Counseling Services

Everyone gets stressed out by school – it's normal, actually. But each of us manages stress differently and sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. 

Delta College has professionals counselors on staff, so you have someone to go to when you need it. It's part of how Delta supports its students and their success. Counseling services are voluntary, confidential and free to students.


Brief counseling is short-term in nature in which the counselor and student work collaboratively to identify solutions. The aim is to emphasize students' strengths and to help them to work actively towards well-defined goals.

Crisis counseling assists individuals with coping and support after a major crisis. Counselors often utilize psychological first aid, which focuses on reducing acute distress, restoring physical and mental stabilization, and integrates coping skills.

Career counseling helps you figure out what you want out of your education and career. If you’re a student looking for career options, working with a career counselor can help you understand the planning and decision-making process. 

Ready to meet with someone? 

To begin the counseling process, fill out the Personal Counseling Services Intake Paperwork (click the first button) and a counselor will follow up with you within 24 business hours.

If Delta College is closed for any reason (holidays, weather, etc), the Personal Counseling Services staff will respond to any intake forms submitted in that time on the next business day the campus is open. Also, any appointments scheduled during a closure are cancelled. The Personal Counseling Services staff will reach out to reschedule those appointments when the campus re-opens.

Disclaimer: Mental health practitioners at Delta are licensed in the State of Michigan. Delta’s counseling services are available to current students who are located in the state of Michigan at the time of service. Students who are located outside of Michigan, may be supported for an initial consultation only and referred to follow-up with local agencies in their state.

Disclosure statement

To protect your privacy, Delta complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Review the Professional Counseling Disclosure Statement (PDF) for more information. 

Release of information

The Release of Information form (PDF) can be used to give permission to Delta to access specific information from another institution, and have Delta release information to another institution. 

Crime and emergency services

To report a crime or an emergency on campus, contact the Delta College Department of Public Safety in N102, or call 989-686-9111. A crime or emergency that occurs off campus should be reported to the police department having legal jurisdiction for that area. If Public Safety cannot be reached, call 911.

24-hour crisis intervention

    • Uwill 24 hour crisis hotline 833-646-1526.
    • Call 988 for mental health crisis intervention in Bay, Midland or Saginaw counties. 
    • Bay-Arenac 24 hour Crisis Hotline 1-800-327-4693
    • Midland County 24 hour Crisis Hotline 1-800-317-0708, TDD 989-631-0870
    • Saginaw County 24 hour Crisis Intervention 989-792-9732 

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