Program Change

Delta is a great place to explore different fields to find the perfect match for your skills, interests and goals. We’ve got it all from art to welding. If you’ve decided you want to change your major, it’s no problem.

Changing your program of study

Follow these steps to successfully change your program of study.

Step 1: Meet with a Career Development Advisor when you begin to consider changing programs
No matter the reason you’re interested in changing your program, our Career Development Advisors can help you explore your skills and abilities to help you find the perfect career match.

Step 2: Meet with your Student Success Advisor
Once you’ve settled on your new program of study, your Student Success Advisor can help you pick you classes and stay on track to meet your goals. Check with the Financial Aid Office if you are receiving any form of aid to make sure you know how changing your program could impact your aid.

Step 3: Complete and submit the online form
Once submitted, the Registrar’s Office will complete the program change within one to two business days.

Complete the Program Change form

You can also use the program change form to update the catalog year you are following for a degree you already have declared or to remove a program you no longer plan to work towards. 

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