eLearning Tutorials

Need help getting started with eLearning? These tutorials and resources will help you so you can succeed in your online classes. 

Navigating D2L Brightspace

Students inside gathered around a computer.

Navigating the Brightspace Learning Environment

Students outside talking.

Learn how to customize your eLearning notifications and control how you receive updates from your courses.

Student at their laptop in a library.

Gain familiarity with eLearning Assignments. Learn how to submit your work and view feedback.

Students in library gathered around tablet.

Learn how to access your course’s online material with the Content tool.

Family reviewing their grades online.

You can view your grades from eLearning. Learn how to access your grades and keep track of your academic performance.

Person wearing headphones.

This tutorial shows how to navigate the Quizzes tool.

2 people using a tablet.

Learn how to connect with your classmates with the discussion tool.

Person blowing bubbles.

Learn more about the students and faculty members participating in your courses.


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