN Learning Center. She was a member of several civic clubs and of St. John's Episcopal Church, where she sang in the choir for 50 years. She was always curious about the world and attended continuing education classes at Delta College for many years.

Ruth Mast Fox Scholarship

Ruth Mast FoxRuth was a true pioneer for women when she attended Bay City Junior College, Delta College’s predecessor, after graduating from Bay City Central High School. In the late 1930s, BCJC was located in Central High School’s building in Bay City. She also attended University of Michigan where she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Pathology. Ruth was an active member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for approximately 75 years and was the past president of the Bay City AAUW Chapter. Mrs. Fox believes that women are under-represented in the STEM professions. She is establishing this endowment in the STEM academic areas to help all students succeed in STEM fields of study.

Dr. John and Joanne Fuller Scholarship Endowment for the Delta College Technical Division

Dr. John and Joanne FullerDr. John and Joanne Fuller believe in supporting various community organizations, and one of the institutions that has most benefited from that support over the years has been Delta College. Dr. Fuller served as Delta’s Registrar from 1970 through 1988, and is also a former member of the College’s Board of Trustees. Mrs. Fuller taught elementary education and served as a reading tutor. She also served as a church choir director and co-organist for 18 years. The Fullers established this endowment to have an impact on future students’ lives.  Mr. Fuller passed away in 2017.



Gakstatter Family Scholarship Endowment

Bridget GakstatterDelta College left a significant mark on Bridget Gakstatter’s life, just as Bridget left a tremendous mark on the lives of many. Bridget gave selflessly of her time to make other people’s lives better. She wanted to continue helping others even after she left this world, so she gifted Delta College the dollars to establish the Gakstatter Family Scholarship Endowment. Bridget lived life to the fullest. She enjoyed traveling with family and friends and was an avid Detroit Tigers fan. In her spare time, she enjoyed golfing, running and eating delicious desserts. She was an animal lover and rescued her three cats Allie, Thomas and Rio.

David R. and Vivian S. Gamez Scholarship Endowment

David R. GamezDavid R. Gamez, R.N., M.A., is the retired President and CEO of Health Delivery, Inc., an organization responsible for providing primary care services to medically underserved populations in Saginaw and Bay counties. Mr. Gamez is a graduate of Delta College, and worked as a clinical instructor at the former Saginaw General Hospital before joining Health Delivery, Inc. He is former Chair of the Delta College Board of Trustees, a former member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors, and the recipient of the Delta College Distinguished Alumni Award.

Gerace Construction Scholarship Endowment for Honors Students

Gerace Construction logoThe Gerace Construction Company’s relationship with Delta College dates back to the early 1960s when the company landed its first job – an $84,000 contract to expand the technical education wing on the east side of Delta's campus. Since its inception, the Midland-based company has enjoyed a steady growth pattern and, in 1997, began working on its largest project yet – Delta’s $26 million Science & Learning Technology Project. This modernization plan involved about 40 percent of Delta's campus.

Gerity Broadcasting Company Scholarship Endowment

James Gerity began broadcasting in the Mid-Michigan area when he purchased AM radio station WGRO in 1952. The station went off the air in 1953 when Mr. Gerity applied for a license to start a local TV station, which later became WNEM TV-5, going on the air on February 16, 1954 as an NBC affiliate. Gerity Broadcasting also owned a powerful local radio station, WGER-FM, originally on 102.5 FM. The call letters of that station took their roots in the original owner’s name (GERity). Gerity Broadcasting eventually sold WNEM to the Meredith Corporation in 1969.

Robert M. Gohlke Scholarship Endowment

Robert GohlkeRobert M. Gohlke was born in Midland in 1960. He graduated from Midland High School in 1978, and studied at Delta College before working for the Geo Corporation, spending a year in Venezuela as an industrial radiographer. In 1983, he became ill and died of a brain tumor. His short 23 years of life, however, were full of accomplishments. Family members established the endowment to help students who are not financially prepared to begin a college education and who demonstrate the desire and capabilities to achieve their goals.

Dr. Jean Goodnow Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Jean GoodnowDr. Jean Goodnow became Delta College's fourth president on July 1, 2005, and has proven herself to be a true visionary leader who is dedicated to promoting the Great Lakes Bay Region and the College. Born in Iowa, the second oldest of seven children, and raised by her grandparents on a small farm, she was first in her family to attend college. Dr. Goodnow funded her education on a combination of grants, scholarships, loans and jobs, and raised a son, John - and also helped raise a nephew, Tony Williams - while continuing to promote and improve the lives of everyone seeking an education. She has established this endowment because she cares deeply about Delta College and its students, and has spent more than 40 years of her life advancing community colleges throughout the country, many times leading the nation in areas of her great passions, including sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Patricia L. and Robert W. Grant Jr. Endowment

Patricia L. and Robert W. GrantDelta College received a generous gift from the late Patricia L. and Robert W. Grant Jr. in support of the arts and humanities. The endowment provides two scholarships annually to Saginaw students who study art at Delta College. Additional funding will be used to broaden students' exposure and involvement in the arts and humanities through Student Art Show honorariums, guest speakers, artwork purchase prize funding, equipment purchases and student field trips. Mr. Grant passed away in 2002. Mrs. Grant passed away in 2014.

Denise Lovay-Gravlin Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Denise Lovay-GravlinDenise Lovay-Gravlin, who passed away in 2006, was a professional practitioner of dental hygiene for 28 years and an associate professor of dental hygiene at Delta College for 22 years. She was named Outstanding Dental Hygienist of the Year by the Mideast District Dental Hygiene Society. Denise received the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence – the highest honor Delta College awards a faculty member – in 1995 and the Outstanding Teamwork Award in 1998. Denise will be remembered by her students and colleagues as an excellent and caring teacher. She touched many lives during her professional tenure.

Russell B. and Grace H. Green Scholarship Endowment

Russell B. and Grace H. GreenA Master Plumber who ran his own business for almost 50 years until his death in 1987 at age 82, Russell B. Green was well respected by the community and those who knew him. Grace Green was a "silent partner" in her husband's business, making it profitable with her management and organizational skills. She served as secretary, accountant, office manager and partner, while raising the couple's two daughters and being involved in a number of volunteer activities. She passed away in 2004.

Priscilla Bogi Guritza Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Priscilla Bogi GuritzaPriscilla Bogi Guritza was the youngest child of Hungarian immigrants, who came to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their children. She was the first person in her family to receive a high school diploma. She volunteered as a reading tutor, and had a life-long love of children, a desire to teach and live a life practicing racial understanding and the acceptance of diverse cultures. She passed away in 1981. Family members established the endowment in her memory to promote her love of learning.

Beki Gray Hadley Scholarship Endowment

Beki Gray HadleyBeki Gray Hadley taught biology at Delta College from 1986 until her death in 1988 from injuries in an automobile accident. During her short tenure, she made a significant impact on her colleagues and her students. She directed a youth choir and raised a Labrador puppy for the Lion's Leader Dogs for the Blind program. Upon her death, family members donated her vital organs to the University of Michigan Organ Donor Program. Her heart and lungs were consequently used in the first multiple transplant performed in Michigan.


