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Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

With a certificate in computer numerical control (CNC), you will have the skills to operate computer-driven lathes, mills, lasers and other machines to shape materials to precise dimensions. Study blueprints. Build tools and jigs. Make the things we use every day.

The number of machines and equipment in the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lab is very impressive. Our lab has the equipment and technology to give you hours of hands-on experience. You will have the opportunity to use computer driven lathes, mills, lasers and more.

Delta College offers two Computer Numerical Control (CNC) certificates and related associate's degrees. Build on your skills by exploring and advancing your education with Delta's CNC Certificate of Achievement and the Advanced Certificate.

Be successful. Develop these skills.

  • Good judgment
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Blueprint reading
  • Machining processes
  • Process measurement, control and troubleshooting

Related Programs

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) - Certificate of Achievement

Program Code: CTZ.35866

Delta College also offers an entry-level Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Certificate of Achievement. It's called a 'laddered program' because the courses you take here count toward the next step up – the Advanced Certificate.

It's a great way to explore the career field or gain skills to accompany another technical trades and manufacturing degree.

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