The Great Teachers Movement

More than a quarter century of application of the practices and procedures of the Great Teachers Movement have proven them to be infinitely fruitful. They come from a tradition of honesty, simplicity and common sense and are unrelated to any institutional or commercial interests. Participants can expect a positive and productive experience.

The agenda will develop out of the discussion of two brief papers written by the participants before they arrive. These papers feature a teaching innovation of which they are proud and a teaching problem for which they have not yet found a satisfactory solution. Imagine how looking at such teaching contexts will spur discussions and problem solving with colleagues. The schedule will be flexible. As the needs of the participants become apparent during small group discussions, specific agenda topics will evolve. While there will be a trained leader to guide the participants through the process, there will be no hired experts on education on hand since the whole idea is to demonstrate the power of the collective wisdom, experience and creativity of the participants.

Free time for informal follow-up and private reflection will be part of the process. Simplification rather than complication in the process of problem solving will be used and all behavior and discussion will be positive and productive. Underlying all seminar activities is the perpetual challenge to characterize and define the “great teacher."

You are invited to attend

All full and part time faculty, experienced or inexperienced. This is not limited to the already “great”; rather, it is designed to attract all those who are striving to be great.

    • To practice rational analysis of educational problems and find realistic, creative approaches to their solution.
    • To cause educators to venture beyond the limits of their own specialization and colleges in search of transferable ideas and the universals of learning.
    • To stimulate the exchange of information and ideas by building an expanding network of communication among the faculty.
    • To promote an attitude of introspection and self-appraisal by providing a relaxed setting and an open, humane climate in which participants can seriously review and contemplate their attitudes, methods, and behavior as faculty.
    • To renew energy and the commitment to student learning.
    • To celebrate good teaching.

Where and when will it be held?

Full information on the next Great Teachers will be posted at a later date.

Who should attend?

All Faculty! Whether you are full time, adjunct, new to teaching or a long time Delta veteran, we think you will find value in the Seminar.