A waitlist keeps track of students who are waiting for an available seat to open up in a class that is currently full.

Waitlisting a course

If a student attempts to register for a class that is full, they will encounter a waitlist registration message. A student can then join the waitlist for that section.

Waitlists will be processed beginning the first day of registration and continue until the class begins. An electronic waitlist process will notify you via your Delta email when an opening occurs in a section and you are next on that waitlist. You must register online through Student Self-Service.

Check your Delta email every day for permission to register. Once your permission expires, you are removed from the waitlist. Your expiration date and time is located in the email you receive with your permission to register. 

Waitlists continue until a class begins. Once a course begins instructor permission is required to join the course and can only be accepted through the  the end of the refund period for the section. 

Frequently asked questions

It’s an official list of students wishing to enroll in a particular class that has closed due to all available seats being taken by other students. 

Yes, you can waitlist for most classes once all available seats have been filled. You can only waitlist for one section of a class. Classes often have many sections. This allows for flexible scheduling options. If you chose, you can be enrolled in one section and put yourself on a waitlist for a different section of the same course. You must waitlist first then register for another section.  You cannot register and then waitlist for the same course in the same term. Learning Community courses do not have waitlists.

The choice to waitlist for a course should be made carefully. A rule of thumb would be to consider the number of people designated as waitlisted for a particular section, if it’s more than 10, you might want to consider other options. It is highly recommended that you consult with your student success advisor to discuss your options to keep on target to reach your educational goals.

No. Choosing to go on a waitlist does not mean you have actually registered for a class. It only means that you are interested in a particular class if a space becomes available.

Remember, being on a waitlist is not the same as being registered. Only registered courses are factored into your semester course load for billing, financial aid, enrollment and grade point calculations.

Yes. Check your Delta email and visit Student Self-Service daily. Each day the lists are processed electronically to see if anyone who has registered for the class has dropped it. If so, a spot becomes available. If you are next on the waitlist, an email will be sent to your Delta College email address. You will have under 48 hours to accept the spot by registering for the class. Registration instructions and your deadline are included in the email. You are not registered automatically.   

If you miss your permission window to register and still want to enroll in the class, you will need to put yourself back on the waitlist and continue to check your Delta email and Student Self-Service daily for any notifications.

Students do not know their place on the waitlist. Delta staff or faculty will not reveal your location on a waitlist or how close you may be to the top. When you search for classes, the numbers you see indicate the capacity for any give course, the number of students registered for a course and the total number of students on the waitlist. As students are registering continuously, the numbers change frequently.


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