Testing Services

We provide exam administration and related services to future and current students, and community members. We offer both on campus and remote testing options. Appointments are required for all tests. 

In addition to placement and course testing, we offer experience for credit testing such as Credit by Exam, Advanced Placement, CLEP and others. You'll also find many certification and licensure testing options, such as WorkKeys, GED and more.

Placement Testing

As part of the admissions process, Delta needs to determine your current knowledge level for proper course placement. You don't want to be in courses that are too difficult, or too easy. Therefore, new students are asked to supply their SAT scores, if taken within the past three years. If you've never taken the SAT, your scores are older than three years, or your scores are below 480 in evidence-based reading and writing and 500 in math, you must take the Accuplacer assessment.

You can prepare for the Accuplacer assessment with official practice questions and a free study app that gives you instant feedback and answer explanations.

Tutoring for the Accuplacer is also available through the Teaching/Learning Center. Links to schedule an tutoring appointment are below. 

In addition to registering to take the assessment, you have to schedule where you'll be taking the test – on the main campus or remotely.

Students testing remotely will need a stable internet connection, a webcam and microphone, and a laptop, desktop or Chromebook in order to test. Tablets, phones, and iPads will not work.  

Register to take the Accuplacer assessment

What happens after I take the placement test?

If you're a new student who hasn't previously taken the assessment, your scores will automatically populate into your account in an hour or two. You'll then be able to take the next step in the admissions enrollment process.

If you're a current student or if you re-tested, your scores will populate into your student account and you'll work with your Success Advisor to schedule the correct courses based on your scores.

Course Testing

We proctor individual exams for Delta College online and hybrid courses, including lecture makeup exams and for students with testing accommodations. We offer individual course and accommodative testing on campus and online via Zoom.

Set up a course test

    • Contact your instructor and have them complete the individual academic testing form.
    • Your instructor will forward you a link to Bookings, where you'll schedule the date and time of your test.
    • On-campus appointments can be made with as little as 2-hours notice, as scheduling permits.
    • For remote tests, the day prior to your appointment, you will be contacted by your assigned proctor with the Zoom link and reminders for the test session. Bookings will automatically send reminders at 24 hours and at 30 minutes prior to the appointment.

Student guidelines

Show up for your appointment
To ensure we can meet the needs of as many students as possible, it is our expectation that students arrive at your on-campus or remote appointment on time. If you're unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Proper identification is required at check-in for everyone taking a test in the Testing Center. It must be current and include a photo of the student along with his/her first and last name. Acceptable forms include driver's license, state ID, passport, Delta College or other school ID. Individuals without acceptable forms of ID will not be permitted to test with the Testing Center.

Personal and electronic items
Only those items needed to take a test are permitted to be accessible during testing. All other items must be stored out of reach. Electronic items, including cell phones, iPods, Apple watches, etc., not including those used for testing, must be turned off and stored.

Testing materials
Materials allowed for testing will be listed on the request form from your professor. Proctors will reference this form throughout your test. If you feel the items listed are inaccurate, please let your proctor know at the time of testing so they can contact your instructor for further guidance.

Violation of rules
If you violate the directions established by an instructor or the Testing Center, the testing proctor will stop the exam immediately. You will be asked to leave the meeting and an incident report will be sent to your instructor explaining why the exam was stopped. Any further action is determined by your instructor.

Experience for Credit

Looking for Credit-by-Exam, CLEP, or other credit for experience options? Reference our Experience for Credit page. 

Visit Experience for Credit

Certification, Licensure, and GED Testing

Looking for information on your GED, certification, or licensure exam options? Reference our Certification & Licensure page. 

VIsit Certification and Licensure

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