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STEM Explorer

It's a 38 foot mobile science laboratory – and creative space – complete with the latest technologies.

Thanks to a $4 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, Delta College developed this program to reach out to middle and high school students in the Great Lakes Bay Region to provide information about the vast opportunities available in science, technology, engineering and math. Through this program, students become engaged and enthusiastic about STEM topics.

It's working! 70% of students said they were more interested in STEM topics after their visit to the STEM Explorer.


What makes the Explorer cool?

  • Gets students out of the classroom and into a state-of-the-art lab
  • Strengthens partnerships with teachers to augment their lesson plans
  • Brings multiple topics together in project-based activities
  • Provides hands-on activities in an exceptional learning environment

If you are a middle school teacher and are interested in booking the STEM Explorer (free of charge) for a visit to your school, contact us today!

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High School Modules

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Art with 3D Printing

Highlighting the connection between the arts and STEM, classes will decide on 3D art project to complete, whether it is individual sculptures or a cohesive class mural. Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), students will construct models to be created using the 3D printing as their medium. 


Students will go through the steps of learning how to build and program an autonomous robot with sensors. Collaborating in teams they will work through the engineering design process to test and refine their robots to complete competition tasks.

Training Trackers

Students will engineer fitness training equipment that will track health data. Using data analysis and statistics, they will develop mathematical models to explain physical science concepts related to their training trackers.

Optimized CNC Machine

Students will follow instructions to build and test a CNC machine. Based on their test results, they will need to engineer a plan to optimize their machine to run more accurately and efficiently. Students will then learn how to code a real CNC machine and create a product.


The STEM Explorer has visited over 300 schools.


Over 38,300 students have interacted with the bus.

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Delta currently has 120 teacher partnerships.