Enrollment Verification

Students may need an enrollment verification for a variety of reasons, like insurance, housing or state benefits applications. Delta College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and/or degree verification. This information can be used to provide proof of current and past term enrollments as well as confirmation of degrees and certificates awarded.

Delta College updates enrollment verifications no earlier than the third week of the month. This schedule accounts for the College's refund schedule during which student enrollments routinely change.

If you are a current student or new student seeking enrollment verification prior to the official start date of a Delta College term, it is advised that you use a copy of your student schedule or Registration statement to show your intended enrollment for the given term. The National Student Clearinghouse will not have current term information prior to the third week of any given month.

Degree verifications are updated no earlier than the 15th of each month. Delta College graduates students on the last official day for a given term, or last day of a given month pending the student's desired graduation date indicated on their graduation application.

Students may view/print enrollment verification certificates and obtain enrollment and loan deferment information through the National Student Clearinghouse 24/7 at no charge. 

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