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Employee Awards

We love recognizing the great work of our faculty and staff. We started recognizing the great work they do when Delta College was founded decades ago, and the tradition continues. We think it's a big deal, so every spring we have a big awards ceremony to celebrate. 

Astronomy instructor in front of class
Kim Klein
Michael Faleski

We think it's important to recognize faculty and staff for their scholarly achievements and dedication to student success.

awards & most recent recipients

Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence

The Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence is the highest honor for any faculty member at Delta College. The Bergstein Family of Midland has sponsored this award since 1965, and it reflects their commitment to teaching excellence over the years. Leonard Bergstein was a charter member of the Delta College Board of Trustees, serving from 1957-1964. Mr. Bergstein and his wife, Esther, were very active in the community in a number of volunteer activities. Their son, Stuart, was a member of the Delta College Board of Trustees from 1974-1984, and served on the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors from 1979-1982 and 1993-1996. Stuart Bergstein also served as Chair of the College’s $5 million capital campaign to convert its public television station from analog to digital broadcasting. He and his wife, Ruth Ann, have been very active supporters of the College. The award is chosen by a vote by Delta College students and faculty.

2021 recipients:

Daisy McQuiston (Saginaw), Associate Professor of Nursing
Stuart Barbier (Bay City), Professor of English

Ormond E. Barstow and Ludo K. Frevel Award for Scholarly Achievement

This special award was created by two very good friends, Ormond E. Barstow and Ludo Frevel. Mr. Barstow, who passed away in 1992, was a member of the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors and worked for The Dow Chemical Company, first as an apprentice and then as a chemist. He retired in 1969 from Dow’s Physics Laboratory, and was responsible for designing and building a number of innovative instruments. Mr. Frevel, who died in 2011, also worked at The Dow Chemical Company as a pioneering chemist, and was the first Dow scientist to receive the title of Research Specialist. After retiring from Dow, he worked as a consultant at Dow Corning for another 30 years. Applicants submit various forms of support for the award, a resume, samples of writing, art work, music, letters of recommendation, video, program modules, etc.  The committee reviews the materials submitted and discusses how the materials have contributed to the broad scholarly community. The achievements do not have to be in the applicants discipline or in the area of their expertise – however, often the committee considers the expertise of the applicant. For the purposes of this award, scholarly achievement is defined as: the creation of works, which are studied in or developed through pursuit of an academic discipline; for example, a painting, book, articles, textbook, computer program, musical score, performance, theory, analysis, etc.; not necessarily limited to the discipline in which one teaches, works, or has a higher degree; and has been affirmed by the opinions of members of the appropriate discipline. The Scholarly Achievement Award Committee makes its decision by soliciting nominations of full-time college employees, examining scholarly works of Delta faculty and staff, and considers the opinions expressed by professionals within a discipline in order to judge the quality of scholarly work.

2021 recipient:

Michael Evans (Mount Pleasant), Instructor of History

Rollin M. Gerstacker Faculty Award for Innovative Use of Technology in Teaching 

The Rollin M. Gerstacker Faculty Award for Innovative Use of Technology in Teaching began in 2002 with a gift from the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation of Midland. When Mr. Gerstacker passed away in 1945, his widow, Eda U. Gerstacker, began the Foundation in memory of her husband. The award recognizes Delta College faculty members who demonstrate exceptionally creative or innovative use of technology in teaching, and those who use technology in a new and pioneering manner beyond its normal use by an educator.

2021 recipient:

Jacob Vanhouten (Midland), Professor of Biology

The Don Laughner Award for Creative Change and the League for Innovation Award 

During his years at Delta College (1964-1980), Don Laughner was a tireless and inspirational leader, a math professor, division chair, dean, senate president, and director of several grant programs. Family and friends established an endowment in his memory to honor individuals and groups responsible for creative change at Delta. Any present or former Delta employee(s) or Board of Trustees member(s) may be nominated for this award. The criteria for the Laughner Award are:  1) Recognition of contributions resulting in significant institutional change; and 2) Significant change in areas such as organization, programming, staffing, curriculum, college procedures, governance structure, or personal growth and development of individuals or groups. 

