Student grades reflect the level of academic achievement for which they have met the learning objectives of the course. Instructors inform students of course grading policies within the syllabus, which is explained and distributed to students at the beginning of the course. 

Grading system

A student’s final grade is regarded as a permanent record of a student's performance in the class. Once submitted, this grade cannot be changed unless an error has occurred. Every student has the right to appeal the final grade in a course in accordance with college procedures.

Grade Descriptor
A Excellent (4.0)
A- Excellent (3.7)
B+ Good (3.3)
B Good (3.0)
B- Good (2.7)
C+ Average (2.3)
C Average (2.0)
C- Poor (1.7)
D+ Poor (1.3)
D Poor (1.0)
D- Poor (0.7)
F Fail (0)
P Pass (2.0 or above)
NC No Credit (1.7 or below)
I Incomplete
X Audit
W Withdrawal - no evaluation
WI Withdrawal - Instructor initiated

Viewing your grades

Grades are accessible through Student Self-Service and listed under grades.


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