Writing Services

Through writing consulation services, Delta strives to empower students to become stronger, more confident, and increasingly self-directed readers and writers.

The goal to create a campus culture that values writing and reading as essential tools that empower critical thinking, effective communication and success in a global society. The writing services team strives to help students become better writers – not just produce better papers. 

Peer consultants provide assistance to all students in the areas of writing, reading and multimedia. 

    • We help writers from every discipline through every stage of the writing process—from gathering ideas to reviewing final drafts in any genre.
    • We coach readers in the reading process with strategies in text interaction, vocabulary development, content analysis and study skills.
    • We aid students by providing the technology skills necessary for creating papers and presentations.

Due to limited staffing, the WRIT Center is offering one consultation appointment per student per class weekly. 

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