Clarence and June Hackbarth Scholarship Endowment

Clarence and June Hackbarth

Both Clarence and June spent their careers in education. Clarence received his master’s degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and taught sociology at Delta College from 1964 to 1992. June graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in early elementary education. She taught kindergarten and first grade until starting her own family. Both June and Clarence had a desire to make the world a better place than what it was when they found it. They believed that everyone should have an equal chance at the American dream, and those will less opportunity to get ahead sometimes need a hand up from those fortunate enough to be in a position to offer help. This endowment was created by Clarence and June’s three sons, Scott, Mark and Rick, to honor their parent’s memory.

David and Jacqueline Hall Educational Scholarship Endowment

David and Jacqueline HallDr. David Hall served in the military for 30 years - rising to the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force, and working as a civilian in industry and education - and also worked for General Motors Corporation as an executive. In 1993, he began teaching at Northwood University, and he was later selected to be Executive in Residence for the business school at Saginaw Valley State University. He has also served on the SVSU Board of Fellows and the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors. Mrs. Hall worked as an elementary school teacher, teaching first and second grades. She has been recognized by a number of organizations for her commitment to the community.

Sarah Hansen Scholarship Endowment

Sarah Hansen was a longtime faculty member at Delta College and taught within the music discipline.  A Saginaw resident, Sarah was an especially accomplished organist and taught hundreds of students the art of music appreciation.

William J. Hargreaves Scholarship Endowment

William Hargreave

William “Bill” Hargreaves attended Delta College’s predecessor, Bay City Junior College (BCJC) in 1940. He graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s of science degree in chemical engineering, and he served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and began working at Dow Corning Corporation in 1946. At Dow Corning, he began as a chemist in Research and Development, then moved to sales and marketing, then to public relations, then became Vice President. He retired in 1986. Bill gave many years of service to Delta College as a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees and a member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors. He received the Delta College Distinguished Alumni Award in 1994. He was the first person to receive the award.

Joan B. Harry Scholarship Endowment

Joan B. HarryJoan B. Harry graduated from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw in 1952 and worked until 1960 before becoming a full-time mother. On August 25, 1956, she married Francis Harry, and is the mother of three – David, Diane and Daniel – and the grandmother of seven – Hailey, Curtis, Alex, Katherine, Nicholas, Noah and Luke. Mrs. Harry provided bookkeeping services for her family’s farm operation and currently mentors elementary students in reading. The Harrys have supported Delta College for many years and believe it is a valuable asset to the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Hilde and Walter Heyman Scholarship Endowment

Hilde and Walter HeymanHilde and Walter Heyman, both of Jewish origin, were born and raised in Germany. Married in 1935, the young couple fled Nazi Germany for the United States, arriving in New York. They traveled to Detroit, and Mr. Heyman eventually worked at Heavenrich department store in Saginaw. He retired from the business in 1974. Mrs. Heyman worked for Jacobson’s and Winkelman’s department stores in Saginaw before retiring. Mr. Heyman died in 1993, and Mrs. Heyman established the endowment in his memory. She passed away in 2011.

Ada E. Hobbs Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was established by Bay City resident Miss Ada Hobbs, who passed away in 1976 at the age of 91. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1912 and was a teacher.

Don E. Holzhei Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Don E. HolzheiDr. Don Holzhei, who passed away in 2007, taught in the Technical, Trades and Manufacturing Division at Delta College from 1969 until his retirement in 2004.  He served as Chair of the Division for 14 years and as Delta’s Senate President in 1984, and earned the Bergstein Award for Excellence and the Don Laughner Award for Creative Change. Dr. Holzhei left a priceless legacy, both personally and professionally. His family, friends and colleagues have established this scholarship endowment in his memory.

Home Builders Associations of Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties Scholarship Endowment

The endowment fund was created by the Home Builders Associations of Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties, representing home builders throughout the Tri-Counties. Today's home builders aren't just building homes anymore. They are actively concerned with larger issues, including issues of the environment, civic responsibility, urban growth and education. Economic contributions from the three associations help keep the American dream alive for area residents, their children and generations to come. The endowment is one way these contributions will make a difference in the Tri-Counties.

Honors Student Scholarship Endowment

The Delta College Honors Program serves students who want to get as much as possible out of their college education. Honors courses are intellectually challenging and involve considerable interaction among students and instructors. These scholarship dollars are awarded to students who are actively enrolled in one or more Honors classes at Delta College.


Ruby T. Iwamasa Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Ruby IwamasaRuby T. Iwamasa discovered a passion for public broadcasting when she became an early volunteer at Delta College’s WUCM-TV, Chanel 19. She volunteered at the first auction in 1971 and participated for 17 years in this annual on-air fundraiser as an auctioneer, emcee, and County Chair. Ruby joined the Delta College professional staff in 1983, and later served as its Interim General Manager. She was an advocate for early childhood education and led a regional outreach using PBS Ready to Learn programs in the classroom. Ruby was honored by the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters for her 32-year contribution to Delta’s Public TV station and is remembered as an advocate, teacher and administrator in the cooperative preschool movement. She received the prestigious Pioneer Award in recognition of her long-term service to Delta, her lifetime contributions to public broadcasting, and her volunteer service to the Tri-City communities in many other areas. Ruby retired from Delta College in 2003 to serve as one of the first woman governors of Rotary International District 6310 where she was an advocate for non-violence and peace and was committed to help build a better world for all people.


James R. and Anita H. Jenkins Family Scholarship Endowment

James R. and Anita H. JenkinsJames R. and Anita H. Jenkins were raised knowing the importance of education and have attempted to make a difference by helping others achieve the goal of attending college. Mr. Jenkins served as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for Dow Corning Corporation, while Mrs. Jenkins was a tax attorney for The Dow Chemical Company and a member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors. The Jenkins established the endowment in their family name, convinced that Delta College is an outstanding institution that provides opportunities for a diverse population to carry out its aspirations.

Phyllis E. Jones Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Phyllis E. JonesPhyllis E. Jones, a graduate of Delta College, passed away in 1997 and had an intense desire to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children through her work in the Head Start program, her church and her neighborhood. The members of the Board of Directors of Saginaw County Child Development Centers, Inc., which operated the Head Start program for more than 25 years in Saginaw County, established the endowment in Ms. Jones’ name.

S. Preston and Dr. Betty B. Jones International Scholarship Endowment

Dr. S. Preston and Dr. Betty B. JonesBetty B. Jones retired from Delta College in 2001 as Vice President of Instruction and Learning Services, following 24 years of service as a teacher and administrator. S. Preston Jones retired in 1998 from The Dow Chemical Company after a 43-year career in patents, of which 13 years were spent as a Patent Examiner for the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C.  Dr. and Mr. Jones established the endowment in recognition of their joint support to global education in student learning; and to honor Dr. Jones’ legacy in global international education.