2021 recipients:

Charissa Urbano (Ypsilanti), Professor of Biology

Lynn Heatley Award For Distinguished Service (Adjunct Faculty) 

This award annually recognizes adjunct faculty who, through their work at Delta and the community, have provided outstanding service. George Lynn Heatley was an Adult and Vocational Education consultant at Delta College from 1963 through 1978. While at Delta, he was instrumental in the development of Community Education and Women’s Education Programs in the early 1970s. In the late 1970s, staff in the Community Affairs Division developed this award in his honor. Division chairs and other appropriate supervisors submit nominations. A maximum of two nominees may be chosen per year. Winners are selected by the Dean of Teaching and Learning, the Dean of Career and Continuing Education, the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Director of Instructional Support Services.

2021 recipients:

Mary Hansen (Midland), Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry
Michelle Iqbal (Saginaw), Adjunct Faculty of Social Science

Executive Committee for Administrative and Professional Staff (ECAPS) Team Excellence Award

The award is in recognition of exemplary teamwork, resulting in substantial benefit to learning, or outstanding service to the College community. The nomination must include a minimum of one Administrative/Professional Staff member.

2021 recipients:

eLearning Team

Jonathan Hoerauf (Bay City), Instructional Design Specialist
Justin Bamberg (Hemlock), LMS & Multimedia Design Technologist
Katie Milligan (Saginaw), eLearning Office Professional
Sheryl Jensen (Saginaw), eLearning Office Professional
Dennis Roebuck (Burt), Professor of Computer Science & Information Technology
William Wesolek (Bay City), former Information Technology Project Manager

Executive Committee for Administrative and Professional Staff (ECAPS) Willie E. Thompson Outstanding Administrative/Professional Service Award

The award honors Willie E. Thompson's legacy of commitment to education, service and diversity. Mr. Thompson served as Delta College's Vice President of Student & Educational Services until his death in 2005. The purpose of this award is to recognize an A/P staff member for consistently outstanding service to the College community over the course of his/her career.  Nominations are open to any current, full-time A/P staff member who has been employed at Delta at least ten years. 

2021 recipient

Lisa Davis (Bay City), Director of Financial Aid

Faculty Executive Committee Governance Award

The Governance Award is given for leadership or exceptional involvement in the shared governance of Delta College that benefit the faculty, staff or students of the College. Examples of governance activities include the following: Protection and promotion of the rights and responsibilities of faculty, staff or students; shared governance of the College or the development of College policies.

Most recent recipients (2019):

MEA Unionizing Committee – Nate Blecke (Bay City) Professor of Mathematics; Toni Clegg (Alger) Professor of Accounting; Chris Curtis (Midland) Professor of Psychology; Chey Davis (Midland) Associate Professor of English; Donna Giuliani (Blanchard) Professor of Sociology; Phoebe Lutz (Bay City) Professor of Mathematics; Daisy McQuiston (Saginaw) Associate Professor of Nursing; Carla Murphy (Flushing) Professor of Lifelong Wellness; Felicia Peters (Saginaw) Professor of Computer Science & Information Technology; Karen Randolph (Midland) Professor of English; Andrew Rieder (Owosso) Associate Professor of Art; Steve Rosin (Midland) Professor of Mathematics; Liz Ullrich (Holly) Associate Professor of Political Science and Ski VanderLaan (Bay City) Professor of Accounting

Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) Award for Support Staff Distinguished Service

The FEC recognizes a Support Staff member who, through his/her work with Delta College faculty, has provided outstanding service.  Faculty members are encouraged to nominate individuals they feel are deserving of such an award.

2021 recipient:

Lex Spence (Bay City), Administrative Office Professional

Support Staff Excellence Award 

The Support Staff Executive Committee (SSEC) chooses a recipient who is a contributing member of the Support Staff and exemplifies professionalism, service and dedication within Delta College, as well as positively represents the College in the community.

