Online Learning

Whether your classes are fully online, face-to-face or hybrid, eLearning allows your instructors to organize their online course content so you can find the materials you need quickly and easily.

Equipment checklist

To get the most out of eLearning, you’ll need a few pieces of basic equipment to be able to take advantage of your online course content:

    • Laptop or desktop computer
    • Headset with a microphone or built-in speakers and microphone
    • Built-in webcam or an external USB camera for video conferencing
    • Internet, either commercially provided, a wireless hotspot or hotspot through your mobile phone (not recommended for courses using Respondus LockDown Browser for quizzes)
    • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint (free for all students/faculty/staff) Directions for Download

Be prepared! It’s best to know what options will work for you before you actually need them. Test access to your equipment and resources at home before the need arises. If you have questions or issues submit a ticket

Frequently asked questions

    • Extensions on assignments, quizzes, discussions and exams
    • Requests for additional quiz attempts
    • Specific details or questions about course material
    • Grade inquiries

If the wrong course is showing up in eLearning, this means that you are enrolled in the wrong course. Contact the Registrar’s Office for further assistance.

There are several reasons why a course you are registered for is not visible in eLearning:

    • If you have only registered for the course within the last 24 hours, the registration may not be processed yet. Please wait 24–48 hours after registering for a course to appear in eLearning.
    • The course may not be active. Your instructor is responsible for activating the course, so contact them to see when the course will be activated.
    • The course hasn’t started. If the course has not yet started, it will not be visible in eLearning. Unless the instructor has opened the course early, it will not be available until the first day the class starts according to your Registration statement.

After you log in to eLearning, you can access a course by doing one of the following:

    • From the navbar, click 'Select a course.' Then, choose a course from the list or search for it.
    • From the home page, click a course from the 'MyCourses' widget.

To drop or unenroll from a course, contact the Registrar’s Office. There may be a waiting period after dropping the course for the course to be removed from the Online Learning site.

If you are enrolled in the wrong course, contact the Registrar’s Office.

If you have only enrolled in the course today, wait 12–24 hours for the course to become available.

If a current course used to appear in your list of courses within the Online Learning site but doesn’t anymore, contact the Registrar’s Office to verify your status and check your Delta College email.  Possible reasons:

  • Course was cancelled
  • Payment not made
  • Instructor initiated drop for non-attendance


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