Kaufmann Family Scholarship Endowment

Kaufmann FamilyWhen Wesley and Margaret Kaufmann retired, they wanted to help area youth with an interest in receiving an education. The Saginaw couple dropped out of high school, and received their high school diplomas years later by passing their General Education Developmental (GED) tests. Mr. Kaufmann passed away in 1995. Having taken classes at Delta College, and having had a son who attended classes at Delta, Mrs. Kaufmann, who passed away in 2008, established this endowment in memory of her husband and in honor of her daughter, Marilyn, who is developmentally disabled.

Robert F. Keicher Scholarship Endowment

Robert F. KeicherRobert F. Keicher taught mathematics at Delta College and chaired the Math and Computer Science Division. He found the true meaning of his life when he began working in 1991 on a partnership between Delta and the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology in Nakuru, Kenya. He and another Delta professor, Jack Crowell, devoted countless hours to overseeing shipments of thousands of used computers, books and other materials to Kenyan schools. Because of these efforts, generations of Kenyans have a better education and a chance at a better life. He retired from Delta in 2002 and lost his battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2003.

Dale and Alma Keyser Scholarship Endowment

Dale and Alma KeyserFormer Chair of the Business Division at Delta College, Dale Keyser was an effective communicator who had tremendous concern for others and an unrelenting commitment to excellence. He was an outstanding educator who devoted his life to helping others succeed. He came to Delta College in 1964 and passed away in 2000. To honor the memory of her husband, Alma Keyser has established this endowment. She married Joseph Schaefer in 2002 and enjoys volunteering and traveling.

Walter J. and Sophie M. Kilar Scholarship Endowment

Walter J. and Sophie M. KilarWalter J. Kilar emigrated from Poland to the United States in 1913. Mrs. Kilar’s parents also emigrated from Poland. Mr. Kilar worked as a designer in the auto industry. During the Depression, the Kilars owned a small confectionery store. He returned to machine designing and retired in 1970. Throughout their lives, the Kilars instilled within their children an interest in education. Mr. Kilar died in 1984 and, in his retirement, rediscovered, with pride, his Polish heritage. Mrs. Kilar traveled widely, including a trip back to Poland in 1979. She died in 1989.

International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons Scholarship Endowment

International Order of King’s Daughters and SonsEstablished in 1886, the "King's Daughters Society", as it was called then, was the first interdenominational religious organization for social reform. Today, the International Order of the King's Daughters and Sons is an international and interdenominational organization of Christian men and women dedicated to service in Christ's name. Its 39 branches in the United States and Canada support ministries for the aging, the handicapped, and the underprivileged with homes, hospitals, youth camps, and day care centers.

Oscar W. Kloha Scholarship Endowment

Oscar KlohaDuring his 80 years, Oscar Kloha lived a simple but meaningful that exemplified a great care and concern for the people who worked with him in his business and others who came in touch with him. The long-time resident of Caro owned “Kay’s," a women’s apparel business, and there was also a store in Bay City. Mr. Kloha was a very conservative and frugal man, and established this endowment in hopes of helping a student in financial need and encouraging students in their career goals. He passed away in 1991.

Robert I. and Marjorie H. Knepp Scholarship Endowment

Robert and Marjorie KneppRobert I. Knepp is the son of Edith A. and Wallace R. Knepp, founders of the W.R. Knepp Department Stores. In his over 40-year career in retail, Mr. Knepp managed stores in Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland. Mrs. Knepp attended Bay City Junior College (Delta's forerunner). Mr. Knepp passed away in 2000. Mrs. Knepp passed away in 2009. The couple were the parents of four children.

Wallace R. and Edith Knepp Scholarship Endowment

Wallace and Edith KneppIn honor of their mother's 100th birthday, the children of this prominent Bay City family established an endowment in their parents’ names. Mr. Knepp, one of Bay City's most successful merchants, was founder of the W.R. Knepp Department Store. He died in 1980 and held a variety of jobs during his lifetime before establishing Bay City's W.R. Knepp & Company in 1920. Mr. Knepp also operated retail stores in Midland, Owosso, Saginaw, and Lansing. Mrs. Knepp passed away in 1990.

W.R. Knepp, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

W.R. Knepp Jr.Colleagues and friends hailed Wallace Ray (“W.R.”) Knepp, Jr. as an asset to the community and benefactor of Delta College. The son of Edith and Wallace R. Knepp, who founded the W.R. Knepp Department Store, Mr. Knepp was the retired president of the family-owned business. When the store closed its doors in 1993, the Knepp family donated the 57,000 square foot building to Delta College. In 1994, Mr. Knepp passed away, leaving a legacy of community involvement. With a generous bequest from his estate, this endowment was established.

John L. and Margaret H. Krawczyk Scholarship Endowment

John L. and Margaret H. Krawczyk John was born in Pinconning, Michigan, and served in the army during the Korean War. He graduated from Bay City Junior College, the predecessor of Delta College, transferring on to attend Michigan State University where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in accounting. Margaret (Meg) was born in Jackson, Michigan and graduated from Albion College and then from the Delta College Nursing Program. She went on to get her master’s degree in Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing from Wayne State University and taught nursing at two local colleges. John worked for Delta College for 25 years before retiring as the Vice President of Finance and Treasurer. John and Meg both have many positive memories of Delta. Meg says that her professors put nursing in her blood and she has been committed to sharing it ever since.

Daniel P. Kubiak Scholarship Endowment

Daniel KubiakAs a child, Daniel P. Kubiak had difficulty with reading. One of his teachers worked with him after school each day, and taught him how to read fluently. His widow, Shirley Kubiak, established the endowment in his memory, to help Delta students achieve their dreams. Mr. Kubiak attended Bay City Junior College (Delta’s forerunner), and taught social studies at Swan Valley Junior High School, adult education (history) at Swan Valley High School, and night classes at Delta College. Mr. Kubiak passed away in 1999.


Gary Laatsch Scholarship Endowment

Gary LaatschGary Laatsch died suddenly at age 31 in 1987 in the middle of a promising art career. He was coming of age as an artist and sculptor, establishing his own unique vision, his sense of self, when a brief illness took his life. He graduated from Delta College in 1974 and went on to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art. By 1981, he had completed a master degree in fine arts sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago. He is best remembered as a gentle and talented young man whose legacy was an ambition to inspire.

Jack LaBreck Scholarship Endowment

This endowment was established by the Lions Club and Mrs. Jack LaBreck in honor of her late husband, a prominent Bay City tax and business consultant who passed away in 1979. Preference is given to Bay County students who are studying accounting.

Ilene M. Lane Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Ilene M. LaneIlene M. (Master) Lane passed away in 2007. She joined the convent at age 16 and was released from her vows, by papal authority, six years later. Mrs. Lane became a Practical Nurse and, in 1942, joined the U.S. Army and served in the 157th Hospital Unit. She continued her career in nursing after an honorable discharge, practicing her profession as an OB/GYN nurse in rural Indiana until her retirement. Her son, Dr. Thomas H. Lane, former Vice President of Instruction and Learning at Delta College and former Chair of the Delta College Board of Trustees, and other family members established this endowment in her memory.

