Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are custom browsers that lock down the testing environment within eLearning. You'll be unable to print, copy, go to another URL or access other applications when you're in these two modes. 


Respondus LockDown Browser

    • Assessments are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized or exited until the student submits it for grading.
    • Removes the web browser menu and toolbar options, except for Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop.
    • Prevents access to other applications including messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machines and remote desktops.
    • Disables printing and screen capture functions.
    • Prevents copying and pasting anything to or from an assessment.
    • Disables right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task switching.
    • Assessments that are set up for use with LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with other browsers.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor has all the some capabilities as Lockdown Browser, along with a few of its own.

    • Your webcam will be used to record and analyze your exam sessions.
    • You'll be required to show ID and do an environment check.
    • Your facial responses will be analyzed before and during the exam.
    • Exams will be taken without advanced scheduling and without additional registration by the student.
    • Instances of behaviors such as a student leaving the room, someone entering the room and looking down at a book or a table will be recorded and flagged for instructor review.

Troubleshooting Respondus Lockdown Browser

Screencastify Error

Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension (typically). If LockDown Browser is detecting that Screencastify is running, the LockDown Browser session will not be permitted to open until you disable or uninstall it.  Note that it will need to be removed from all profiles.

If you've already removed the Screencastify extension (Settings > More Tools > Extensions) and are still getting this error you will need to completely uninstall the Google Chrome download. Verify the Respondus Lockdown Browser will work by starting the application and making sure you no longer receive that error, and then you can re-install Chrome. If you are unable to remove this extension, you will need to obtain another computer to take your LockDown Browser required exams.  The software developer provides these instructions, which may also be helpful:

If you are unable to resolve your issues with the above, send us a message with error message you are receiving, and screenshots if possible. You can also reach out directly to Respondus Support to Submit a Help Ticket. They are fairly quick in responding.

Remove Screencastify from Mac:

    1. In the Finder sidebar, click Applications.
    2. Screencastify might have an Uninstaller.
    3. Otherwise, drag Screencastify from the Applications folder to the Trash (located at the end of the Dock).
    4. Then choose Finder > Empty Trash.

System compatibility

Respondus LockDown Browser is compatible with:

    • Windows: 10, 8, 7
    • Mac: MacOS 10.15 to 10.12, OS X 10.11, OSX 10.10
    • iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only) – Instructor must enable access for each quiz
    • Chromebooks – Instructor must enable access for each quiz

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are available in the Library in pod A and B. The speakers are disabled on the computers in the library. You’ll need to go to the reference desk to borrow a pair of their headphones if needed.

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