2021 recipient:

Anna Williams (Midland), Administrative Assistant to the Vice President

Donald and Betty Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair

The Carlyon Endowed Chair honors President Emeritus Don Carlyon, his wife Betty, and their many years of innovation and service to the Delta community. The Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair encourages faculty to pursue a professional activity/project and related follow-up which may include the development of new academic modules, infusion activities or service learning opportunities. Eligibility: All Delta College faculty who have taught full-time for the College for at least three years.

Most recent recipient: 

Steven Gormley, Instructor of Computer Aided Design, for his project Developing Online Modules for the Organic Chemistry Curriculum (2021)

SunGard Higher Education Endowed Teaching Chair

The SunGard Higher Education Endowed Teaching Chair has been established by the Florida-based company that specializes in providing information technology services to colleges and universities nationwide. This Chair supports and rewards innovations that foster excellence in student learning, and have a direct impact on student learning. Projects should foster an integrated perspective on student learning through cooperation of more than one department, discipline, or division. Eligibility: Full-time faculty members, or adjunct faculty members or staff members (if in collaborative partnership with a full-time faculty member).

Most recent recipient:

Diane Lobsiger-Braden, Associate Professor of Engineering, for her project Girls Day Out  (2020)

Robert DeVinney Endowed Teaching Chair

Robert DeVinney, longtime Professor of Mathematics at Delta, is memorialized through the endowment that bears his name. The DeVinney Endowed Chair honors his commitment to innovation in using technology in classroom teaching. Proposals focus on the innovative use or study of technology in the classroom or other learning environment. Eligibility: All Delta College full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, or full-time and regular part-time staff whose work directly impacts student learning.

Most recent recipients:

Aurelian Balan, Associate Professor of Physics, for his project Developing New Astronomy Teaching Materials to support Open Source textbooks (2021)

Karen MacArthur Endowed Teaching Chair

Karen MacArthur, who retired as Executive Director of the Delta College Foundation and Delta's Executive Director of Institutional Advancement in 2007, is honored through this endowment that bears her name. The MacArthur Endowed Teaching Chair is restricted for projects focused on the following subject areas: art, languages, music, literature, psychology or history. Proposals should set forth primary values exemplified by Karen MacArthur during her tenure at Delta College: creativity and innovation.

Most recent recipients:

Christine Yaroch, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages; Connie Sitter, Adjunct Instructor of Spanish; and Laurence Lacreuse, Adjunct Instructor of French; for their project Aligning Spanish and French Curriculum with Best Practices in Online and Face-to-Face Learning (2021)

Dr. Bob Zimmerman Endowed Teaching Chair

The Robert R. “Dr. Bob” Zimmermann Endowed Teaching Chair was established to provide professional development opportunities for faculty members. Dr. Bob Dr. Bob joyfully worked at Delta College from 1980 until his retirement in 1995, directing the program for parents of children with disabilities, assistant directing assessment services, and serving as Assistant Professor of Psychology from 1989 until 1995. Dr. Bob found teaching at Delta rewarding because his efforts resulted in both immediate and long-lasting gains for his students. In addition, he felt a deep affiliation with many of the Delta College faculty. He often said that he’d found his professional home at Delta College and greatly appreciated the opportunity to join the Delta community. Proposals must demonstrate the primary values exemplified by Dr. Bob during his tenure at Delta College, including his belief all students should be treated equitably, with an equal opportunity to learn.

Most recent recipient:

Pete Carlson, Professor of Mathematics, for his project Teaching Mathematics in a blended, hybrid or online environment (2021)

2021 Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following employees honored for their years of service.