Dr. Thomas H. Lane and Janis E. Landry-Lane Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Thomas H. Lane and Janis E. Landry-LaneDr. Thomas H. Lane worked for the Dow Corning Corporation as a senior research scientist for 35 years before working as the Vice President of Instruction and Learning Services for Delta College from 2010 to 2013. He is a former member and Chair of the Delta College Board of Trustees. Ms. Landry-Lane was employed as a Sector Executive in Deep Computing for IBM. The Lanes believed in giving students who need an opportunity to be successful the chance to accomplish their goals. They believed strongly in education, and are the parents of three children.

Thomas and Rose Mary Laur Scholarship Endowment

Thomas and Rose Mary LaurAs a 27-year-employee of Dow Corning Corporation, Thomas Laur had a number of patents issued to him. The most important one was flame retardant silicone rubber, which Boeing Aircraft used to establish its specification. Mr. Laur passed away in 1998, and Mrs. Laur established this endowment as a tribute to her husband, his accomplishments and his wonderful sense of humor. The Laurs were both graduates of Bay City Junior College (Delta’s forerunner), and Mrs. Laur worked as an elementary school teacher for 27 years in Crump, Sanford and Midland. She passed away in 2014.

Professor Marjorie M. Leeson Scholarship Endowment

Professor Marjorie M. Leeson

Marjorie Leeson was born in Edmore, Michigan, and earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University and her master’s degree from the University of Michigan. She was married for 58 years to her husband Glen, who was a teacher, coach and assistant principal at Arthur Hill High School. Marjorie taught at Arthur Hill High School before accepting a position at Delta College where she worked from 1962 until her retirement in 1983. She was the first full-time instructor of data processing in the Business Division. Her exceptional research and teaching skills and overall contribution to information sciences were recognized by the International Association of Computer Information Systems where she was named Computer Educator of the Year in 1982. Above all, she was proud her students had practical skills to develop real solutions for important problems. It is with love and gratitude that her sons, Bruce and Gary, endowed this scholarship in Marjorie Leeson’s memory.

Leo L. and Evelyn Levy Scholarship Endowment

Leo L. and Evelyn LevyLeo L. and Evelyn (Rivenson) Levy had a wonderful sense of humor and many friends. They valued family and education, and encouraged their children, including Larry, a Professor in the English Division of Delta College, to read, attend college and believe they could do anything they put their minds to. Larry Levy and his wife, Cheryl, with support from family and local friends, established this endowment. Evelyn Levy helped begin this memorial scholarship after her husband passed away in 1987. Mrs. Levy died in 1997.

Edward A. and Kathleen M. Lunt Scholarship Endowment

Edward A. and Kathleen M. LuntEdward A. "Ted" is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and former partner of Rehmann Robson & Company. He is the founder of Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf (with 20 locations), and served as a director of Wolverine Bank and Laur Silicone, Inc. He has also been the developer/owner of motels, Dairy Queen® and Burger King® franchises, and pizza businesses. Kathleen M. "Kay" Lunt is a Registered Nurse, who worked for St. Mary's Medical Center in Saginaw and Big Rapids Community Hospital in Big Rapids, Michigan.


Thomas and Brenda Mahar Scholarship Endowment

Thomas and Brenda MaharIn 1999, after 24 years of service, Thomas Mahar retired from Monitor Sugar Company in Bay City, where he had served as Executive Vice President for 15 years. He wrote the history of the company, and was involved with a number of organizations, including the Bay City Morning Rotary, the Bay County Chamber of Commerce and the Bay County Historical Society. Brenda takes time from her homemaking activities for community volunteerism that includes the Friends of Zauel Library and weekly service at Covenant Hospital in Saginaw.

Margaret McAlear Scholarship Endowment

After Margaret McAlear, a longtime area teacher, died in 1996, her family found a letter she had written to them. "Do something for a very deserving person," she wrote, "a lone woman supporting children, for educational purposes." That is one of the reasons they established an endowment in her name. In addition, two of her sons graduated from Delta College and "the energy and spirit that she instilled in her students and family seem to be carried on through the faculty of Delta College," according to her family.

Marlene Kay Mehlhose Scholarship

Marlene MehlhoseMarlene Mehlhose had a 32 year teaching career as a full time nursing faculty at Delta College. While at Delta, Mrs. Mehlhose taught medical surgical nursing and her specialty, mental health nursing, in both the classroom and hospital settings. Mrs. Mehlhose’s interest was primarily mental health and she hopes future nurses will utilize positive mental support skills in all the future nursing care they deliver. She established this scholarship as a means to help students reduce their stresses about paying for their education and allow them to more fully concentrate on their studies.

Aceie and Thelma Micho Scholarship Endowment

Aceie Micho joined the staff of Delta College in 1961 as a Custodian. In 1962, he was appointed as a Storesman. In 1972, he became Delta’s Purchasing Manager and Assistant to the Business Manager, and retired in 1982. Mr. Micho is the only purchasing manager from higher education to win the Marvin F. Klang Award from the Michigan Public Purchasing Officers Association over its 30-year history. Mrs. Micho ran her own beauty and barber shop, but remained devoted to raising her children and taking care of her family. The Michos celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary just before their deaths in 2004.

Miss Rhea Miller Scholarship Endowment

Miss Rhea MillerMiss Rhea Miller, a former educator, moved to Saginaw from Eaton Rapids in 1926 to teach vocal music and piano in the Saginaw Public Schools. Her distinguished career in education saw her serve 13 years as a music supervisor in Saginaw's school system and 26 years as director of music education. She earned a statewide reputation as an authority in music education, and was interested in helping Delta College students. Miss Miller passed away in 1997, just two days after her 100th birthday.

Richard and Gloria Miller Scholarship Endowment

Richard and Gloria MillerGloria Miller established this endowment as a way to honor her husband, Richard (Dick) Miller, who taught at Delta College in the Technical Division for 20 years and passed away in 1994. She would also like to give back to the community where she and Dick received their educations.

Dorothy G. and Robert E. Monica Scholarship Endowment

Dorothy G. and Robert E. MonicaRobert E. Monica established this endowment in memory of his wife, Dorothy G. Monica, who passed away in 2015. The Monicas had successful careers with The Dow Chemical Company in Midland and Coral Gables, Florida. They valued higher education, and interest from the endowment will provide scholarship support for students who are majoring in the skilled trades.

Monitor Sugar Company Scholarship Endowment for Honors Students

Pioneer SugarThis endowment was created and named in honor of Monitor Sugar Company, located in Bay City. Monitor Sugar Company was the largest beet sugar processing facility east of the Mississippi River, and was the exclusive processor of Big Chief Sugar products for the retail, industrial and food service markets. Monitor Sugar celebrated 100 years as a dependable supplier of quality sugar products in 2001. Michigan Sugar Company purchased the company in October 2004.

