Enrollment & Records

Our team assists students in registering for courses, as well as other enrollment services like adding or dropping classes. We also maintain student records and the privacy of your personal information.

What we do in the Registration Office:

    • Schedule and register students for classes
    • Evaluate transfer credit for other higher education institutions or for prior work experiences
    • Ensure that students meet graduation requirements
    • Process grades and prepare transcripts and diplomas for students
    • Maintain the academic records of the institution, including the course schedule and program catalog
    • Ensure student data privacy requirements are met
    • Verify enrollment

Register for classes

Registering for your courses each semester correctly and by the proper deadlines is important for maintaining your financial aid eligibility and earning your degree or certificate on time. Registering for your classes is easily done online, in your Self Service account.

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Student records

Your academic record includes all information pertaining to your personal, academic profile. It is important to provide Delta with accurate, up-to-date information. Whether you have to change your address or request a copy of your transcript, the Registration Office is here to help. 

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