35 years

Veronica Bond (Saginaw), Business Services Specialist

30 years

Timothy Allen (Bay City), Professor of Mathematics
Peter Carlson (Midland), Professor of Mathematics
Pamela Clark (Saginaw), Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Bill Schueneman (Midland), Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology

25 years

David Bailey (Flint), Professor of Biology
David Baker (Midland), Professor of Chemistry
Christopher Curtis (Midland), Professor of Psychology
Cecilia Lusk (St. Charles), Administrative Office Professional – Articulation
Mike Spitz (Indian River), Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant

20 years

Edward Andres (Oakley), Facilities Planning Assistant
Thomas Bennett (Bay City), Broadcasting General Manager
Marcie Carter (Auburn), Bridge Program Coordinator
Susan Harvey (Freeland), Professor of Psychology
Vickie Miller (Saginaw), Coordinator – Acquisitions Library
Wendy Ramirez (Essexville), Administrative Assistant to Vice President
Daniel Schuchardt (Bay City), General Maintenance
Kirk Wolf (Bay City), Professor of Philosophy

15 years

Lindsey Bourassa (Bay City), Career Development and Employer Engagement Specialist
Toni Clegg (Alger), Professor of Accounting
Emily Clement (Midland), Manager of Strategic Partnerships
Matthew Eyre (Midland), Professor of Mechanical Technology and Design
Dawn Fairchild (Midland), Associate Professor of Management
Ryan Goodrow (Saginaw), Technologist/Financial Aid Advisor
Mary Gross (Essexville), Cashier Office Coordinator
Renee Hoppe (Bay City), Professor of Lifelong Wellness
Kimberly Klein (Bay City), Professor of Political Science
Lisa Lawrason (Beaverton), Professor of Political Science
Scott McIntosh (Bay City), General Trades
Daisy McQuiston (Saginaw) Associate Professor of Nursing
Kelli Prena (Ossineke), Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dennis Roebuck (Burt), Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology
Donald Southwell (Midland), Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology
Joseph Yezak (Midland), Broadcasting Program Manager

10 years

Brian Aldrich (Birch Run), Associate Professor of Chemistry
Justin Bamberg (Hemlock), LMS and Multimedia Design Technologist
Meredith Bladecki (Bay City), Associate Professor of Nursing
Carrie Burdzinski (Northville), Associate Professor of Biology
Benjamin Clore (Freeland), Associate Professor of Art
Kristin Cornelius (Bay City), Associate Professor of English
Maureen Donegan (Davisburg), Associate Professor of Psychology
Amy French (Saginaw), Associate Professor of History
Jonathan Gittins (Bay City), Associate Professor of Chemistry
Timothy Hendrickson (Midland), Associate Professor of Music
Joseph Hernandez (Saginaw), Associate Professor of Mathematics
Candy Kruzell (Bay City), TAA Case Manager - Great Lakes MI Works!
Marilyn Lemerand (Freeland), Assistant Professor of Communication
Diane Lobsiger-Braden (Saginaw), Associate Professor of Engineering
Kathie Marchlewski (Bay City), Associate Professor of English
Crystal McMorris (Bay City), Associate Professor of English
Shannon Mehl (Freeland), Benefits/Human Resources Specialist
Kristopher Nitz (Saginaw), Assistant Professor of Biology​
Myung Pinner (Grayling), Associate Professor of Mathematics
Jason Premo (Saginaw), Director of Admissions and Career Development
Michael Pressler (West Branch), Associate Professor of Biology
James Proctor (Sterling), Associate Professor of Welding
Nicole Ryan (Kawkawlin), Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology
Ronald Schlaack (Owosso), Associate Professor of Physics
Karol Syring (Bay City), Associate Professor of Office Administration and Technology
Trent Wade (Fenton), Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
Mary Warner (Saginaw), TAA Case Manager – Great Lakes MI Works!
Christina Yaroch (Hope), Associate Professor of Foreign Languages


The Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes the best of the best of Delta's faculty. It's a proud moment.


51% of Delta's employees have worked here for more than 10 years. That builds an awesome team!

Delta College seal.

In more than 50 years, Delta has had only 4 presidents. 

Dr. Goodnow

"Some of my proudest moments as president of Delta College are when I'm given the opportunity to recognize the great work of our Delta College employees."

Dr. Jean Goodnow
Delta College President Emeritus