Morley Family Foundation Scholarship

Morley Family FoundationThe Morley Foundation is a philanthropic, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to responsibly invest resources and grant monies to legitimate needs in the area of health, welfare, education, arts, and humanities. The Foundation’s grant making is primarily focused to Michigan, with major emphasis in Saginaw County. The Foundation founders, Ralph C. and Lucy Burrows Morley practiced community stewardship and we are committed to continuing that tradition. The Foundation is committed to the development and implementation of support programs for nonprofit institutions and organizations that seek to improve the quality of life. The focus is on areas of close concern to the community rather than broad social issues. The Morley Family Foundation has supported Delta College and its public broadcasting stations over the decades. Since 1983, the foundation has underwritten programming on WDCQ-TV (formerly WUCM TV-19), Delta’s PBS station, longer than any other organization.

Virginia Z. Morrison Scholarship Endowment

Virginia Z. MorrisonVirginia "Ginny" Z. Morrison received a journalism degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia and, as a member of the American Association of University Women, assisted Delta College in establishing its journalism program when the College opened its doors in 1961. The mother of three and grandmother of five, Mrs. Morrison also assisted for many years with the Delta College annual yearbook. She established this endowment because she believed in education and the work that Delta College does for students, especially first-generation, and wanted to see the College continue to be an asset to the Great Lakes Bay Region. She passed away in 2014.

Wendell R. and Ethel G. Mullison Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Wendell Mullison was employed at The Dow Chemical Company for 32 years as a specialist in agricultural chemicals. Following his retirement, he continued to serve Dow and other national organizations on a consulting basis. Dr. Ethel Mullison was employed by Dow Corning Corporation for ten years and served on the Midland Board of Education. In addition to her keen interest in education, Dr. Ethel Mullison was an avid gardener and author of "Green Thumbprints," a gardening column which appeared in a number of newspapers. The couple passed away in 1992.

James E. Murphy Scholarship Endowment

James MurphyJim earned his bachelor’s degree with majors in French and English at Central Michigan University and went on to earn two master’s degrees – one in supervision and administration and another in French from the University of Northern Iowa. He began teaching in Bad Axe and continued at Hemlock Middle School, Hemlock High School and Edmore-Montabella High School. He then taught at high schools in Indiana and Minnesota, followed by nineteen years teaching French at the Interlochen Arts Academy.  He completed his teaching odyssey at Heritage High School, retiring in 2012. While teaching, he visited France numerous times with his students, experiences he cherishes for the deep relationships formed and the opportunity to see if his students were well-prepared in language and culture. Jim’s interests also include beekeeping - where he tends 12 beehives, gardening, and reading well-written fiction and nonfiction. He has great respect for community colleges and especially for Delta College. He believes that community colleges are underestimated and often overlooked and knows Delta does many more positive things for the community than most people realize – himself included. He recognizes students at Delta are often trying to save money and many have the challenge of juggling family obligations while attending school.  He wants to help students succeed in their educations and careers through the establishment of this scholarship.


W. Brock Neely Scholarship Endowment

W. Brock NeelyDr. W. Brock Neely worked at The Dow Chemical Company in various capacities from 1957 until his retirement as a Research Scientist in 1986. Upon his retirement, Dr. Neely, who passed away in 2005, formed EnviroSoft, a company devoted to writing computer software packages and providing consulting services to the chemical industry in environmental affairs. He served as a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees for 18 years and Chair for the last two years. His widow, Mary, is a member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors.

Nickless Family Scholarship

Funding for the Nickless Family Scholarship is received annually from the Allen E. and Marie E. Nickless Memorial Foundation. Allen E. Nickless was born in Birch Run but was a long-time resident of Frankenmuth. He also joined Universal Engineering Company in 1928 and retired in 1970 as Vice President and Plant Manager after many years of distinguished service. Mr. Nickless was a City Councilman, City Representative on the City/Township Commission, a member of the City Hall Building Committee and the Wickson Library Building Committee. He was a Past President of the Frankenmuth United Way, Civic Events Council, and Frankenmuth Rotary Club. He also served as a Director of Frankenmuth State Bank. Mr. Nickless and his wife, Marie, established the Allen E. and Marie A. Nickless Memorial Foundation that continues their commitment to community service and improvement.


William H. “Buddy” Oates Scholarship Endowment

William H. “Buddy” OatesWilliam H. "Buddy" Oates met an untimely death in 1989, after a 17-year tradition of kindness and generosity to the First Ward Community Center and Delta College students. His brother, Louis S. Oates, former Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services at Delta, personally donated his faculty teaching salary to develop this endowment in memory of his brother.

Oscar P. and Louise H. Osthelder Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship endowment was created in 1972, following the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Osthelder of Bay City. It is used to encourage Bay County residents to attend Delta College through the use of charitable dollars to help support their costs of tuition.

Jessie J. Oswald Scholarship Endowment

Jessie J. Oswald Scholarship EndowmentFrom the time she was a young girl, Jessie J. Oswald of Midland knew she wanted to grow up and be a secretary. She was employed as an Executive Secretary at The Dow Chemical Company. She also became a Certified Professional Secretary (CPS®), taught CPS® review courses at Delta College for 25 years, and was named "Secretary of the Year" by two different Michigan chapters of the International Association of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP). She was also an IAAP finalist on the state level for "Secretary of the Year".



Marguerite "Mickey" Scull Parker Scholarship Endowment

Marguerite "Mickey" Scull ParkerMarguerite Scull Parker, known as “Mickey” to her family and friends, opened an art shop, “Mickey’s Decoupage Studio,” in Bay City in 1969. In the 1980s, she enrolled in night classes at Delta College while running her business during the day, and graduated from Delta in 1986 with an Associate of Arts degree – 50 years after graduating from high school. Her experience with the College and its curriculum could not have been more satisfactory. Mrs. Parker closed her business in 1990 when she started spending winters in Lakeland, Florida.

Teresa Plackowski-Witucki Scholarship Endowment

Teresa Plackowski-WituckiDuring her almost 15 years of life, Teresa Marie Anne Plackowski Witucki was an inspiration to her family and friends.  She touched their lives and encouraged them to do their best and treat others as they themselves would want to be treated. A voracious reader of fantasy, literature and history, Teresa passed away in 2001, one week before she was to begin her first year of high school. She loved drama, and had roles in various Midland Center for the Arts plays and musicals, as well as Northeast Middle School productions in Midland. Her parents established this endowment in memory of her life.

Possible Dream Program Scholarship Endowment

Possible Dream Program logoDelta College established the Possible Dream Program in 1992 to encourage students to reach their highest potential, providing cultural and educational opportunities that broaden their horizons. Students are exposed to college life and are given the opportunity to explore higher education. More than 2,000 students have been a part of the program since its inception, and more than 65 percent of program graduates have attended Delta College. This endowment funds scholarships that are provided to the top Possible Dream graduates.


Cecilia Randall Scholarship Endowment for Delta College Work Study Students

Cecilia RandallAs faculty bay secretary for the Science Division, Cecilia Randall (or “Ceil”, as she was known to her friends), was a champion for Delta College student workers. She respected them and trained them well, and felt an obligation to inspire them to be effective and autonomous employees. After graduation, students would often return to visit Ms. Randall, updating her on changes in their lives and new accomplishments. She passed away in 1994 after a lengthy illness.

