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Walking Trails

Walk your way to health by exploring the paths of Delta's beautiful 640 acre campus. With miles of trails that wind their way through the beautiful countryside, you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors while you get your daily exercise. 

Who knows, you might even see a few deer or wild turkeys along your way.

Walking trails

the Covered Bridge

Delta College installed a 30-foot Covered Bridge back in 1976, in order to link its nature trails with cross country courses used heavily by area high school teams. The effort was led by the mathematics and science division faculty members. Ron Sharp and Jack Crowell played leadership roles in the building and the dedication of the bridge as part of America’s 1976 Bicentennial celebration.

The Covered Bridge has been closed, due to an erosion around the footings.  In an effort to reopen the Bridge, allowing full access to the trails, the College decided to address the safety issue. In 2021, 45 years after its original installation, the Covered Bridge will be repaired. This will be started in celebration of Delta College’s 60th Anniversary, also occurring in 2021.

The plan is to lift the east side support beams about 6 to 8 inches off the foundation in order to level the decking that the beans are nailed to, with all side and roof wood components addressed as well.

In the Vicinity of the Covered Bridge

There is a concerted effort to clean up the wooded areas around all of campus, with a big focus on removing dead ash trees.  Those trees are leading to a huge supply of wood chips to help improve the College’s trail system.

Around the Covered Bridge area, the views have become overgrown over the past four decades.  Through prudent removal of dead and dying trees, a cleared meadow area is being created by the Covered Bridge.  It will also allow a view all the way through from the east parking lots to Four Mile Road.  The cleared meadow area will then be planted with native wildflowers to add color to the vital area.

History of the Covered Bridge

A sign installed at the site contains the following language:
Squaconning Bicentennial Covered Bridge sign – this bridge was dedicated in the summer of 1976.  It was constructed by the Delta College faculty as a permanent bicentennial project.  The foundation, on which the bridge was built, originally supported a railroad spur used to haul coal from the Beaver mine located approximately one mile ease of here.  The main shaft of the mine was sunk in 1902 by the Hecla Portland Cement and Coal Company.  The mine was purchased in 1912 by the Robert Gage Coal Company and under the guidance of company president Charles Coryell, Sr. of Bay City, was successfully operated until its closure in 1930.  This was one of the more than 30 mines in the tri-county area during the 1890s and early 1900s, when Saginaw and Bay Counties were the state’s largest producer soft bituminous coal.

About the trails

East trail

Delta College currently has two miles of trails on the east side of campus, which run closest to Four Mile Road. You can park in the east parking lot or in the lot off Delta Road.  The trails have been used for years by cross country runners.

West trail

Around the athletic fields, there is a series of sidewalks allowing for an easy walk on west campus, nearest Mackinaw Road. The goal is to expand to an additional trail nearest the tree line, to allow for further walking options in this area.

South campus walk

If you enjoy walking, be sure to come closer to the main building and discover the Delta Sculpture Walk.  It is a free, outdoor sculpture exhibit featuring a wonderful combination of works held by the College. The variety showcases multiple styles and media used by the artists and sculptors. All are placed within the beautifully landscaped grounds of Delta College, in the heart of Michigan's Great Lakes Bay Region.

Learn more about the Delta Sculpture Walk

South campus walk

In 2011, Delta College addressed a large storm water issue by improving the Klauss drain through campus. This water shed drain runs from MBS airport all the way out to Saginaw Bay. There’s a walking trail around the south campus area, with interpretive signage, which provides educational content that promotes environmental education. You can also learn about the history of the land, responsible storm runoff, and our individual actions on the environment.

Northwest building walk

In 2013, Delta College renovated its Health Professions Building (F-wing).  The facility features a 15,000-gallon underground cistern that stores rain water, which is then used within the building. The surrounding area also features a return to more natural landscaping, with educational outdoor signage highlighting the actions taken.

North trail

Currently under development, the north trail runs from the College’s X-building through the wooded area just south of Hotchkiss Road. It features trees native to the land from centuries ago. Trails are being groomed with wood chips resulting from the removal of dozens of diseased ash trees across campus.

Maps of the Walking Trails

Make sure you see all the sights when you visit Delta for your next walk. Download a map of the trails around campus.


Hike your heart out at Delta with miles of trails and multiple access points throughout Delta's main campus. 


You'll find dozens of different types of wildlife throughout the grounds. The walking trails are the best place to see them. 

Covered bridge

Delta's covered bridge was installed in 1976 to allow high school cross country teams to use its nature trails during competitions.

"I love walking my dog through the trails each morning. She loves chasing the birds and I love the serenity of it all."

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