Clinical Registration

Delta College students pursuing a field with a required clinical experience component must follow certain steps in order to successfully register for clinicals.

Registering for your clinical experience

Validated students must put themselves on the waitlist during the special clinical registration/waitlist period. Waitlist for the clinical entry orientation code specific to your program. It will not matter if you waitlist on the first day or the last day of the special clinical registration/waitlist period.

If you have not been an active student at Delta College in the past two years, you will need to reapply through the Admissions Office prior to the special registration/waitlist period.

Every student must waitlist themselves. At the end of the special registration/waitlist period, the registration system will rank order individuals based on semester of validation.

If there are more students within a validation semester than there are remaining openings, the following will be used for ranking:

    • Semester of validation
    • Grades in BIO 152W and 153W or BIO 240 and 241
    • In-district residency
    • Total Delta credits
    • Overall Delta College GPA

If a tie exists, the higher overall Delta GPA will break the tie.

Step 1: Log into your Student Self- Service account
From this page open the Tools menu located in the top left corner. Click on the Student Self-Service. From here, click the button labeled student planning, then select the box labeled plan your degree and register for classes. 

Step 2: Waitlist yourself
After searching for your appropriate clinical entry code and adding the section to your plan in the appropriate semester, click on waitlist. Do not click register. Verify you are on the waitlist. Students who have not been officially validated or who have a hold will not be allowed to waitlist or register.

Within one week after the registration period ends, top-ranked students will be registered to fill each program and notification of registration will be sent to their Delta email address. The top 10 alternates in nursing and the top five in all other programs will be notified through their Delta email address. 

You must waitlist yourself during each semester the program is offered. Waitlists do not carry over to the next special clinical registration/waitlist period.

Validation extensions

Validated students should waitlist themselves each semester their program is offered. During the third year of your validation, you must waitlist. If your program fills in the third year of your validation and you do not get in, your validation will be extended for one year. Failure to waitlist in the third year will void your validation.

Clinical entry programs and codes

Fall 2022

Program name Clinical entry code
Dental Hygiene DH 000
Nursing RN full-time NUR 000
Nursing RN part-time NPT 000
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA 000
Practical Nursing PNE 000
Radiography RAD 000
Respiratory Care RT 000
Sonography DMS 000
Surgical Technology ST 000

Winter 2023

Program name Clinical entry code
Nursing RN full-time NUR 000
Nursing transition LPN/paramedic NT 000

Important dates

Special clinical registration waitlist dates

Fall 2022

Monday, June 6, 8am – Thursday, June 9, 5:30pm

Winter 2023

Monday, October 3, 8am – Friday, October 7, 4pm

Orientation dates

Fall 2022 

Dental Hygiene: Wednesday, June 22, 9am–4pm, location TBD

Nursing: Wednesday, July 27, 9am – 3pm, location TBD

Physical Therapist Assistant: Wednesday, June 29, 9am–12pm, location TBD


The Academic Advising Office will be hosting webinars for any validated Health and Wellness student in June 2022 prior to the special clinical registration period to review how to waitlist for clinicals and other relevant information. 

If you are interesting in attending one of the sessions use one of the links below to register.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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Make an appointment with student services departments.

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