Alfonso Rasch-Isla Scholarship Endowment

Alfonso Rasch-IslaAlfonso Rasch-Isla was a friend of Hilde and Walter Heyman of Saginaw, who are memorialized with the Hilde and Walter Heyman Scholarship Endowment at Delta College. Hilde and Walter, both of Jewish origin, were born and raised in Germany. Alfonso was the son of a Colombian diplomat in Germany, and Alfonso and Hilde’s brother, Werner, were business partners who imported coffee from Colombia to Germany. Walter and Hilde escaped Germany in 1938 during the reign of Adolf Hitler, and Alfonso and his family took them in prior to their escape, helping with food and supplies. Hilde credited these kind people with keeping her and Walter alive during a very tough period. Hilde Heyman left a gift in her estate to establish this endowment in honor of her friend.

Connie R. Reading Scholarship Endowment

Connie ReadingThis scholarship has been established by Willard L. Reading and his children, in memory of their beloved wife and mother, Connie Reading. Connie passed away on October 30, 2019 at the age of 93 after a long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Connie was a member of St. Dominic Parish and of Germania Towne & Country Club, both in Saginaw, Michigan. Connie was an avid card player who was a member of various bridge clubs. She enjoyed cooking, gardening and had a passion for sewing. Connie also enjoyed international travel with her husband and friends. She volunteered at St. Mary’s Hospital when she was not busy raising her five children. Mr. Reading served as Delta College’s Director of Facilities from its construction and opening in 1961 until his retirement in 1986. When establishing this award, Mr. Reading chose to support students studying nursing because of the excellent care Connie received at the end of her life. Many of those who conducted her care were Delta College students in the nursing curriculum and he appreciates all they did to assist the family.

Newell (Newt) Remington Math Scholarship & Tutoring Support Endowment

Newell (Newt) RemingtonNewell (Newt) Remington passed away in 2008. He was the Training Officer at the Navy Reserve Center in Bay City. He was also a teacher at Boyne City High School for five years, taught at Bay City Central High School (serving as Math Division Chair) for 20 years, and finished his teaching career at Delta College from 1966 until 1982, retiring as Professor of Mathematics. The endowment provides scholarship support for Delta College students studying mathematics, with a preference for adult learners, and also supports the Delta College tutoring program in the Teaching Learning Center.

Robinson Family Scholarship

Ruby Robinson graduated from Saginaw High School prior to attending and graduating from Delta College and went on to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Saginaw Valley State University. She was a teacher for 33 years for the Saginaw Public School District, and taught at North Middle School, Arthur Hill High School and Saginaw High School. Bobby Ann Robinson graduated from Saginaw High School and went on to earn an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Specialist and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Michigan State University. Dr. Robinson was an elementary teacher and was later employed by Saginaw Community Hospital, Buena Vista School District, Saginaw Intermediate School District and Substance Abuse Services. Theodore “Ted” Robinson attended Bay City Junior College, which was the precursor to Delta College, and would often hitchhike from his home in Burt to Bay City so he could attend classes. Mr. Robinson joined the United States Army, and later attended both American Baptist Theological Seminary and Carolina Christian College – receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree at the latter. Miss Ruby Robinson, the oldest of her siblings and the last surviving member of her family, established this endowment to recognize the Robinson family’s strong belief in higher education and the lifelong difference it can make in the lives of students.

Reneé L. Rookard Scholarship Endowment

Reneé L. RookardFrom 1972 until her untimely death in 1990, Reneé L. Rookard was employed by Delta College. She earned the rank of Associate Professor in the English Division. She brought to Delta verve for learning and sharing that inspired students and colleagues alike. With an unfailing commitment to excellence, a quick wit, and infectious sense of humor, she inspired students to achieve new heights in creativity and critical thinking. Ms. Rookard’s parents and the Delta College Black Faculty and Staff Association established this endowment in her memory.

Harold and Norine Rupp Scholarship Endowment

Harold and Norine RuppHarold and Norine Rupp, longtime and well-known residents of Bay County, consistently and significantly financially supported most projects that helped the Bay County community. Some of these organizations include: Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County, United Way of Bay County, the Civic Arena, the Ice Rink, Elks Club, Bay County Women’s Center, their church and many more. The couple established an endowment in their name to support athletes at Delta College. Mr. Rupp passed away in 2007. Mrs. Rupp passed away in 2006.


Saginaw County Child Development Centers Program Endowment

The Saginaw County Child Development Center (CDC), Inc., Board of Directors provided programs and services to pre-school and early elementary-age students and their parents through the Headstart Program since 1967. The organization employed Delta graduates for years and also accessed various training for Headstart staff from the College. CDC developed a program endowment to honor the long-term service Phyllis E. Jones, who passed away in 1997.

Saginaw Valley Manufacturing Technology Scholarship Endowment

The Saginaw Valley Manufacturers Association (SVMA) helps manufacturers experience long-term growth of their businesses through the identification of current and future needs and development of programs to help them meet those needs. The Saginaw Valley Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) achieves maximum business success by providing a center of knowledge emphasizing marketing, networking, finance, technology, education and government affairs. The SVMA and the NTMA have established this endowment.

Cliff and Grace Saladine Scholarship Endowment

Cliff and Grace SaladineCliff Saladine was the first member of his family to complete high school and earn a college degree. He retired in 1995 from his position as Senior Broadcast Engineer at Delta College WUCM-TV/WUCX-TV Channel 19. Mr. Saladine passed away in 2011. Delta is one of the few community colleges in the nation to own and operate a public broadcast affiliate station. The endowment was established out of the couple’s desire to fill a void for the average working student who might not be able to qualify for most forms of financial aid aimed at indigent students.

Dawn Schmidt Mathematics Scholarship Endowment

Dawn Schmidt Dawn Schmidt was a longtime educator at Delta College who passed away in 2008. She taught in the Math and Computer Science Division for 30 years, and was valued for her dedication to the shared governance process. A recipient of the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence, Delta's top teaching award, she served the faculty in many positions, including Chair of the Division, Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, Chair of the Council of Chairs, and Chair of the Faculty Salary Committee. Her first interest was always students, especially those interested in education. The Dawn Schmidt Mathematics Scholarship Endowment is designed for talented students who are interested in pursuing a career in mathematics education.

Peggy A. Scott Scholarship Endowment

Peggy A. ScottPeggy A. Scott graduated from Delta College in April 1978 with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing. She worked at Bay Regional Medical Center as a floor nurse and surgical nurse, retiring in 2000.  She returned in 2002 to Covenant HealthCare-Cooper in Saginaw as a surgical nurse until her untimely death in 2006. Encouraging people who were interested in nursing or already in nursing to continue to pursue their education, Peggy helped individuals financially, giving “scholarships” and providing counseling and assistance with studies. She believed strongly in patient care, often going above normal protocol to be sure patients were comfortable.

