Academic Advising

Want to talk with someone about your career goals, plan your course schedule or talk about transfer opportunities? Your student success advisor is ready and waiting to help you to answer these questions and more. 

When you enroll at Delta College, you're assigned a Student Success Advisor who will help you during your college journey. This individual will help you explore academic interests and develop plans to meet your educational goals. They are your main source for support and help, and your go-to for questions. If they don't know the answer, they can connect you with someone who does. 

Meeting with your Student Success Advisor on a regular basis is important.  They can assist with the following:

    • Test Score Interpretation - Not sure what all those English and math pre-req levels mean from your Guided Self Placement?  Work with your advisor for correct placement.
    • Program Information - Talk with your advisor about your academic plans and they can put you on the right pathway.
    • Planning Courses - Your advisor will help you plan your courses for a few semesters or even all the way to graduation.
    • Transfer Advising - Make sure to check course equivalencies with your transfer institution to ensure a seamless transition. 

The name of your Student Success Advisor is listed in your Experience account

Log into my experience account 

Plan and register for courses

Registering for classes at Delta is quick and easy online. You can start by logging in to your Student Self-Service account and choose Student Planning. For step-by-step instructions, visit enrollment services or watch our instructional video

How to register for classes

Registration Lab Events

Students who have upcoming classes planned in Student Planning are invited to attend a registration lab for assistance with selecting class sections and registering for courses.

Several events will be available soon. Log into your Experience account, locate the Upcoming Student Success Events card to review and find the best event time that works for you. Once you find your favorite Registration Lab event, click Register

If you have any questions upon registering for an event, please contact the Advising office at 989-686-9330 or

Have a quick question?

In-person and virtual service is available to speak with an advisor Monday or Thursday 10am-5pm. These sessions are designed to be less than 15 minutes about current semester classes that you are taking. 

Online Check-In

For assistance outside these times, please Start a Conversation in Student Planning by logging into Student Planning > Plan & Schedule and submit a comment under the "Advising" tab. Click "Save" and then click "Request Review". An available advisor will reply as soon as possible!

Make an appointment

Need help planning your course schedule? Schedule a 45 minute appointment by sending an email to your advisor listed in on the "Success Team" card in your Experience account

Prepare for your academic advising appointment

Do you have questions about registering for classes or planning your schedule? Before reaching out to your Student Success Advisor, prepare yourself to answer these questions:

    • Have you completed placement testing, such as the Guided Self Placement (GSP)?
    • If you have taken courses at other college institutions or courses at a high-school career center that could articulate to college credit?
    • Do you know how many credits you would want to take each semester? See the Course Load Advising page for helpful tools.
    • Which programs interest you?
    • What are your thoughts on transferring, after earning your degree at Delta College, to earn a bachelor's degree or higher?
    • How do you plan on paying for college?
    • Which term do you want to start courses?

For more details, see the FAQs below.

Information on related topics

Frequent advising topics

The Academic Advising team supports you and helps you succeed academically and personally. Your Student Success Advisor will help you with career exploration, planning courses, transferring programs, registering for classes, change your program of study, and celebrating your achievements through your time of applying for graduation.

Your academic performance determines your Academic Standing. Your cumulative GPA and the number of credit hours you have attempted measure it. See our Academic Caution and Probation page for more information.

If you completed a high school career or technical center course that is eligible for articulation with a grade of B or higher, you may then fill out an Articulated Course Credit Application with your high school or technical center counselor. A representative from your high school or technical center will send the completed Course Credit Application to Delta's Registrar on your behalf. Eligible courses that can be articulated are listed below by school.  Find more information on the Transfer Your Credits page.

Each year, Delta creates a new catalog to guide students and staff through the newest requirements of our programs. You can check your catalog year in your Student Planning account on the Progress tab. The catalog year should equate to the academic year you started attending with continuous enrollment. Be sure to follow your catalog to meet all graduation requirements.

Do you know who you want to be when you’re ready to start your career? FOCUS 2 is an online career and education planning system for helping you choose a major, build your career goals, and learn job information. Create a new account using your official account and access code: delta 

See the Career Discovery page for more information. 

The best part of your experience – being able to GRADUATE! You will need to apply for graduation at least 3 months prior to your graduation date. See the Graduation page for more information.

When you submitted your application to Delta College, you were prompted to complete a guided self-placement survey. This quick survey allows you more flexibility to select the courses that best align with your academic pathway, experience, and comfort level. For more information, see the Course Placement website.

If you are following the Michigan Transfer Agreement to transfer your general education credits to another institution that accepts MTA, you will need to submit a separate application for the MTA to the Registrar’s office to get MTA officially on your Delta College transcripts.

There are multiple ways to pay for courses at Delta College. You can apply and earn scholarships, grants, and pell grant. Be sure to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year and see the Financial Aid page for more details. 

Payment can also be made by credit or debit cards, payment plans, sponsor funding or student loans. Information on all the options can be found on the Tuition Payments page.

Did you reconsider on your program of study? You can change it using the Program Change Form, processed by the Registrar’s office. If you are using financial aid, be sure to be taking classes that are specifically required for your program.

Student Planning is where you access your personal academic information. Start by logging into your Experience account. On the “Degree Progress” or the “Student Resources” card, click on the link for Student Self Service. The welcome page houses your Student Billing, Financial Aid, and Student Planning information. For course planning, choose “Student Planning” then “Plan and Schedule”. For a guided tour on using Student Planning, watch our helpful video!

The Student Support System (SSS) Referral Program is designed to assist students who may be experiencing academic or personal difficulties and provide strategies and campus resources to help them succeed at Delta College. A key component of the SSS Referral Program is to exhibit a team effort between faculty, administrative professionals, and support staff at the college to provide early intervention to students who may exhibit behaviors that may cause them to fail their courses. Learn more about the Student Support System (SSS).

Are you struggling with a subject or simply want reassurance in your work? The Teaching Learning Center (T/LC) and Writing, Reading and Information Technology (WRIT) Center support all Delta-enrolled students at no charge. Learn more about these services here.

A term, also known as a semester, is the time period that courses are offered. Delta offers three semesters per academic year: Fall, Winter and Spring. Fall runs August through December. Winter runs January through April. Spring runs May through August. 

Transfer college credit into Delta College from other institutions using the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts must be submitted officially from school to school. Any transcript coming from a student is considered unofficial and will not be evaluated for credit toward your degree. See the Transfer Your Credits page for detailed information.

Let your Student Success Advisor know of any potential plans you have of transferring to another institution. They will do their best to help you transfer seamlessly. Some tools to help you transfer are the Michigan Transfer Network and the institution’s transfer guides. We also have our Transfer Center representatives on Delta College’s Main Campus!

Specific health programs require you to meet certain academic requirements before adding to the program or waitlist. Those programs include Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Nursing Transition, Physical Therapist Assistant, Practical Nurse, Radiography, Respiratory Care, and Surgical Technology.

We listen to the needs of our students and offer support in many ways. Webinars are available for all students to learn about our student resources, academic best practices, mental health, time management, and more. Check out our webinar offerings.

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