Password Management

As a Delta College student, you will use your Delta College username and password along with multi-factor authentication to sign into a variety of services and software provided by the college. Here you can manage your password.

Change PasswordIf you know your current password and would like to change it before it expires, use this option. Simply enter your current password, and then enter a desired new password twice for confirmation.

Forgot PasswordIf you don't know your current password or it has expired after the 14-day grace period, use this option. Enter your Delta College email address and complete the Captcha, then choose two different authentication options to verify your identity, then set a new password.

Password Policy

Passwords must contain:

    • 8 or more characters
    • 3 out of 4 of these character types:
      • Uppercase letter: A B C ... X Y Z
      • Lowercase letter: a b c ... x y z
      • Number:  1 2 3 ... 8 9 0
      • Symbol: ! @ $ % ^ ( ) _ + - space

Passwords cannot contain:

    • These symbols: ? & = #
    • Your username or any part of your display name:
      • If your name were Jane Smith, your password could not contain: janesmith, Jane, or Smith
    • Common or easy to guess words, sequences, or variations relevant to your account such as:
      • Password, p@ssword, Delta, d3lta, and so on.
      • Semesters like Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer.
      • Sequential numbers like 1234.

Passwords are set to expire periodically for security, but you will receive notifications in your Delta College email for 14 days before expiration. It's recommended to change your password before this 14-day grace period is over, because resetting an expired or forgotten password requires at least two forms of multi-factor authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication Info

If you have a forgotten or expired password and you don't have at least two multi-factor authentication options to reset your password, please call the Help Desk at 989-686-9575 or visit the office in B119 on the main campus. They will need to verify your identity over the phone or in person before adding or changing multi-factor authentication options. For security reasons, this verification cannot be done by email.

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