Scott and Sandra Seeburger Family Scholarship Endowment

Scott and Sandra Seeburger Scott and Sandra “Sandy” Seeburger were married on October 22, 1977. Scott is a graduate of Delta College and Central Michigan University. He worked for more than 40 years in media and community relations working in cable television and newspapers, co-owned radio stations, served Delta College Broadcasting in underwriting, and was best known for being the primary spokesperson for Dow Corning Corporation for many years. In 2000, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Delta College. Sandy, a graduate of Central Michigan University, is known for her 34-year career as the Speech Therapist for St. Charles Community Schools, working with hundreds of students with speech and language needs. Scott and Sandy have lived in Saginaw and Midland counties and believe that higher education opens doors to young people, which will benefit them and society.

Charlotte Seiler Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte SeilerCharlotte Seiler joined the Delta College faculty in 1964. Charlotte was instrumental in developing the early childhood curriculum at Delta College, and it was only fitting that she led the Children's Literature Program. She taught her students to write children's books and conduct puppet shows for elementary school children until she retired from Delta College in 1977. She lived to the age of 102 years old and the majority of those years were spent helping children. To honor her memory, her daughter established this scholarship to provide financial support to students whose career goal is to help children.

Ralph I. and Archie M. Selby Family Scholarship Endowment

Ralph I. and Archie M. SelbyRalph I. Selby, who passed away in 2004, was a prominent attorney in Bay City, and was a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees from 1979 until 1990. Archie M. Selby worked for years as an elementary school teacher. The Selbys’ son, R. Earl, has been a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees since 1992. The Selbys shared a committed belief in higher education as a means to enable one to help others to achieve their life’s goals. Mrs. Selby and family and friends established this endowment.

Gene F. Shrum & Edith (Dee Dee) Shrum Wacksman Scholarship Endowment

Gene F. Shrum & Edith (Dee Dee) Shrum WacksmanEdith (Dee Dee) Wacksman, a former member of the Delta College Board of Trustees and former Chair, learned the importance of lifelong learning from her father, Dr. Gene F. Shrum, a dentist for more than 40 years who passed away in 2006. She worked in his dental office from age 13 through college as a dental assistant. After college, she conducted research at Proctor and Gamble Company, taught dental hygiene in a community college, coordinated periodontics research at the University of Michigan Dental School, and worked in several private dental practices. She has established this endowment in his memory.

Ruth and Van Dewitt Simmons Scholarship Endowment

Ruth and Van Dewitt SimmonsVan Dewitt Simmons was born in Ohio and moved to Bay City in 1936. He married the former Ruth Knepp, daughter of Wallace R. and Edith Knepp, one of Michigan’s outstanding retail store families. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons owned and operated Simmons Jewelers in Downtown Bay City for many years. Mr. Simmons served on the “Committee of 300”, considered to be founders of Delta College. Two of the couple’s daughters – Maryetta Nelsen and Kaye Barcia – both graduated from Bay City Junior College (Delta’s forerunner). Mr. Simmons passed away in 1989.

John (Jack) M. & Marie Smith and William & Margery Wolgast Softball Scholarship Endowment

Don and Janeen Smith of Freeland established this endowment in memory of their fathers, John (Jack) M. Smith and William Wolgast, and in honor of their mothers, Marie F. Smith and Margery Wolgast. According to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, both couples enjoyed the simple things in life, with their primary activities and concerns revolving around their families. The Smiths’ daughter, Sarah, was on the Delta College women's softball team that won the national championship in 1999.

Paul Sowatsky Scholarship/Award Endowment

Paul SowatskyPaul Sowatsky was born in 1966 and died of injuries from an automobile accident in 1988. He graduated from Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw and attended Saginaw Valley State University for one year before enrolling in the Automotive Service Excellence Program (ASEP) at Delta College. He enjoyed sports and singing, and was considered a hard worker who set goals and accomplished them. Through his life, he remained close to his religion and attended church regularly. His parents established this endowment in his memory.

Spittka Family Scholarship Endowment

Gayle and Horst SpittkaHorst Spittka was born in East Prussia in 1940 and passed away in Midland, Michigan in 2014. He immigrated to the United States in 1952 and worked for 35 years at Dow Corning Corporation. He valued the education and training he received from classes in pipefitting and welding at both Dow Corning and Delta College. His widow, Gayle, and his family have established this endowment to provide scholarships to students enrolled in skilled trades.

James Stark Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was established to help support a Midland High School student that has shown an interest in music. The student must have been actively involved in one of the Midland High School music groups for at least one year during their high school time and be admitted to Delta College.

Eileen and Hugh Starks Scholarship Endowment

Eileen and Hugh StarksBoth Eileen and Hugh Starks, Midland residents, benefited from a technical education – Mrs. Starks as a chemist and Mr. Starks as a mechanical engineer. Mrs. Starks is a former member and Chair of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors. The Starks both passed away in 2010. The Starks believed in young people who aspire to advance their education, but have limited financial resources. This scholarship endowment was established to help a student reach a higher step on the educational ladder, with the hope that he or she will be encouraged to achieve all that is possible for them.

Dr. James F. and Elizabeth A. Stoddard Scholarship Endowment

Dr. James F. and Elizabeth A. StoddardDr. James F. Stoddard practiced ears, nose and throat (ENT) in Bay City from 1973 until his retirement in 2005. Mrs. Stoddard was a nurse by training and a humanitarian by nature, and became a pilot later in life. She owned her own plane and joined Wings of Mercy, an organization that, free of charge, takes individuals to medical centers for care that may not be available in the local area (organ transplants, etc.). She led an incredibly active life and died unexpectedly in 2011.

Greg Stryker Scholarship Endowment

Greg StrykerGreg Stryker is the son of long-time Delta College business professor, Rhosan Stryker. After Greg passed away suddenly from a heart attack on May 22, 2017, his family chose to honor him by establishing a scholarship in his name. Greg was a friendly and very social person who took over the helm of the family business, Stryker’s Lakeside Marina, after his dad passed away from a massive stroke. Greg was not a fan of school, but found his niche at Delta College. The Stryker family hopes that Delta College’s educators and administrators are reminded of the impact they make, not only on the lives of students with direction and gifted learning, but especially for those students who are in desperate need of encouragement and a new way of learning that inspires us to happiness and success.


Paul and Margaret Thompson Scholarship Endowment

Paul and Margaret ThompsonPaul ("P.T.") and Margaret Thompson believed in education and achieved a great deal of professional and personal success during their lives. Mr. Thompson was associated with First National Bank and became Vice President of the institution. He was President of the Bay Trust Company, which merged with Peoples National Bank in 1957. He then became Vice President and Chairman of the Trust Committee of Peoples National Bank and Trust Company until his retirement in 1962. He passed away in 1976. Mrs. Thompson passed away in 1992.

Willie E. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Willie E. ThompsonWillie E. Thompson began his career at Delta College in 1970. At the time of his death in 2005, Mr. Thompson was Vice President of Student and Educational Services. Although his accomplishments at Delta College and in the community were many and varied, he will be remembered for his dedication and concern for the youth of the community, as evidenced in his fundamental beliefs concerning education – that all students can learn and should be presented with that opportunity. He labored tirelessly to ensure that students were placed in positions to become successful and contributors to their community.


Tina S. and Philip M. Van Dam Family Scholarship Endowment

Tina S. and Philip M. Van Dam Philip Van Dam was an attorney and partner in private practice in Midland after many years of government service including receiving a Presidential appointment as the United States Attorney, Eastern District of Michigan, and he served as Chief Judge of the 75th District Court until his untimely death in 2004. Tina S. Van Dam is also an attorney who served as an officer and Corporate Secretary of The Dow Chemical Company, providing management and counsel to the Company and its Board of Directors primarily in the areas of federal securities law and corporate governance. Tina served on the Delta College Foundation Board and its committees and is a past Chair. She also served on the Delta Presidential Search Committee in 2021. Their daughter Lecia V. Sequist, MD, MPH, who is the Landry Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, is the Director of the Center for Innovation in Early Cancer Detection at Massachusetts General Hospital and is a frequently published clinical researcher and medical oncologist who is active in her profession and community. The family recognizes and appreciates the immense benefits and value of education in their own lives and wishes to enable others to secure post-secondary education as well.

Jeanne M. Van Ochten and Wayne W. Adams Scholarship Endowment

Jeanne M. Van Ochten and Wayne W. AdamsJeanne Van Ochten was a member of the first graduating class of Delta College in 1962, and she had a very successful career as a high school teacher and guidance counselor, retiring in 2001. She married Wayne Adams in 1997, and he worked as a computer systems administrator, retiring in 2011. A scholarship to Delta College changed Ms. Van Ochten’s life, and the couple established this endowment to provide scholarship support for students throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Lynn and Sandy Weimer Scholarship Endowment

Lynn and Sandy WeimerLynn and Sandy Weimer of Midland have had a long relationship with Delta College, offering volunteer service and financial support. Lynn had a successful career with The Dow Chemical Company, while Sandy owned and managed Quality Midland Rentals and partnered in the development of Bay City’s Jennison Condominiums and the Boathouse Condominiums. Lynn also served as a Director on the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors from 1995 to 2003.

Ken and "Miss Mona" White Scholarship Endowment

Ken and "Miss Mona" White"Miss Mona" White, a graduate of Delta College, was an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Delta, and passed away in 2004 as a result of a boating accident. She joined the staff of the College as an adjunct professor in the Nursing Division in 1990. Delta students, educators, hospitals and professional organizations will long remember her as a person who devoted 100 percent of herself to the success of whatever project she was involved with. Mr. White, an engineer who retired from the Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors Corporation, established this endowment in his wife’s memory.

Lola Bishop Whitney Award Endowment

Lola Bishop WhitneyLola Bishop Whitney, who passed away in 1976 at the age of 92, lived a life which was filled with a spirit of adventure and a commitment which inspired students during her 41 years of teaching. As a dedicated teacher, she inspired students to study, to learn, to explore, and to strive for the best within them. She began her career in teaching at the Eastern High School in Bay City where she taught French and history. Later in her career, she was a member of the faculty at Bay City Central High School and Bay City Junior College at the same time. Lola taught French until she retired as the chairman of the French Department in 1948.

Carol and David Williams Scholarship Endowment

Carol and David WilliamsDavid Williams has worked as a financial and insurance executive, while Carol Williams has worked at The Dow Chemical Company, most recently as Executive Vice President of Operations. They have established this endowment to provide scholarship support for students from the Great Lakes Bay Region who are studying in one of the STEM areas – science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Alice and Jack Wirt Scholarship Endowment

Alice and Jack WirtJack Wirt was owner of Wirt Stone Docks and president of Michigan Ash Sales Company. He moved from New York to Bay City in 1941 after marrying Bay City native Alice Karse. The Wirts were long-time contributors to community life. They gave freely of their time to civic, philanthropic, fraternal and church affairs. The couple established this endowment with strong feelings about the value of education and a sensitivity to students who need help to complete college. Mr. Wirt passed away in 2012. Mrs. Wirt passed away in 2015.

Wolverine Bank Scholarship Endowment

Wolverine Bank logoChartered in 1933, Wolverine Bank promotes and encourages excellence in education with the establishment of this endowment. Wolverine Bank and Delta College share a common vision of excellence proven by a long and rich history of supporting the communities that they serve. For decades, Wolverine Bank has invested in the future of the students in these communities by providing financial support for educational opportunities through scholarships. Locally owned and managed, Wolverine Bank is one of the top lenders in the community.



Robert R. Zimmermann "Dr. Bob" Scholarship Endowment

Robert R. ZimmermannRobert R. Zimmermann came to Delta College in 1980 to direct the program for parents of disabled children, and also worked as assistant director for Delta’s assessment services. From 1989 until his retirement in 1995, he was Assistant Professor of Psychology. "Dr. Bob" found teaching at Delta rewarding because his efforts resulted in both immediate and long-lasting gains for his students. In addition, he felt a deep affiliation with many of the Delta College faculty. He passed away in 2009.

Alan and Carol Zombeck Scholarship Endowment

Alan and Carol Zombeck Alan and Carol met as freshmen while attending college at Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania. Alan worked for Dow Corning Corporation for 33 years and retired as a licensed U.S. Patent Agent. He currently works as a full-time chemistry professor at Delta College. Carol worked as an elementary school teacher and has enjoyed many hours volunteering in the community. Both Alan and Carol were first generation college students and believe in the value of education. They know that students’ lives can be impacted by encouragement and believe that “we each have something to contribute, and it doesn’t require wealth to give back.”

Alma and Anton Zucker, Sr. and Anton Zucker, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

Alma and Anton Zucker, Sr. and Anton Zucker, Jr.Anton (“Tony”) Zucker Sr. was co-owner and operator of the Home Garage in Bay City for 40 years, and passed away in 1974. Alma (Malzahn) Zucker worked outside the home during her younger years, but enjoyed her status as a homemaker for her family and was a superb cook. She passed away in 1979. Anton Zucker Jr. worked as a tool grinder at Newcor for 41 years before retiring in 1981. The Zuckers were faith-filled people and continued to be members of Immanuel Lutheran Church until their deaths. Anton Zucker Jr. died in 1990.

Melvin L. and Hilda J. Zuehlke Scholarship and Special Needs Endowment

Melvin L. and Hilda J. ZuehlkeMelvin L. and Hilda J. Zuehlke believed in supporting their community and church through the giving of time and money. Mr. Zuehlke, who passed away in 1998, worked for Eaton Manufacturing Company from 1940 to 1972, rising through the ranks to become general manager. Hilda J. Zuehlke, who passed away in 2001, joined her husband as a volunteer in many community clubs and organizations. The couple established a foundation in their name, to continue giving back to the community where the need was the greatest.

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for awarding me the Henry Dolinski Scholarship.  It will be a tremendous help to me as I pursue a career in Automotive Technologies.  Moving forward this scholarship will lift the financial burden off of me so that I will be able to focus more on my education rather than how to finance it.”

Anthony Young, Saginaw
Automotive Technologies